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Top 10 movies Gai Germanicus


Directors-women in the world of cinema a lot, but achieve notoriety units. Kira Muratova Tatyana Lioznova, Renata Litvinova, Valeria Gai Germanika is a vivid example that women can take stunning pictures, many of which entered the Golden Fund of world cinema.

Movies gay Germanika, the following list is a movie with deep meaning, almost always causes ambiguous reaction of the audience and critics. Valery has a reputation as a controversial Director that his paintings are quite bold and controversial moves. Brutal – realism- in such a manner works of Valery, trying to convince the audience of the veracity of what is happening on the screen. And she did it.

10. All will die, and I will remain

A list of films Valeria Gai Germanicus opens her debut feature film "All will die, and I will remain" devoted to the problems of modern teenagers.

Students life is not as carefree as it often seems to be an adult. Any minor event, from the perspective of seasoned parents, for a teenager can turn into a real tragedy. Three friends of a ninth-grader to be concerned about how to get boys to like and where to get alcohol. All three are going to go to the school disco, but their demonstrative withdrawal from lessons, the school Director threatens to cancel. Girls face serious difficulties: conflict with parents and teachers, the betrayal of friends and first love.

9. Sisters

The next picture in the list of the best films of Valeria Gai Germanicus – a short documentary "Sisters". The picture was taken in the genre of "personal essay".

In the end, a Frank conversation Valeria Gai Germanicus about the relationship to his mother with his half-sister. The sleeping area of the capital, where in a small untidy apartment directed the short film, serving as one of the characters in the movie, carrying on a conversation with the drunk older sister. Two grown-up girls with different fates talk about their everyday concerns – the relationship with her mother and trying to find a way out of this situation. Very truthfully, vital and cruel. We must pay tribute to the courage of Germanicus – she was not afraid to put on public display very personal moments in the lives of his family.

8. Girls

Continues list of films directed by Valeria Gai Germanicus the short film "Girls". In the center of the plot – a few days in the life of unremarkable adolescents. Three friends, the summer, the beginning of adult life. These days – farewell to the girls childhood. The school yard, entrances to the sleeping area, secretly bought cigarettes first alcohol and small children's troubles, which seemed before this tragedy. And then – a passport and first love.

The picture was a success and won a prize at the film festival "Kinotavr" in nomination "Best short film".

7. Boys

The film "the Boys" from a list of best movies gay Germanika is in no way related to the short film "Girls". This time the characters are not teenagers, and children – two brothers 9 and 10 years.

Two brothers family circumstances sent for a month in a children's home. Senior sees a change of pace with enthusiasm, and the youngest doesn't want to leave the house. Both separated miss your mother-the alcoholic, loving only his pet rat.

6. May 9. Personal attitude

In 2009, he released a series of short films entitled "may 9. Personal attitude". The short story "Happiness, in other words" removed Valeria Gai Germanika. The shooting conditions, the Directors of the short films had to fit his vision of the great Patriotic war only three minutes of screen time.

In the film, these days to create an image of the human body defenseless during the war, invited veterans. To participate in an art event accepts only one of them. While preparations for photography, the veteran talks about his military past and how taking a year to get to the front.

5. Yes and Yes

"Yes and Yes" – a feature film Valeria Gai Germanicus, filmed in the genre of Arthouse drama.

Sasha is a young primary school teacher. In the online chat room she meets a young artist Antonin and after a quarrel with family goes to meet him. Sasha falls in love with a new acquaintance and plunges into the world of Bohemia.

4. A short course of a happy life

In the list of the best films of Valeria Gai Germanika is part of the series "Short course happy life". It tells the story of four women: Annie, Katie, Sasha and Luba. Each of them has its own destiny and history. Sasha is a single mother living with her mother and grandmother and raising a young son. Starting meet with the chief at work, it opens a new period of his life, is he happy? Anna is still looking for his other half, Kate is caught in the family home and no longer have the strength to endure it, as Luba tries to come to terms with the idea that you will not be able to have children.

3. School

One of the best movies in list of paintings by Valeriya gay Germanika series "School", caused a great resonance. It is possible that after some time the acclaimed author's project of Germanicus will have the status of a cult, since she has not been removed this school.

"School" is very documentary, even a radical series about high school students, their parents and teachers.

2. The may tape

The list of the best works of the Director Valeria Gai Germanicus is part of the series "May tape". Genre and events occurring in it, he echoes the multiseries melodrama "Short course happy life".

Before the audience will unfold the story of three friends – Lena, Tatiana and Olga. Problems all three of them enough, first and foremost, they relate to personal relationships. Olga dreams of a bright and exciting feelings, but after parting with a boring Ruslan, she continues to meet him. Tatyana whole life was devoted to his career and pretends that her personal life did not really care. Good Lena selflessly helps Maximus, who one day asks her to play the role of his fiancee for going to visit mom.

1. Bonus

"Bonus" – a new series from Director Valeria Gai Germanicus, which is not yet specified. The main character is fascinated by rap is a young man nicknamed the Bonus. A childhood friend, a drug dealer, the Reverend green takes away the Bonus in Moscow, where will unfold the events of the series.

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