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Top 10 movies you must see


The year 2015 proved very successful for the fans. It's been a long-awaited premiere, and ahead of us is not one perfect movie. Some of the new products exceeded all expectations, but there were a failure of the tape. Introducing the reader the top 10 movies that are worth seeing. Information on the paintings were taken based on the feedback of the audience, the critics and the success of the tape in the box.

10. Jurassic world

Opens top 10 films you must see "Jurassic World". This is the fourth part of the famous series of films about the amusement Park in which the role of live exhibits are real dinosaurs, recreated through genetic engineering.

The film, after several years of neglect due to the catastrophe due to runaway dinosaurs, the island Nublar again receiving visitors. But over time, the Park attendance is falling, and the user decides to create a hybrid of several dinosaurs to attract new viewers. Genetics did a good job – they created the monster surpasses all other inhabitants of the Park in mind and power.

9. Poltergeist

Top 10 films to look out for, continues to remake the movie in 1982.

The Bowens family (husband, wife and three children) moved into a new house. In the early days they faced with inexplicable phenomena, but are still not aware that the dark forces inhabiting the house, they targeted the little Madison. One day she disappears, but the parents can hear her through the TV. Realizing that the police are powerless, they are asking for help from specialists who study the paranormal.

8. Dark secrets

In 2014 successfully hosted the premiere of the Thriller "gone girl", directed by David Fincher based on the novel of a young writer Gilian Flynn. This spring, the screens out the film "Dark secrets" – the film adaptation of another book Flynn, which is included in our top 10 films standing viewing.

In the center of the story is Libby day, sole survivor of a terrible crime committed 24 years ago. One terrible night, the girl's mother and her two older sisters were killed. To run away from home could only Libby. In this crime that affected the entire state, confessed fifteen-year-old brother of the girl. He is serving his sentence, and Libby lives off of the donations that she send compassionate citizens who are aware of its history. But once she invites to a meeting a group of people, confident of the innocence of brother Libby. The girl offered to meet with him in prison and ask what really happened that terrible night. Libby agrees to talk with his brother for the first time in 20 years. This meeting will change her life and forced to begin its own investigation of the death of the family.

7. Terminator: Genesis

This fantastic action needs to enter the top ten films worthy of viewing, not least for the opportunity to see again in the role of older Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is the fifth part of the legendary series of films about the fight in the future of mankind against the machines. At the same time this is the first part of the upcoming trilogy. The film restarts-known fans of the Terminator history of confrontation between people and robots. It will take place in an alternate reality and the viewer need to be very careful in order not to get lost in the twists and turns of the plot, which hides many surprises. John Connor sends back his best fighter, Kyle Reese, to protect his mother Sarah sent her from the Terminator. But upon arrival, Reese is surprised to find that he was in another alternate reality.

6. Spy

A wonderful action Comedy, which subtly mocked the spy picture. The main character, from childhood dreams of laurels superspy, working in the CIA of a simple coordinator. But once she gets a chance to take part in a real spy mission. Great humour, unexpected roles for known actors and a place in the list of the best paintings that you want to watch.

5. Mission impossible: rogue nation

Tom cruise is always very carefully chooses the role, so all his films are very successful projects. "Mission: impossible" is the brainchild of the actor. Continue the great paintings are rarely as good as originals, but each new part of the adventures of agent Ethan hunt and his team is interesting and attractive to viewers. The fifth part is no exception. This time hunt with like-minded people comes into confrontation with the terrorist organization, whose members the level of training and skill are not inferior to the team OMN. The picture, undoubtedly, is among the films to see everyone.

4. Lefty

Good sports dramas not as much as I would like. The problem is that the films of this genre is quite monotonous, and it is difficult to come up with something original and catchy to the viewer. "Lefty" is in the top 10 films that are worth a look thanks to the stunning acting of Jake Gyllenhaal. Once again he surprises the audience with his potential and ability to transform quickly. The fact that his previous film was "stringer", and to participate in it the actor lost 10 kilos. For the filming of "southpaw" Gyllenhaal had to quickly gain muscle mass and to undergo training, to Boxing matches looked like in the movie realistic.

3. Who am I

The top 10 films that are worth a look, included the story of a pizza deliveryman, was really a clever hacker. It takes a team wishing to become famous a daring break-ins of computer systems associates. The film is an interesting dynamic and intricate plot and a surprise ending.

2. Mad Max: fury road

Another long-awaited premiere of this year, brought together a stellar cast of actors. Charlize Theron, who often delights the audience with unexpected transformations, in this picture made in an unusual role of a woman warrior.

1. The Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Top 10 films that are worth a look, heads the long-awaited premiere of the new film about a team of superheroes led by captain America. The picture became the sixth in the list of top grossing films in the history of world cinema. Fees amounted to more than half a billion dollars.

The audience will meet again with the team of superheroes who are in search of dangerous artifact, the scepter of Loki, attack the base "Hydra". Here they are faced with a dangerous opponent – twins Pietro and Wanda. Latest inspires Tony stark the idea of having the fastest activation "Ultron", a project created to protect the planet. Ultron comes to life, gathering information about humanity and comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to save him from the Ground.

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