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A list of the 10 best Turkish films


Readers are presented a list of Turkish films, which included 10 best films.

10. The losers ' club2011

The Comedy "the losers 'Club" (2011) opens the ten best Turkish films. Caan — the owner of the printing house "6.45", producing "books that nobody reads." Meta — the owner of a bar in Kadıköy and the collector plates. Together they lead, night Club Losers on radio Kent FM. Live they talk about life, literature and women, as if talking to two friends, sitting in some bar for a beer. Their program and style of cause as a perturbation of the critics and censorship, and interest and acclaim, which over time becomes more and more. In their improvised dialogues, sometimes seemingly meaningless, these two cynical intellectual raise deep philosophical themes that help someone to understand and find the meaning of life, and someone to learn not to be afraid to speak on topics that previously were not accepted to discuss it openly.

9. Boats out of watermelon rinds2004

"Boats out of watermelon rinds" (2004) — Comedy drama by Turkish Director Ahmet Ulukaya. The events of the film unfold in the village of Tepecik, in the 60-ies of the last century. Two teenagers from a small town go every day to work in the city. Mohmed moonlights in a barbershop, and Recip sells watermelons. These two young men associates with a passion for cinema. They go to the shops, looking at the technology needed to create movies, reading magazines and trying to learn this difficult art. At the same time, guys are fascinated by girls. Mohmed, such as worshiping Nihal, who over his four years, and too arrogant — she despises him because he is a farmer. Offended contempt urban guys hope to find their salvation in film.

8. Head-on2004

"Head-on" (2004) — drama, which is a joint work between Turkey and Germany. In 2004 the film was awarded two awards "Golden bear". Sibel is Turkish, grew up in Hamburg. She's headstrong and too fond of life to accept the fate of a pious Muslim. To get rid of the care of the family, she had to enter into a marriage with a fellow countryman. The girl chooses Cahita...

7. Fig jam2011

"Fig jam" (2011) is a Turkish romance aytach, Agilar. The main time the main character Metin spends writing sketches for television, and occasionally resting at the bar. Man believes that one day he will write scripts for feature films. In one of the pubs the hero of the drama meets a sweet visitor named Duygu. The girl is completely drunk and can't remember your address. Metin leaves new friend to spend the night. Duygu is not against this development, but immediately warns the young man — "without sex". The writer is not confused strong statement, knowing that this is just the first meeting. So tie the strange relationship between the couple. Metin crazy that his new girlfriend constantly disappears and then suddenly appears again. The hero has nothing to do with my feelings for chudachka a fondness for Fig jam and interesting stories. One day the girl disappears for a long period once accidentally cut my arm on broken glass. Metin realizes that the strange behavior Duygu due to some weighty reasons.

6. The people of my grandfather2011

Drama "the People of my grandfather" (2011) is included in the list of the best Turkish films. This story was the inspiration for Director (Chagan Yrmak), occurred in early childhood, when in 1923 there was a violent migration between Turkey and Greece. This drama is shown through the eyes of a normal ten-year boy which witness he became. The film takes place on the West coast of the Aegean sea in Turkey, in the small seaside village. Incredibly touching story, passed from the lips of the boy Ozan and his grandfather Mehmet Awasa, about the great changes that have occurred within the same family. A story about unselfish love of neighbor, compassion, kindness, helplessness of the soul, but above all, a story about a Man...

5. Seasons2006

"The seasons" (2006) — Turkish drama directed by Nuri bilge Ceyla. The story begins on the Sunny Turkish resort, where a girl named Bahar meets a University lecturer ISA. This 50-year-old intellectual, who manages to destroy an entire idyllic Sunny holiday, Bahar saying that they need to leave. ISA is trying to escape from loneliness suddenly swept over him during the farewell with the beloved. Now they can't be together and there is no reason to find out what was the cause of their breakup. The crucial moment between the once close people get alienated, and they cease to share the secret with each other. There comes a stressful time of searching for new love and renewal of life cycle.

4. Eight days Dilber2008

"Eight days Dilber" (2008) — Turkish film, part of a trilogy, Soul, mind, and heart, which also includes the films Eight days, Zeynep and Eight days Ali. The film participated in the program, the Prospects of the festival`2009 and was very flattering a distinguished audience. Quality is quite emotional and dramatic story about the feelings of a country girl named Dilber. She wanted to marry his childhood friend Ali, but his father decided to get son another bride. Offended to the depths of my uncle in the heat of the moment gives all vow to marry the first available man. The village appears unattractive and lame Mehmet and the girl becomes his wife. In the eight days Dilber spends with Mehmet in his house, she realizes that her husband got very good: for external unattractiveness is the great, kind and sincere heart. Dilber ready to get closer to Mehmet and trust him, but a sudden knock at the door changed their lives

3. Love loves randomness2011

"Love loves randomness" (2011) —romance, opens the top three of the Turkish paintings. This is a story about two young people Denise and Ozgur that fate many times lost each other and again found. From childhood they were very close but then we lost each other due to the circumstances, for 25 years. They've been Dating for adults. Denise is a successful photographer and Ozgur aspiring actress. Between them new strength revived their children's feelings. In the process of a new fellowship, they remember many moments from my life that prove the coincidence of their meeting.

2. My unspoiled island2008

"My unspoiled island" (2008) — one of the best Turkish films. The main character of this story, a young man by the name of Alper, has its own restaurant. He's not going to associate themselves with serious relationship with someone and Dating women for their own pleasure. But once in his life appears a girl of Hell, which shares his life before and after. Heroine produces in man an indelible impression, and he decides to engage with her. But it lovelasa the essence of longing to be outside. The Alper to make a choice: succumb to temptation and be single, dissolute life, or to tie the knot with sweetheart.

1. My father and my son2005

Drama "My father and my son" (2005) tops the list of Turkish films. The mother of a young Denise died in childbirth in September 1980, when Turkey had a military coup. And now seven years later the boy goes with his father to farm his mother's grandfather, whom he never saw. The reason for this is the quarrel between a father and a grandfather. In troubled times, sent Hussein Effendi his son Sadiq to the big city to study, and that, like many young men of that age, got involved in political events, and this has incurred the wrath of the father.

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