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A list of the best Soviet detectives


The history of the Soviet cinema began on 27 August 1919, when the Council of people's Commissars adopted a decree on the nationalization kinodela in Soviet Russia. Now this day is officially celebrated as a holiday "Day of Russian cinema". Legendary films, shot by Soviet cinema and has been nominated for an Oscar and was often rewarded with honorary awards. Soviet cinema has made an enormous and invaluable contribution to the development of national cinema.

To readers in Soviet detectives — a list of the best movies.

10. Secret of the blackbirds1983

"The mystery of blackbirds" (1983) opens the list of the best Soviet detectives. The film is based on the novel by Agatha Christie "a Pocket full of lies." Industrialist-millionaire Mr. George Fortescue kill, pour him a rare poison. The deceased was an unpleasant man, and his death would be beneficial to all family members. In a short time committed the murder of the wife of a millionaire and his maid, that confuses the issue even more. For the disclosure of a series of offences is taken by Inspector Neil, and miss Marple. Instinct tells the detectives that the case involved the youngest son of the millionaire...

9. Traktir na pyatnitskoy1977

On the ninth place in the list of the best Soviet detectives located art painting by Alexander Fajncimmer "Tavern on Pyatnitskaya" (1977). The events of the film unfold during the new economic policy — NEP. In Moscow wielded a brutal criminal gang that keeps the locals in fear and makes regular raids. The police know that this case repeat offender "Gray", which they can not catch red-handed. Staff becomes aware that a gang of "Gray" likes to relax in the tavern on Pyatnitskaya. That's where law enforcement and introducing a person...

8. The fate of the resident1970

Adventure film "Destiny of the resident" (1970) is located in eighth place in the list of the best Soviet detectives. Is a continuation of the film "blunder". The storyline of feature films connected with the main character — an experienced scout Mikhail Tuleevym. Soviet counterintelligence with the arrested spy Tulyev continue the game with the enemy. Western intelligence again receive the encrypted message with the caption "Hope"...

7. Rural detective1986

"The village detective" (1986) — crime Comedy by Ivan Lukinsky. The caretaker of one remote village to steal the accordion. No evidence and witnesses. Yes and to think no one. He decides to forget it and buy a new musical instrument. But dark matter is seriously interested Unixin local detective who wishes to find the thief.

6. The Rumyantsev case1956

"Rumyantsev case" (1956) took sixth place in the list of the best Soviet detectives. Sasha Rumyantsev goes to the next flight, this time with an unusual cargo. Head chauffeur trades profiteering and sends it with illegal cargo. Unsuspecting Rumyantsev stopped by the police and arrested. The true criminal, to hide the traces, adjusts everything so that Sasha fall all suspicion. Rumyantsev doesn't have many chances to get out of trouble, because the investigation deals with the brutal police captain who has no interest in the search for the real criminals. But here in the "game" takes an experienced Colonel who wants to understand this complicated case...

5. Stalker1979

"Stalker" (1979) — fiction detective drama by Andrei Tarkovsky, loosely based on the novel by Strugatsky "roadside picnic". In 1980, the film was awarded at Kansk film festival Prize of the Ecumenical jury. The events of the film happen in a fictional world, her characters do not have names, only nicknames. Writer and Professor are sent to the Forbidden zone, where there is a room that can fulfill any desire. The conductor of the characters is a Stalker, which requires the Writer and Professor, so he obeyed during the dangerous and long journey...

4. Ten little Indians1978

"Ten little Indians" (1978) — one of the best Soviet detective thrillers by Stanislav Govorukhin. On Negro island, invite ten people under different pretexts. The characters are in a mysterious castle located on the island. It's a horrible place turns out to be a Bane for guests. Each of them hears the death sentence, something written on the plate. On the table there are ten little Indians figurines, and each bedroom for a guest awaits the poem hanging on the wall: "Ten little Indians decided to have lunch, one choked his little self and then there were nine." As soon as another victim dies malice disappears and one...

3. Solaris1972

"Solaris" (1972) opens the three best Soviet films of the genre detective. Artistic, the picture was taken on the eponymous novel by Stanislaw LEM. "Solaris" is the winner of the Grand Prix at the Cannes film festival. The film takes place in the distant future. A new science but what we who study the planet Solaris, comes to a standstill. On Earth addressed the issue about the folding operation, as exploring the mysterious planet completely covered with water, do not give any results. Among scholars there is speculation that this cosmic body is mind. For more details on the planet is sent Kris Kelvin who has to face on Solaris with their past became for him a nightmarish obsession reality...

2. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson1981-1986 year

Serial film "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson" (1981-1986) took second place in the list of the best Soviet detectives. Sherlock Hill is the best detective in the world, and his colleague Watson sometimes provides him with invaluable assistance in solving crimes. Together they engage in a battle with the underworld that it is possible to expose only possessing unique mental powers and virtuosic flair.

1. Gentlemen of fortune1971

Art painting "Gentlemen of fortune" (1971) tops the list of the best Soviet detectives. Released film was in 1972 the leader of the film in the USSR, collecting about 65 million viewers. To the head of the kindergarten Troshkina kindly drawn the police with an unusual request to help the investigators in solving the case. The fact is that the main character is remarkably similar to the bandit nicknamed "Docent", who has been hunted by law enforcement. The offender together with his group stole a very valuable item from the Museum — the helmet of the commander of Macedon. Troshkina have to infiltrate the thieves Wednesday in the guise of his to catch the bandit. But this risky business associated with high risk to the life of the protagonist.

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