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Top 10 movies about the Apocalypse


The film, which tells about global catastrophes and the end of the world has always had a wide audience of viewers. Humanity is at all times interested in the future of the planet. In this regard, on movie screens, a host of artistic ribbons, projecting a fate of people and land in the future. Some of them had great success and has long been familiar to moviegoers, while others have been a complete failure.

10 top movies about the Apocalypse includes the best films for all time of existence of cinema.

10. 28 days later2002

28 days later (2002) opens the ten best movies about the end of the world. From a secret research lab to steal experimental monkeys that are infected with a particularly dangerous virus. Primates are allowed to roam the streets of the city and soon aggressive animals attack people and infect them. After some time, the infected person turns into a monster, hungry for blood. The earth is in danger, as the virus is spreading with unknown speed and all of England is almost completely infected. Only a few manage to escape. Survivors hiding in abandoned buildings and trying to figure out how to rectify the situation.

9. War of the worlds2005

War of the worlds (2005) – fantastic Thriller about the Apocalypse. In the 21st century – a time of high technology and scientific achievements, which are a credit to humanity. People consider themselves the true masters of the planet and are sure that is endowed with the highest intelligence. They do not know about the existence of another galaxy where them constantly watched for hundreds of years, other creatures, endowed with higher intelligence. They have their own plans for the planet Earth that they want to embody, regardless of the people.

8. I am legend2007

I am legend (2007) perhaps one of the best sci-Fi thrillers about extinct humanity. Scientists discover a serum that cures cancer. During the experiments, the unexpected happens: the cure becomes the cause of human infection with a virus that turns them into hungry monsters-killers. The planet is dying and populated by terrible creatures that prowl in search of food at night and during the day hiding in the basement of buildings. Only one man manages to escape, thanks to a special immunity, which saved him from infection. Day and night he is in search of an antidote from the terrible epidemic that's been going on for several years, and it depends only on whether to revive humanity again.

7. Deep impact1998

American sci-Fi Thriller deep impact (1998) tells of the fatal collision of Earth with a comet. Scientists are sounding the panic and warn about the impending threat in two years. The statement about the Apocalypse induce mass panic on the planet, and people are in search of shelters. The authorities in turn take all possible measures to avoid tragedy. In space sent the Russian-American group on the ship was the Messiah. They need to conduct a successful operation, during which the comet must be destroyed. It is up to them now depends the entire fate of humanity.

6. The day after tomorrow2004

The day after tomorrow ( 2004) – one of the most successful films about the end of the world. The future of the planet and humanity is in peril – approaching global warming, which will lead to irreversible natural calamities. Scientist Jack Hall sounds the alarm and informs the government of the United States. He tries to convince the authorities that irresponsible attitude to the environment and its contamination will lead to disaster. But listen to a scientist and to follow his instructions, no one is going. The earth is gradually coming climate Apocalypse that will claim the lives of many people.

5. Inferno2007

Fantastic Thriller Inferno (2007) is located in the middle of the ranking the best movies about the Apocalypse. Events occur in 2057году. Light, which replaced the gloom of night on a Sunny day, unexpectedly dies. People in danger of death. To remedy the situation in the direct space ship the Icarus 2, which is to deliver a nuclear warhead to the planet Sun. The explosion should help the sun is not out. In outer space, the group detects a weak signal from the ship Ikar-1, disappeared without a trace seven years ago. The team gets into a dangerous situation from which she would have to get out to save herself and humanity.

4. The end of the world1999

The end of the world (1999) – a movie about the Apocalypse of the horror genre. Her birth was foretold many centuries. The light should appear the bride of Satan, with which he joined the Union. After that, the whole world was plunged into darkness and humanity will become extinct. Prediction comes true and at the end of the Millennium, the Devil rises to find his beloved. Among people is one who is willing to stand in the way of the Prince of Darkness to disturb his plans for the future.

3. The book of Eli2009

The book of Eli (2009) reveals three of the most successful films associated with the end of the world. Humanity is on the brink of extinction, and the world is shrouded in darkness because of a previous disaster. Everywhere there is chaos and poverty, people become angry and aggressive creatures that are fighting for food and are in search of water. The only person who remained unmoved, is a wise man Eli. Its main food is the words of the Bible, and powerful weapon – faith in God. He roams the earth with a backpack, which is the Holy book. On his way stands a despotic tyrant Carnegie, who plans to take over the world and rule over humanity.

2. The future of the planet: life after people2008

The future of the planet: life after people (2008) – documentary film about the Apocalypse, tells the story of the earth. Humanity left the planet, which then undergo fundamental changes. After a few decades the power of natural phenomena will not leave any trace of the civilization of mankind, and will destroy all the majestic buildings. The earth will turn into a green planet inhabited by different wildlife species. Their hypothesis, scientists confirm illustrating the areas that people left.

1. Armageddon1998

Armageddon (1998) heads the 10-top best movies about the end of the world. The ground attack meteor rain, and the scientists notice the approach of a large asteroid that will destroy the planet and humanity. To inevitable crash just a few days. NASA can see only one way out – to send the team to space, which must destroy a huge meteorite. To participate in the operation invite experienced driller Harry Stamper. From it now depends on the success of the operation and destiny of all people. He needs to get to the asteroid until it hit the atmosphere, and split it. The chances of success is very small, but it is the only hope for salvation.

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