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A list of the best Comedy 2016-2017


In the field of cinema Comedy play ambiguous role. What other franchise in this genre becoming a bestseller, but if gaining such a title already at all times. No Comedy does not remain without attention of the viewer, it scans each fan to laugh. The number of Comedy films increases. And because I want to watch just standing. The top 10 was the best Comedy 2016-2017, a list of which is compiled based on estimates of audiences and critics.

10. Bad Santa 2

"Bad Santa 2". Great game from Billy Bob Thornton. The first part of the Comedy was the best, and the Director made the second. The film tells about the fate of degenerate ex-con in the role of beloved Santa Claus. The main character was rougher. Began to make more disgusting, however comical actions. This is the essence of bad Santa. The film is not devoid of a moral component. The story makes clear, even the worst person is able to improve and get on the right path. Enough to realize and make the first move. The film is perfect family viewing.

9. New year party

"New year party". In the hilarious, best Comedy of 2016 appears to be close to office plankton theme. How to spend new year's corporate in a big way and make memorable? The story tells about a holiday in the office, on the verge of bankruptcy. As has become a tradition at such events forget the ranks, positions, and everyone relaxes, enjoys. The main characters of the film have arranged a subordinate life-time memorable holiday. Conceived according to a certain plan the event goes out of control and starts the real chaos, full of humor and tin. The film is recommended to viewing to all employees of the offices.

8. Why him?

"Why him?". The story revolves ordinary life situations, when the daughter finally getting married. Of course, this is both the joy and anxiety of parents, especially to father. The film tells about the experiences of his father due to which he makes a series of incorrect, stupid, but very funny acts. It is, of course, pushes or groom. Of course father believes son-in-law unworthy of his daughter, tries to humiliate. Even in real life it turns out is quite funny. Thanks to the wonderful game of the best actors in Hollywood, the Comedy became one of the best this year.

7. 2 1

"2 1". This is the sequel to the long ago released famous films 1 1. The first picture was full of comical moments in the usual manner of French cinema. However, there was no shortage of drama and morality. In General, the film hooked the audience saturation. The picture, released at the end of 2016, claims to be one of the best. This time the main character tries to cope with the problems of a little girl, simultaneously trying to understand myself. This happens communication is a grown man and a little girl with a touch of humor, but predominates in the story is morality. A great family film with a subtly thought-out funny moments.

6. Christmas tree 5

"Tree 5". The picture of the domestic production of cinematographers for that year, pleasing the audience with a Christmas kindness. The film is full native clear to the Russian audience of humor. The cast already makes a cute smile. The film tells about the life of unrelated people who eventually will find their happiness. The main point of the film is enclosed in a rather moral values that are transmitted through funny stories and comical scenes. Painting has established itself as a fun Comedy to view with the whole family and will give a magical mood of the new year holiday. The film can rightly be called one of the best comedies of 2017.

5. Mission: Inadequate

"Mission: Inappropriate". Rare Nicolas cage in films of this genre. So when he does, it turns out really carbon film. The plot of the film revolves around a man whose not fate. He was released from prison and does not know what to do. In search of the meaning of life, as the representative of a degenerate segment of society does not know what to do with myself. But it comes down to God's will, which leads him to Pakistan, on the killing of the chief terrorist of the world. The comic story is that he goes alone, practically unarmed. Getting into a most difficult situation finds a way, and it would seem absurd, and thus funny. Comedy is perhaps one of the best end of 2016.

4. Battle of the teacher

"Battle of the profs". This film can be called a battle of the opposites, which already makes this film funny Comedy 2017. Such a confrontation is always accompanied by a lot of humor and comical situations. And when the battle takes place between school teachers, there's always someone to laugh. They bend over backwards to prove each other's superiority, and when that is not the reality, it turns out stupid and ridiculous.

One strong, the other smart, everyone is trying to prove the opposite. In General, this war within teaching to please every student.

3. Nice to get away

"Beautifully to leave". The tape for the cast, the theme can be called the best Comedy in 2017. Morgan Freeman and Christopher Lloyd the real masters, veterans of the business. Each film with their participation fully justified the expectations of the audience. This time the story is about three pensioners who at the end of his life bored and decided to break away. A simple trip to Las Vegas they cannot be surprised and, so they decide to Rob the Bank there. The whole process of preparation for implementation of the plan, replica of the characters and of course a great game promise to give the sea of positive emotions to the viewer. The film will be released in April of this year, it is not necessary to miss.

2. Baywatch

"Baywatch". The film, which is planned for may of this year, promises to be a great Comedy. The film is conceived as an intensive care unit in the popular nineties series-romance, which became not only a favorite for many viewers, but also gave rise to many jokes, and a whole generation. So to restart the franchise, decided in the genre of Comedy, considering the accumulated of funny jokes about this series. The main role is played has proven abilities in humor Dwayne Johnson. Watch the next funny pitching in his performance will be all pleasure.

1. Rock the body

"Rock the body". Premiere films scheduled for summer 2017. But it is of particular exclamations, praising her as a wonderful Comedy with elements of drama. It will be great not only because of the presence of humor, but also because of the cast. The movie involved attractive lady Scarlett Johansson and demi Moore. So look for jokes in their performance experience. Because this rarely happens. And when it happens, the film has a high quality.

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