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Top 10 ancient legends about dreams


The average person sleeps about 120 days per year, i.e. a total spends in sleep from 24 to 27 years. That's a lot. So sleep plays a big role in our life, it is not surprising that it is associated with many legends and beliefs.

10. Sleep paralysis

About 40 people out of 100 from time to time confronted with unusual symptoms. Lying on the bed, they can't move, they have a feeling of heaviness in the area of the chest, auditory or visual hallucinations (footsteps, voices, blurry images). These are signs of sleep paralysis. It is not dangerous, requires no special treatment. Everything goes, when a person will establish the mode of the day, will sleep at least 8 hours a day. Before the occurrence of these symptoms is not explained by malfunction of the nervous system, and contact with the supernatural. So, Slavs were talking about that they are strangling the house. Muslims believe that a person is visited by the devil, al-Jasum. But people in medieval Europe believed that the signs of Association with devils. People accused of this, passed into the hands of the Inquisition.

9. Baku (Baku)

That was the name of a supernatural being that eats nightmares and bad dreams, whose existence is believed by the Japanese. It was the popular belief, according to which after another nightmare had three times to say the sacred words: "Baku, eat this." In Japanese manuscripts Dating back to the seventeenth century, there is mention of the creature that protects people from the plague and evil. It is also called the "Baku", but I didn't eat dreams. This Chinese Chimera had an awesome view: on her head was the trunk of an elephant and eyes like a Rhino. Paws he was like a tiger, and the tail was like a bull. Later he was spoken of as being, absorbing nightmares. He began to portray with the elephant head, i.e. Baku's trunk and tusks.

8. Catching dreams

The Indians once believed that is possible to make a talisman which will protect from evil spirits. From willow branches made a circle, on which was stretched a web of threads and severe deer lived, intertwined with feathers. This talisman had to hang at the head of the sleeper. It is believed that bad dreams were caught in the web, and good ones can slip through the hole in the middle. But now it's a common souvenir, which produce and sell only for profit. Siberian peoples also had their "dream catchers". But they were used by shamans. They believed that the amulet helps them to control their dreams, to using them as hints to see the future.

7. Morpheus (Morpheus)

In Ancient Greece had a God of dreams, whose father was the God of sleep Hypnos. His name was Morpheus. The Greeks believed that he was people in the dream. He could take any form, copied the speech of the person portrayed, his gait and facial expression. His job was to follow the dreams of famous heroes and kings. Morpheus drew as a young man whose distinctive feature was the wings on the temples. Or it was represented as an old man with a beard and a poppy flower.

6. Brownies (Brownies)

In Scotland and England used to believe in the existence of small men (height 90 cm), which come to people at night. While the whole family relaxes, these little helpers engaged in economic Affairs, i.e. cook, weave, clean, guard the house from thieves, and chickens from foxes, etc. They are somewhat similar to familiar to many brownies. These are the spirits among which there are almost no women. They look like elves, but brownies can be bright blue eyes and unkempt brown hair color (just because of the color of their hair and called). In the daytime they go about their business: gather fruits in the forests or picked beans in the fields.

5. Mara (Mara)

In Slavic mythology, the so-called Ghost that wanted to hurt people. He has a vague shape, something resembling a human. Mara loves to scare people by appearing at night in front of Windows. Or knocks from the road travellers, covering an invisible veil their eyes. In European mythology, too, is a spirit or demon with that name. According to legends, he likes to sit on his chest. People can't breathe, because it feels the gravity, sees bad dreams. The poles, Ukrainians and Belarusians also have the legend of the Mare that night bore down on people, often boys and girls, torturing and strangling them at night.

4. The Sandman (Sandman)

In Western Europe there is a legend about the Sand man. He goes home and those kids that stayed up late throws in the eyes of the magical sand. Then all the kids go to sleep. This is a good substance that helps to calm naughty children and bring them good dreams. But if the child is not wrapped up in a dream, the Sandman, according to legend, crept under the blanket of the child and took him with them.

3. Phobetor (Phobetor) and Aniri (Oneiroi)

Phobetor also a character of Greek mythology. He, like Morpheus, is the son of the God of sleep Hypnos. But if the first appears to people in dreams in human form, the latter appears in the form of animals, birds or snakes. And Bid is the brother of Hypnos, God, but deceptive or prophetic dreams. Hesiod called Onirama all the family, born of NYX.

2. Great Spirit (Great Spirit)

Indian tribe the abenaki believed that it was thanks to one of the dreams appeared all life on the planet. There is an interesting myth about the Great Spirit. He once lived in the void, where nothing happened. But somehow he called the Great Turtle to establish the earth, and gave its shell of clay, and then there was the mountain. When the Earth was ready, the Great Spirit didn't know who to populate it. Thinking about it, he fell asleep and saw a strange dream. It was all the animals and people that inhabit the planet. It seemed to him that it was a nightmare. But waking up the Great Spirit saw that his dream had become a reality, ie, it, thus, created all life on Earth. He began to observe animals and people, and realized that everything is arranged the best way.

1. Nue (Nue)

This terrible creature, which is described in Japanese legend. It is described as a Chimera with the body of a Tanuki, which is the monkey head and paws of a tiger, and behind him a snake instead of a tail. If desired, it can turn into a cloud of black color and to move from place to place. Nue feared and tried to avoid since his appearance foretold misfortune and disease. To identify it by terrible screams coming at night. There is a legend about how the nue once hovered over the Palace of the Emperor Konoe. That night he saw black smoke and heard the terrible screams that scared him. The Emperor is ill, it could not be cured no drugs, no prayer. Fearless Minamoto-but Arimasa shot nue special arrow. After that, the Chimera collapsed to the ground, where she killed the samurai.

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