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Top 10 fantasy movies


The first films in the fantasy genre appeared in the early 80s. Usually, it is the film adaptation of books or comics, but the films are shot completely invented scenario. And among those other there are many high quality creations. We have selected for you the top 10 fantasy movies that are a must see for every cinephile or fan of good cinema.

10. Lemony Snicket: 33 accidentFees: 208 199 382 $

Top 10 fantasy movies opens incredibly atmospheric, and, at the same time, the tragic story of the orphans Klaus, Violet and Sunshine. Their parents died and the closest relative is the guardian count Olaf. In his house the children were even more unhappy. Olaf makes them clean the rooms, to cook, to serve his friends. But this "flowers" in comparison with future misfortunes...

The film is based on the books of lemony Snicket, was conceived as the beginning of a Grand story about three orphans. But, fees to hire put an end to the plans of the producers. Not the last role in this played a huge for those times the film's budget — $ 140 million.

Critics praised the unusual story and gave her a well-deserved Oscar for makeup. Jim Carrey really don't know the villain and it turned out stunning.

9. The Brothers GrimmCharges: 105 316 267 $

The film tells about the adventures of world famous brothers Grimm before they began to write stories. And did the guys cheating the villagers. They came to a certain town where telling people that they are threatened by a witch or Troll. For the money the brothers had eliminated the non-existent monster and received a reward. It lasted quite a long time until they met the real evil...

Heath Ledger and Matt Damon first had to play completely opposite roles, but when I read the script, I decided to switch characters in the film. And rightly so. Their brothers were very lively and interesting. And the villain in the person of Monica Bellucci long to stay in the audience memory. Mysterious atmosphere, interesting characters and a strong script — 9th place in our top fantasy movies.

8. StardustCharges: 135 560 026 $

A young man named Tristan promised my girlfriend I'd get her a fallen star from the sky. In search of the celestial body, the guy moved through the wall separating the human world from a parallel universe. It is a difficult but interesting way.

Good and atmospheric tale of a reason to climb so high in the top of the fantasy movies. She earned people's love among viewers, thanks to an incredibly fascinating story, brilliantly chosen actors and a fantastic soundtrack composer Ilan Eshkeri.

7. JumanjiFees: 262 797 249 $

The film narrates about the game of "Jumanji" which has supernatural powers. Boy Alan accidentally discovered it in the attic, decided to play and went into the jungle. His friends took a great effort to release the boy from captivity. Now, to get rid of a powerful the game, the guys will or pass it to the end, or lose.

One of the best roles of Robin Williams, a 12-year-old Kirsten dunst and incredible scenario. Jumanji became a cult classic family movie, it is played on TV every new year holidays, and each time the audience discovers in the film something new. Best fantasy movie of the 90s!

6. The Chronicles of Narnia: the lion, the Witch and the wardrobeFees: 013 745 115 $

Four children sent away from war to the village to each family. Guys playing hide and seek, discovering an old wardrobe, through which you can get to the fantastic country the Narnia.

The film, part fantasy top, filmed on the eponymous book by Clive Stelsa Lewis. From the pen of this writer went seven creations about Narnia, but to film the book, the producers began with the second. At the moment, filmed three movies this universe, but the first is the most favorite among the audience. It's probably thanks to the good family atmosphere, from beginning to end permeates the film. And Tilda Swinton in the role of the Snow Queen for a long time remains in memory of spectators of all ages.

5. Edward ScissorhandsFees: 86 024 005 $

Incredibly touching story about a young man named Edward, who is an experiment of one scientist. The guy has no hands, and instead the inventor attached the scissors. Now Edward is forced to live alone in the old mansion, counting the days until his death. But one day he meets a girl...

From the first minutes guess signature Tim Burton. All his films made in the Gothic style. And this picture is no exception. She is rightly called one of the best. And the main character played by johnny Depp is able to call a tear even from the most persistent people.

For the atmosphere and excellent acting our 5th place in the top fantasy films.

4. Alice in WonderlandFees: 1 025 467 110 $

The film adaptation of Lewis Carroll's tale about girl Alice, accidentally fell through a tunnel into the snowy country.

Another tale from Tim Burton. And again johnny Depp in one of the roles. It was one of the first films shot in 3D format, so the excitement in the painting was a big. But this does not mean that the film does not deserve such large fees at the box office. Quite the contrary: the well-chosen cast, and modern special effects and colorful characters in the movie always stuck with viewers from around the world. Perhaps even the writer himself would not mind this film adaptation of his creation. A well-deserved 4th place in the top fantasy films.

3. Pirates of the CaribbeanFees: 3 729 577 967 $

Tetralogy of the fearless pirates have long gained popularity around the world. Each film as a work of art: carved dialogues, polished to the smallest detail special effects, and, of course, vivid acting role. The main pet remains johnny Depp in the role of Jack Sparrow. Besides him, so to portray the Jolly pirate: his gait, manners, style of dress — could not have one. The first three parts complement each other, from that it seems that this is one big movie. Fourth off rhythm and atmosphere of the previous films, but no less interesting for that. And next year on the screen comes the fifth part of the Pirates, who won bronze top fantasy movies.

2. Harry PotterCharges: 7 723 431 572 $

The Saga of the young wizard grew more than one generation of children. Millions of fans around the world, world famous actors, almost billions of dollars in fees every film that can boast this franchise. The story of Harry Potter will watch, and review more than a decade. With the maturing of "boy who lived" and his fans, varied the atmosphere of each painting from children to the more grim. If you haven't watched this Saga, I suggest you verify this yourself. A well-deserved silver top fantasy films!

1. The Lord of the rings2.9 billion

Probably long no one will be able to seize the title of best fantasy film the Lord of the rings. Trilogy is an example of a real quality movie not only in the fantasy genre and all. Peter Jackson has made incredible movies is no worse than the book writers John Tolkien. And somewhere even better! The Oscar-winning masterpiece of a trilogy, the first place of the top fantasy films!

The article will present the reader the Top 10 fantasy films, of which, it is to your taste choose the picture, and will plunge into the fairy world.

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