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List of Russian crime shows on NTV


Attention fans of action-Packed Patriotic movie presented TV shows on NTV the list of Russian crime.

10. Odyssey detective Gurov

"Odyssey of detective Gurov" opens ten Russian criminal series, broadcast on NTV channel. The main character of serial films, Gurov — laconic, unflappable, unyielding, the best detective Moore. It is never unsolved cases and desperate situations. His ability to expose any gunman. He trusts his instincts never forgets deduction and always ahead of the enemy.

9. Shaman

Russian action-crime series "Shaman" tells about a bright, extraordinary personality, the investigator Ivan Shamanov. Two years spent in jail on false charges, broke life "Shaman", dividing it into before and after. In the past operas for especially important crimes, becoming an investigator, has to do mostly paperwork. But old habits and a responsible attitude to the profession do not allow the Shaman to withdraw into the four walls of his office. Taking to heart every case, he seeks to do all it can to calculate the real culprit.

8. Streets of broken lamps

"Streets of the broken lanterns" — a Russian crime series on the NTV channel, which involves 16 seasons. The series tells of the everyday working of the 85th branch of the St. Petersburg police. The main characters, ordinary "syskari": Casanova, Larin, Dukalis and wolves is fundamentally different from the knights without fear and reproach the Soviet era, which was translated to the screen Zbruev, Solomin, Kikabidze, Martynyuk and others. Modern investigators look like a lot of ordinary Russians: they do not model looks, not athletic, they are quite modestly dressed, drive around in public transport and conduct their investigations in dilapidated classrooms without computers and cellphones, often using illegal methods in the work, and sometimes violating the letter of the law...

7. Return Of Mukhtar

"Return of Mukhtar" is one of the best crime TV series, broadcast on NTV channel. The characters of the series Return of Mukhtar —the usual young policemen dealing with erection completely different things — from petty fraud to high-profile murders. In each case it helps the faithful friend and colleague Mukhtar, has a phenomenal mind, intelligence and excellent sense of smell. The series "Return of Mukhtar" was awarded the Special prize of the jury of the creative competition at the VI Eurasian TV forum in 2003 in the category "Series". In addition, the creative team picture was twice awarded diplomas and medals of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia for "creating the professional image of the employee of criminal investigation and promotion of dog service of Russia". In 2009, the series "Return of Mukhtar" received special prize of the International festival of detective films and television programs on law-enforcement themes Detectivefest.

6. Moscow. Central district

"Moscow. Central district" — Russian TV series about the criminal life of the capital. Since that day, when Colonel Bragin the boys investigate the mysterious murder of a prominent journalist, was for many years. In the past there were other brilliant investigation task force Bragin. The team split up in the Department were only Bragin and Brambles, and even a young cadet Mitya and cute, but lazy Lieutenant Grishechkin. Vladimir, the grandson of the legendary Colonel Repeynikova, once able to graduate the police, who predicted a great career in Interpol, is in deep crisis. From his wife left him, he started drinking. Bragin, covering every possible way your pet to work with pain watches the Brambles ruining his life. Times have changed, became different, and criminal life of the city. No gangster mayhem, but the crime has become more sophisticated, and criminals have become less afraid of the law. Without the support that I've always been for Peter Kuzmich his loyal team, the old detective harder to fulfill their professional duty. When the policemen of the Central district of insolent challenge to the gang of robbers, Bragin decides to once again raise their children.

5. Highway patrol

Russian crime series NTV "highway patrol" will tell about captain Marina Voronina and senior Lieutenant Sergei Odintsovo, which continue to solve puzzles and unravel the complex history, toss them automobile lives in St. Petersburg. Murder on the roads, fraud transport, power theft — only a small part of all investigations, which will have to face Voronina and Odintsov, under the leadership of Colonel Kokorev.

4. Pathfinder

"Pathfinder" — a Russian crime series broadcast on the NTV channel. The main character of the serial films is a big fan of extreme adventure, a former paratrooper and now a private investigator Kirill Acura decided at leisure to fish. But instead, found on the banks of the river... mutilated female corpse. He could leave the place terrible discovery. But I didn't. And actually signed his own death warrant. Since the murdered woman was the founder of a large financial pyramid. Now the cops suspect him of murder, and some influential people are trying to kill him...

3. Grouse

"Cold case" opens the top three of the Russian criminal TV series on NTV. Serial film tells about the difficult lives of two best friends Sergey Glukharev, investigator, internal Affairs, and Denis Antoshin, the employee of regional traffic police, who are investigating on a few criminal cases.

2. The secrecy of the investigation

"Secrets of the investigation" included in the list of the best crime TV series on NTV. Serial film "Secrets of the investigation" is devoted to the everyday life of the Prosecutor of one of districts of St. Petersburg, which investigates the most seemingly hopeless cases. Probably many of these cases would have remained unsolved if not for the talent and humor of the investigator Maria Sergeevna Shvetsova.

1. Kamenskaya

"Kamenskaya" tops the list of the Russian criminal series, broadcast on NTV channel. The plot revolves around a series of investigation by the police major Anastasia Pavlovna Kamenskaya. Each episode of the series, usually based on one of the books of the same cycle Alexandra Marinina. Police major Anastasia Pavlovna Kamenskaya goes to the homicide Division of the Moscow criminal investigation Department under the leadership of Colonel Viktor Alekseevich Gordeev. Often the crimes investigated by the Kamenskaya involved or even implicated in influential people: politicians, businessmen, heads of large organizations. The main character of the series is known for its analytical abilities, outstanding intelligence, as well as "difficult", which is the ability to stand up to administration and get their way by any means.

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