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List of best musical films


The plot of the musical films are very often based on the life of legendary singers and musicians. Such pictures help to lift the veil of secrecy on the personal and creative life of famous people. They are filled with multifaceted emotions, sincere feelings, dedication and, of course, music...

Attention movie lovers presents musical films — list of best.

10. Life in pink color2007

"Life in pink" (2007) opens the ten best musical films. This story tells about the life of the most famous singer of all time, Edith Piaf. Her whole life was like a battle. She climbed onto the stage platform of the Parisian slums. Of a beggar, the singer has become the Queen of the new York concert halls. The film shows the whole path to fame and everyday life up to his death. One of the legendary French singers were able to conquer the world with their creativity.

9. Control2007

"Control" (2007) — musical biographical drama, awarded the "Palm" at Kansk film festival and BAFTA award. The film tells about the last few years of the life of singer Ian Curtis. The film reveals details not only creative, but personal life as a pop star. He is infinitely in love with his wife, but at the same time has a stormy, loving relationship with another woman. Pursue his exhausting attacks of epilepsy, while on stage he gives his all to the fans. This is the story of an extraordinary, legendary figure, the rock star who has finished his life by suicide.

8. For once in your life2013

"For once in my life" (2013) — music drama, which was nominated for the award "Oscar" in the category "Best song". The former head of the music label Dan confronts the fate with girlfriend Greta. They're both experiencing in life. But their chance meeting gives them a chance for a brighter future. Together they are going to record a new album, which they have neither money nor friends of the musicians. But this is not important, because heroes are ready for the most unexpected turns in your career and personal relationships.

7. Choristers2004

"The choir" (2004) — musical drama by French Director Christophe Baratier. The film has twice been nominated for the award "Oscar" in categories "Best song" and "Best film of the year in a foreign language". In the "Top 250" of the site "Kinopoisk" painting won an honorable 40th place. The film describes the events of 1949. The protagonist, a music teacher, clément Mathieu takes a job in a boarding school, with an enrollment of juveniles. There's a man faced with incredible cruelty of the rector of rachana. What is worse is the rector of the pupils, the more cruel the children are. Clement resent this approach to education, and he decides to organize a school choir.

6. Once2007

"Once" (2007) — musical romance, winner of the film award "Oscar" in the nomination "Best song". This is the story of two creative personalities who were able to see through the crowd to each other. Street, unsure of their creative abilities the musician encounters a girl child who wants to find his calling in life. They both need support and love, to realize their inner potential.

5. Ray2004

"Ray" (2004) — one of the best musical dramas, based on the biography of an outstanding musician ray Charles. The picture was the winner of two awards "Oscar". In the ranking of the website "IMDb" the film took the 120th place among the best. A gifted boy at the age of seven loses his eyesight, and his mother does everything possible to feed themselves and a child. She prepares the boy to an adult, harsh life, where he will have to cope with difficulties. Despite his illness and racial identity as an adult ray can achieve recognition of the audience.

4. Gone2008

"The departed" (2008) — best musical drama directed by Takita Yojiro. The film became the winner of the award "Oscar", won in the category "Best foreign language film". Young cellist Daigo left without work. From the metropolis he, along with his wife is forced to move to his native provincial town. There he is offered a job at a travel Agency. But as it turns out the office is funeral home. All that is required from here is to put fans, preparing them for the transition to another world. Surprisingly the guy very well cope with their new responsibilities...

3. The legend of the pianist1998

"The legend" (1998) reveals three of the best musical films. Italian musical drama is the winner of the film award "Golden globe". It all started with the fact that on the ship "Virginia" in a box of fruit was found newborn. The foundling is left to live on the liner, which will host all his childhood and life... Boy alone learns to play the piano and becomes one of the most virtuosic musicians of all time, which subsequently goes a lot of legends...

2. Taare Zameen par2007

"Taare Zameen par" (2007) — one of the best musical films. In the ranking of the best films of the site "Kinopoisk" picture 130 has taken place. The main character of the musical drama eight-year-old Ishan Awasthi is not like other children. He is with difficulty that others do with ease. It is difficult to find common ground not only with peers but also with their parents. Three times he fails in school exams, after which his father sends him to boarding school. Boy angry at parents and not that they might be forgiven. But one day in the life of Ishan appears lecturer in drawing RAM Nikum, who is the first person who could find mutual understanding with. New teacher genuinely wants to change a child's life and attitudes of others...

1. Obsession2014

"Whiplash" (2014) tops the list of best musical films. Artistic, the picture is the winner of three awards "Oscar". By results of voting of visitors of a website "IMDb" the film took 64 place in top 250 best films. The main character of the musical drama Andrew wants to become the world's greatest musician. His mentor becomes a true genius and virtuoso conductor Terence Fletcher. Capable of noticing the boy, he wants to turn it into a real star of jazz. Every workout is getting harder and harder, as Terence demands more and more from the young musician. He wants his disciple could go beyond human abilities and conquer the world with his game.

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