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A list of the best melodramas 2016


Romance is a genre in film, which reveals the spiritual and sensory world of the main characters in a particularly striking emotional circumstances on the basis of contrasts.

The top 10 includes films of 2016 — a list of the best films of melodrama.

10. Carol

Feature film "Carol" opens the ten best films of the genre of melodrama in 2016. The protagonist of the painting girl thérèse meets with a Mature woman, Carol. Between individuals occurs more than sympathy. They begin to have real feelings towards each other. But the circumstances are such that there are reasons for which Therese and Carol can't be together. This is due to the daughter of Therese. The further course of events depends on the decision, which will take the girl to remain with your beloved or daughter.

9. Cote d'azur

"Cote d'azur" is located on the ninth line in the top ten melodramas 2016. The main roles in the film played the inimitable Angelina Jolie and brad pitt. Couple sent to France to sort out their own feelings for each other. Both are a creative person: a spouse a former dancer, and her husband — the current popular writer. Quiet area and familiarity with the young couple to help revive an elderly heroes of old feelings.

8. A cold front

"Cold front" — a joint work of Russia and France 2016. Romance tells the incredible twists of fate that occur in people's lives in the most unexpected moment. Young people Masha and Ilya go on a vacation to France to sort out my feelings. They rented a house in a quiet location. Soon their privacy violates visit a certain person who appears to Mary. The girl asks to spend the night, because she misses her train, and she has nowhere to stay. A young couple decides to admit the lodger, not knowing what twists of fate it may bring.

7. A girl from Denmark

On the seventh line in the top of the best melodramas of 2016 has settled the film "a Girl from Denmark", based on real events. The girl-the photographer asks her husband to pose in women's clothes for the next order, because its model is not able for some reason to participate in the filming. The first man is somewhat confused, but then he decides to help his wife. The main character has no idea what irreversible consequences will lead her request. Soon the husband begins to understand that he was very comfortable in a new way, in which he begins to get used realistic. Hero is seriously thinking about a sex change and decides to make it happen.

6. Two in the Universe

The film "Two in the Universe" takes the sixth place in the ranking of the best melodramas of 2016. Charming graduate student Amy Ryan is engaged in the study of the universe. She attends various conferences on this topic. One of them, she met with Professor Eddie Ferum. She falls in love with elderly teacher, who's an astrophysicist. Between a girl and a man flashes of unrestrained passion. But the fact that the characters live in different parts of the world and can't get to see often. They always call and communicate in social networks. Soon to be held their next meeting. But on the appointed day, Amy learns that Edie died. It all seems strange heroine, and she decides to visit his home, where perhaps lies the clue to the sudden death of the beloved.

5. Equal

Romance of "Equal" is in fifth place in the list of the best films of 2016 this genre. The movie with a hint fiction story about a future where there are so-called Team. It is the people which is unusual for any emotion and human feelings. They are all equal to each other and similar. But once the Team enters a virus, disturbing the peace, stability. Appear suicide jumping out of Windows. Some people begin to experience unusual sensations. One of these becomes a young man Silas, who begins to realize that the "infected". He falls in love with a girl undergoing the same changes in terms of feelings. The hero knows that he is in mortal danger if his "disease" will be revealed. It is a difficult choice: to continue to live in a world without feelings and emotions or try to change anything, risking his own head.

4. In active search

"Single" is included in the list of the best melodramas of 2016. In the center of events, a young girl Ellis who leaves her boyfriend because of his constant antics. She decides to radically change his life and moves in with her sister in another city. At the new place waiting for her new friends, work... Here, the heroine gets a girlfriend, Robin, they're quite different. Robin is excited to introduce Ellis to the night, the partying lifestyle, but that in turn did not want to. Girl wants to meet their soul mate, but not in a nightclub. A friend of a different opinion and makes all the necessary to addiction Ellis to entertainment.

3. Choice

"Select" opens the three best films melodramas that came out on the Russian screen in 2016. The main character — a rich and successful young man named Travis, who was able to achieve in this life a lot. He prefers to spend my free time in entertainment and isn't going to bring anyone in a serious relationship. Travis wants his whole life is spent in this way. But fate has its own plans for the hero, and soon she presents the gift to the young man in the person of modest, withdrawn girl Gaby, who lodges next door to him.

2. Man — Swiss army knife

"Man Swiss army knife" — one of the best films of the genre of melodrama in 2016, with an admixture of fiction and a touch of black humor. Film Daniel Sinarta and Daniel Kwan was first shown at the film festival Sandes and won the prize for best Director of a dramatic film. The work of American filmmakers received mixed reviews but was generally approved by critics. The story is about a boy Hank, who by the will of the circumstances is on a desert island. Losing hope that it will find the main character wants to commit suicide. But then he discovers the corpse of a man who will help him return to civilization.

1. Social life

"High life" is the best romance of 2016 woody Allen, based on his own script Director. In artistic painting describes the events of 30-ies of the last century. The main character of the film left his native new York to find himself in the Hollywood film industry. There he meets a girl believe that falls madly in love. It introduces a young man with the brightest representatives of secular society. Thus, the hero is in the midst of secular life, which determined the spirit of the times.

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