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A list of the best mystical movies 2016


Mystic films are the object of attention of fans of the genre that regularly monitor emerging trends.

Attention cinephiles presents films of the genre of mystery movies, list of top 2016.

10. Offering

"Offering" opens a mystical ten best films of 2016. In the center of events, the girl Jane, who works as a reporter. Almost all the time the main character spends at work. But an unexpected tragedy that changes the course of things. Dies home, and the only sister of a girl under mysterious circumstances. Jane decides to find out the real cause of death of the relative and goes in search of the truth. She learns that her sister is not the only one who died under the same circumstances. The reporter will face a powerful evil, dominant in the city, and try to overcome it.

9. Forest/Primal fear

The mystical film "Forest/Primal fear" located at the ninth row in the list of the best films of 2016 this genre. The main character in the picture, Adam Hitchens, a very famous man in London, who is an ardent environmentalist. Together with his wife and child, he goes to the quiet village of Ireland, near which soon should begin construction in the nearby woods. Adam, as a specialist, must determine not inflict any architectural project harm. The locals of the village where dwells a man with a family, tell unkind stories about this forest. Adam sure it's only just fictional legends. On the first day of his arrival, he is sent to an object, its not a joyful discovery. He had no choice but to believe in the stories of people about this terrible place. Hitchens awoke an ancient evil and tragedy now will be.

8. Darkness

"Darkness" occupies the eighth position in the top best films of the genre mystery 2016. A young couple decides to spend their vacation in the famous Grand Kon'on. Amazingly beautiful and quiet place with incredible nature and fresh air becomes a cause of adverse events that begin to happen with the heroes to return home. Along with a spouse bringing evil spirits that begins to attack their home and presents a clear threat. Young people have not much time to understand what is happening and stop the terrible events happening to them.

7. My Angel

"My angel" is included in the list of best mystery films of 2016. The storyline of the films associated with the girl Hannah, who withdraws into himself after the death of her sister. Parents do not allow her to touch things of the deceased. Hannah completely retreats into himself and ceases to come out of his room. After some time, eleven-year-old child begins to understand that someone on the inside gives her characters. Hannah is terrified, but to change the course of events she was not under force.

6. Rebirth

"Rebirth" — the movie-mystic 2016 American film Director Zach ward. Rebecca and Todd are a young married couple who decides to stay in the country private house. Once in the walls of the house they find a diary belonging to the dead girl. Of her recordings, they learn terrible things that relate specifically to this house. They open the details about the antics of otherworldly evil, and they witness a chilling, terrible events.

5. In the footsteps of ghosts

"In the footsteps of ghosts" is located on the fifth place in the ranking of the best mystical movies of 2016. He loses his wife and daughter are killed by a brutal maniac. Soon the man realizes that his deceased loved ones can find peace in the next world for some reason. The main character decides to investigate the situation and appealed for help to the professionals who can help him to communicate with the spirit world. Following the Ghost, he, along with Ghostbusters hits in a spooky country house filled with oddities, where a psychopath has committed a brutal murder.

4. And the lights go out

"And the lights go out" takes the fourth position in the list of the best mystical movies, released in theaters in 2016. After leaving his father's house, Rebecca believes that her childhood fears behind and never come back. Every night when the fading light she had to survive the nightmares that became a reality. Now the younger brother of Rebecca Martin will experience the same thing. Girl you need to understand where are these frightening images and to unravel how they interact with their mother. But yet one thing is clear: as soon as the lights go out to Rebecca and Martin are in grave danger.

3. Somnia

"Somnia" opens the three best mystery movies of 2016. The couple in tragic circumstances, killed the child. To heal their grief, the couple decide to adopt a baby from the orphanage. Their adopted son is getting eight-year-old Cody. Soon parents realize that with the child something not so: he is afraid to sleep at night. Cody has an unusual gift, which his dream can become matter and becomes real. While the boy is sleeping, parents have to face the nightmares of Cody awake. Moreover, these nightmares can be deadly.

2. Diggers

Diggers — the mystical Russian film Tikhon Korneev 2016. Late-night subway ride. A few minutes before closing. The last train at full speed and flies past the final station, taking in the darkness of the tunnel did not understand passengers. The official authorities classify the information about the missing people. After a few days, in search of the missing leave their friends. They have to remember all the creepy urban legends that enveloped Moscow vault and see what the reality could be much worse.

1. Doll

"Doll" tops the list of the best films of the genre mystery, 2016. In a wealthy English family appears late, long-awaited child. For parents-born boy is the meaning of life. But one day a tragedy: toddler killed during a fire. The couple is not ready to accept the death of their beloved child and decided to conduct an ancient ritual that allows us to move the soul into a doll. Since then, they have engaged in the education toys with a soul. But once the spouses have to leave on urgent business, and the doll they leave the care of a babysitter that does not know that her pupil is not quite a living being... the couple give strict instructions that the babysitter should perform exactly. But the woman violates the prescribed rules and from this time begin to occur terrible strangeness, babysitter forced to believe that the doll could be alive.

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