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Top 10 Russian cities with the most dead roads


Roads in Russia are absolutely inexhaustible subject that is not debated is that in the manger. The whole legend. "In Russia two misfortunes...", "We are invincible, because the enemy will not make the way", "Pay taxes, where's the road?", "The asphalt has melted along with the snow"- to move away from the catch phrases will fail, it seems, have never been. Duty layers in the driver's Mat size is comparable to the layers of earth's atmosphere, and if you put them in one big sound that usually zapikivayut, people under him were born and died from generation to generation. The number of hangers left on the roads of Russia, enough to separate the starry sky, where broken wheels and bent rims are the planets and their satellites. Okay, not really all that bad (and this is not a joke). However, let us digress from the philosophy and lyrics, get in the car and drive around the country in search of the 10 cities with the killed roads. Get it?

10. Volgograd

This city is the undisputed leader in our sad list for the length of the roadway that is in poor condition. Over 350 km of the Volgograd roads hardly suitable for the implementation of traffic on them. The most acute situation is observed at the junction of the Samara and in the streets Rokossovsky, Khorosheva, the Third Longitudinal and the Kuban. Statistics show that about half of the accidents in Volgograd are connected with poor-quality asphalt coating. The police said that 80 % of the roads in the region are dangerous. That, even if Dmitry Medvedev during the visit, did not hesitate to admit the roads of Volgograd killed.

9. Vladivostok

Surprisingly, the most interesting city of Russia is also here. Even more surprising, as fans of "Japanese girls" in General cope with the task of travel on some streets where pit road is easy to fit a whole wheel or a small log. So, on the street Snow is the famous pit, whose depth (about 20 cm) is clearly greater than the ground clearance of the cars, and in width to go in government the BMW version Long. Not much better things with the canvas on the streets: Serysheva, Lenin, may day, Ukrainian and Tukhachevsky. All in all, in Vladivostok there are approximately 90 kilometres of unsuitable roads.

8. Eagle

The proud name of the city is not projected on the situation with the road. "Proud" residents here have killed 155 miles of asphalt (and in some places it does not). In the worst for the drivers position is a Boundary lane – there is a huge pothole. Although from time to time, the utility and spiked in the pit of gravel, but for 20-cm ditches, this solution does not look too efficient. Potholes are famous for and a few other orlovskih streets: North Park, Metallurgists, Astronauts and Sochi. By the way, "in some places there is no asphalt" is a about the situation in the street Kuznetsova, there is indeed some sections of it evaporates with the snow.

7. Kondopoga

I bet not everyone knows that this city is in Russia (and in principle, the fact that it exists)? Really covered the town in Karelia are not the best reputation, some fame Kondopoga acquired in the mid-2000s, due to conflicts on ethnic grounds. However, back to the topic. To dispel doubts due to the atypical for Russian names, just look at the roads in the city. Here everything fell into place. Town has 13 miles of bumps and potholes, located on both banks of the Kondopoga lips. Modest at first glance, the figure suddenly becomes a disaster when you find out the area of the town is only 11 square kilometers.

6. Shadrinsk

Again a small town, this time located between Yekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk. However, in our list of the Shadrinsk absolutely have to coexist with other regions. As for the situation with respect to roads, the town is unfit for the movement is considered 11 kilometers of the canvas. Interestingly, in the distance, is an entire street that is also a bargain and is called... Motorists. Also problematic is the area on the street Proletarskaya, which from time to time included in the annual plan of urban renovation, but whether out at the last moment, drops out, or repaired nanotechnology invisible instruments.

5. Nalchik

For part good and smooth roads in the neighborhood will leave and in the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria. There are 40 kilometers of road is in poor condition. The most "heat" accept drivers street with an exotic name Luxembourg. The absurdity of that roadway there is actually just repaired. However, due to the meager number of used asphalt road at the first year again was covered with pits and potholes. Street Simirenko, abidova, Dagestan, Balcarova and Semashko also does not possess a smooth canvas and bring nightmare on the suspension of cars to local drivers.

4. Carpets

On the streets of city of military glory, that in the Vladimir region, also heard the sad sighs and heart-rending squeaks automotive suspensions. In bad condition are about 40 roads kovrova, and the total length of the broken leaf is 39 kilometers. The figures are rather big in the background of the fact that the area of the town is estimated at 54 "square". The most sad situation in areas of streets of Mayakovsky and Builders – potholes and pits can hardly give to gain at least some decent value on the speedometer. Slightly better traffic situation in the streets is spruce and Belinsky.

3. Tver

Gives speed and Tver regional center. The percentage of broken roads here are obscenely large – the city rests in a total of 170 kilometers of asphalt, stuffed with ditches, potholes, pits and other surprises. It seems that the drivers here simply refuse to believe your eyes if one day in Tver all roads are suddenly smooth and even. Of special note is the street Tupolev: the locals say with one voice that to overcome the road's only on the tank. Another road attraction of Tver is the pit located in the street Lunacharsky. The size of the "crater" is indeed impressive – 15 cm in depth and 2.5 meters in width.

2. Orsk

What can be known about this town in the Orenburg region (of course if you do not live there)? But Orsk is among the top ten of Russian largest rating area (621 square kilometers), there is a high concentration of industry (metallurgy, automotive), the city's many Universities. Well, as you may have guessed, Orsk has more bad roads. However in this case not so much – only 36 kilometers of the canvas with epicentres in the streets of Stone, download the film Vyazemsky and Belyaev. Perhaps the most modest performance from our current rating.

1. Makhachkala

This time crowns our list is not a leader, but the champion. The fact that in the city of Makhachkala was discovered pit road, whose dimensions are 6 meters long and 3 meters deep. In a ditch not only BelAZ "scoop", these dimensions more than enough for a comfortable stay of one person. However, Makhachkala here there is not only one of the holes (in any case it will certainly fall asleep), the General situation with the roads in the capital of Dagestan is poor. The worst case situation asphalt on the streets: Haji Alibegov, 7-th Country, Yaragskogo, 6-th Spring and Gamzat Tsadasa.

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