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Top 10 American films about school and teenagers


American films about high school life and teenagers often appear in the genre of Comedy. They are filled with a mischievous humor, sincere feelings, early life experiences and lessons that life presents not only to young people but also their adult parents.

Readers of movies about school and American Teens — a list with the best films.

10. Plain2015

Comedy "Semplice" (2015) opens a list of American films about school and teenagers. The main character of the film Bianca last year in school. Her friends Jesse and Casey are popular in school unlike her. They blamed her lessons and take with me on hangouts to stand out favorably against it. But once school major Wesley opens her eyes to the truth and openly says that it takes the role of a fat ugly girlfriend. Bianca is offended to the core and decides to prove to everyone that may be completely different, and is able to win the heart of handsome Wesley.

9. Prom2011

"Prom" (2011) is an American Comedy romance about school and teenagers. The plot of the film revolves around three young couples, each of which has its own history. One of the main characters, the beauty of Nova is her class and on her shoulders svalivaetsya concerns about the upcoming prom. She was very eager to make everything perfect. Her mind is not only care about the prom, but the feelings for the school bad boy Jesse. To make an important decision will have not only the two main characters, but also their friends who are trying to keep relations on the eve of parting.

8. 17 again2009

"17 again" (2009) — a film about Mike, a father of two children, who by the will of fate is once again becoming a high school teenager. His life goes awry, and he understands that it needs to be changed. And once he is given a magical chance — five seventeen-year-old hero wakes up a teenager. Mike gets to school, where his children learn. He will have to establish a relationship with their descendants and become a true friend to them. He will make new discoveries about your kids and learns about himself a lot.

7. Boy girl2006

"Boy girl" (2006) American Comedy about school and personal lives of two very different teenagers, football player woody and shy and exemplary student Nell. They can't stand each other and constantly at war. But everything changes when one morning they exchanged bodies. At first, the heroes are trying to damage the reputation of my new image, but there comes a time when a deal among themselves, they achieve unprecedented success and understand that they can't live without each other.

6. Through the lens2008

"Through the lens" (2008) — American humorous film about school and teenage life. The plot revolves around the coolest high school boyfriend drew and is not the most beautiful girl in school, Mandy. Once drew invites the heroine to a party. But what if she has a strict father who allows us to leave the house only for doing homework with friends? Letting her go on the pretext that drew is going to do to classmates, but with one condition: every thirty minutes it needs to contact a parent using a video link. Girl is ready for any tricks, just to get to a party where her object of adoration.

5. Freaky Friday2003

"Freaky Friday" (2003) — American Comedy film about a teenage girl Anna and her mother Dr. Tessa Coleman, who can not find a common language. Their attitudes and tastes differ in everything. This applies not only to fashion, hairstyles and music, but also to men. Strife rocked the house all the time: Tess does not approve of the musical tastes of his daughter, and Anna can't stand the groom to his mother, although the wedding was scheduled for Saturday. One Thursday these differences reach a peak. And now fate magically decides to throw them a test early Friday morning mother and daughter discover that they have switched bodies...

4. Bad teacher2011

"Bad teacher" (2011) — American Comedy about school life of students and their teacher Elizabeth Halsey, who openly hates his job. She leaves school Elizabeth, going down the aisle for her rich suitor, but he gives her back under the pressure of his mother. And now the heroine is forced back to the work of the teacher. There she meets the new teacher, whose parents built their capital in the time business. To attract the attention of a young teacher, she tries to show feelings and to seek its recognition. While Elizabeth is eager to increase breast and is not engaged in their direct teaching responsibilities. Her students get bad marks in a test, and the teacher curses and even smokes weed.

3. Homework2011

"Homework" (2011) — American melodrama about a vicious teenage boy George. The main character, little in life interested. He has a talent for drawing, but this gift is wasted, as well as schooling guy for a long time not listening to teachers and do not perform homework. But one day George meets with a complicated girl, Sally, who shows him a friendly interest. Over time, these relationships grow into something more than friendly sympathy, and George is facing the most important lesson in his life — a lesson of love that he must learn.

2. A student of easy virtue2010

"Excellent student of easy virtue" (2010) — American film about school and personal life of a teenage girl olive. She lied to his classmate that lost her virginity, but his lies about the heroine will soon come to regret. The news of her lost innocence overfly the entire school, thanks to the Puritan-peers that overheard the conversation of her friends. Overnight olive becomes an outcast, where the weight of the stigma of girls of easy virtue. To cope with the situation Oliva helps her extraordinary sense of humor and trusting her ancestors.

1. The rebel2006

"The rebel" (2006) American Comedy about a teenage girl named Hayley, which is a promising gymnast. But one day she learns that her mother is cheating on dad with her coach. The girl refuses to perform in the upcoming competitions, what brings the team and knowingly destroys his career. She decides to live a normal life of a typical teenager, thus expressing their protest and indignation. Girl care begins to treat of public morality and the rules, makes acquaintance with questionable types. Her actions at times reckless and injected into the shock of others. Haley misbehaves vengeance and once transgresses the line: bursts on the bike in someone else's house. Now she faces jail or a closed gym. She chooses the latter, but even there, the heroine continues to set its own rules.

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