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The best thrilling movies


If you love movies with an unpredictable plot, unusual presentation of history and excellent graphics, which takes your breath away – so exciting movies, a list of which we prepared, will not leave you indifferent.

10. The illusion of deception

"The illusion of deception" is a gripping detective Thriller with a brilliant cast. Four talented magicians receive an invitation from a mysterious stranger to participate in a daring Scam. After a year, forming a team called "the Four horsemen", they make a great show in Las Vegas. The highlight of the presentation becomes a robbery of the Bank of France. As it turns out later from the Bank was stolen a huge amount. A team of magicians take into custody, but soon released for lack of evidence of their guilt. "The four horsemen" poison for the next ledge in New Orleans under the watchful eye of FBI agents.

9. Air Marshal

If the film claimed Liam Neeson, be sure that it will be a dynamic and exciting picture that has captivated the attention of the audience until the denouement. A list of the most entertaining movies with a complex plot continues the psychological Thriller "Air Marshal".

The bill marks the air Marshal is working to ensure the safety of passengers during air travel. During a typical international flight, he receives a mobile message from the terrorist that every 20 minutes will die one of the passengers of the aircraft, if power is not transferred to the account of the criminal a large sum. The suspect is the partner of Marx. During the clashes, bill accidentally kills him and thereby opens the list of victims of the terrorist. When it turns out that the account number to which the offender requires to transfer the money belongs to Marx, the main suspect for the authorities becomes the bill itself.

8. The dark knight

"The dark knight" is a gripping Thriller, filmed in the genre of neonoir directed by Christopher Nolan. The film is among the top grossing films. Heath Ledger, who played a role in the film the main antagonist of the Joker for the brilliant transformation into the image was posthumously awarded the award "Oscar".

Bruce Wayne, an unofficial defender of Gotham, long since weary of his position. He sees a replacement in district attorney Harvey Dent. The appearance of the city's criminal mastermind the Joker threatens the life of the defenders of Gotham.

7. Triangle

A list of exciting films continues the mystery Thriller "Triangle". Jess receives an invitation from friend Greg to relax on a yacht in the company of his friends. The yacht gets caught in a storm. The heroes come across a drifting ship and move him from a sinking yacht. The ship seems abandoned, but friends notice that they are followed by the masked man.

6. Hunters mind

"Hunters behind reason" is a gripping crime Thriller with an incredibly twisted plot.

In the center of the film is the story of a group of students of the FBI, sent to a remote island to pass the final exam. On the island is the town used for training exercises. Future psychologists forensic needs to solve the crime, invented for them by the teachers. When one of the students killed during the investigation, it becomes clear that the island is a real killer. Attempt to leave fails – the criminal blows up a boat. Survivors must solve puzzles, which throws them a maniac, and the killer.

5. Lucky number Slevin

In the list of most exciting movies with unpredictable ending part crime Thriller "Lucky number Slevin".

Slevin Kelevra desperately unlucky. He lost his job, broke up with my girlfriend and to top it all the troubles lost his apartment. In his home town of nothing, and he goes to new York to his friend nick. Not finding the house, Slevin meets nick's neighbor, concerned about the lack of it. Troubles continue to haunt the young man appeared in the apartment goons take Slevin for nick, owes their boss a large sum.

4. I am legend

Keeps a list of exciting films sci-Fi Thriller "I am legend", a free adaptation of the novel by Richard Matheson.

The world fell victim to the deadly virus. Half of the population died, the other half turned into vampires. Robert Neville is the only carrier of immunity to the virus, survivors of a monstrous epidemic. By day, he explores the empty new York streets in search of supplies and trying to create a cure against the virus using his blood, and by night hiding behind the fortified walls of the house from vampires.

3. Matrix

"The matrix" is an iconic cliffhanger, there are many lists and rankings. It has everything to captivate the viewer for a long time: dynamic plot, brilliant acting team and class for the time graphics.

By day Thomas Anderson leads a life of unremarkable ordinary clerk, and at night it becomes a hacker Neo. Once he make a proposal that radically changes his view of reality.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: the curse of the Black pearl

"Pirates of the Caribbean: the curse of the Black pearl" is a gripping film about the adventures of the pirates and captain Jack Sparrow and his voluntary and involuntary accomplices.

The XVII century Caribbean. Ship from the Port Royal picks up in the ocean the boy will Turner. The Governor's daughter, Elizabeth finds his medallion and hides it, fearing that adults will take the boy for a pirate. Years later will become a talented artificer, secretly in love with Elizabeth. The girl's father sees her as the wife of an officer Norrington, a fierce fighter against the pirates. On the day his appointment as commander at Port-Royal arrives charismatic rogue captain Jack Sparrow. A night on the town is attacked by the pirates of the Black pearl, Jack's ship, stolen from him by captain Barbossa. Robbers kidnap Elizabeth. Will helps to escape from prison Jack in exchange for a promise to help find the girl.

1. Avatar

One of the best films directed by James Cameron, fiction Thriller "Avatar" tops the list not only the most exciting but also grossing films.

The plot takes the viewer into the distant future of humanity, 2154. A large Corporation is mining a valuable mineral on a huge planet Pandora. Its atmosphere is harmful to humans, so the earth scientists have created avatars – hybrid natives of Pandora and the humans. J. Sally, in the past marine who became the disabled person receives from the Corporation an offer to replace his deceased twin brother and go to Pandora.

"Avatar" is an entertaining movie with stunning visual effects and a dynamic, fascinating story.

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