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Top 10 U.S. cities for recreation


The United States is the state in which the tourism revenues are an important item in the budget. According to the latest data in the United States is trying to get every 2nd person on the planet. This is not surprising, because the country includes large and small cities with diverse and unique natural landscape, as well as the attractions built by human hands. Do not forget about the holiday Islands of the USA such as Hawaii and Miami, wants to go where young people from all corners of the globe.

The state covers an enormous area, and even it is washed by 3 oceans: Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic. Also America is bordered by other popular for tourism and emigration countries – Canada and Mexico. A unique area presents a variety of climatic zones ranging from the harsh Arctic and ending with the sultry humid tropics.

The first time it's hard to plan a route for such an interesting and vast country. Therefore, we suggest you start with dozens of the most popular American cities for tourism.

10. Washington, D.C.

This city has plenty of celebrities, well-known economists and political representatives. Washington will be interesting to people who do not lose sight of world news, study history, I want to arrange a tour (possibly with a job search). Here you can see the famous White house, the seat of the Congress, and the FBI, the notorious Pentagon. You can see local museums, zoo, art galleries, and most of them are absolutely free for visitors. In the center of the city is waiting for you an open platform, where there are memorials, exhibits and the famous masterpieces of world art. Sissy will appreciate the well maintained and always cleaned city subway – people go in ironed suits and shiny shoes the glossy. Still, after the business capital of the United States must meet.

9. New Orleans

A small town has its own rich history and ancient traditions, preserved by the local population. Lovers of antiquity will appreciate the architectural decisions of the old quarters. At the time the city was a colony of the Spanish invaders and the French, so you will be able to practice in different languages and specific surzhik. Each year new Orleans hosts the famous Mardi Gras festival, which is accompanied by jazz performances and costumed parades. Fans of gastronomic tourism should be sure to taste the Creole cuisine with its masterpieces – etouffe, gumbo and jambalaya. Tourists have to wonder how developed and built up the city in the past much "shabby" and hurricane Katrina.

8. San Francisco

The famous "glowing" the city that celebrated in numerous songs and filmed. Indeed, the San Francisco inspires any traveler bright shop Windows, famous architectural buildings, illuminations and installations. Fancy restaurants with world class chefs will feed you masterpieces, parrots in the trees will attract bright plumage, and free movement, and fun wandering poets wittily weave a rhyme in response to your appeal. Definitely worth a visit the famous suspension bridge Golden gates. Don't forget to grab a couple dozen gigabytes of camera you are waiting for colorful photos!

7. The Grand Canyon

The Geology of the area will surprise every tourist, because the Grand Canyon is not in vain attributed to the UNESCO world heritage site. There is a national Park on the Colorado plateau and is one of the most attractive places in the United States for tourism. Winding canyons are composed of strata of shale, Sandstone, and limestone, and in them making its way through the famous Colorado river. The maximum depth of the canyon in some places reaches 1.8 km! Every year this unique landscape is visited by about four million travelers. Local city tourist will appreciate the alloy along the bed rather stormy rivers on kayaks and rafts. To the bottom of the canyon you can walk on a real mule!

6. New York

Like any other capital city, this city is a Paradise for tourists. Here come people for global shopping, gastronomy searches and, of course, to inadvertently be seen on the street any Hollywood celebrity or a political figure. Ultra-modern metropolis does not sleep all day, so at night the tourist will definitely find something to do. Worth visiting is the famous Statue of Liberty, Central station, chic, sensational Manhattan, the Brooklyn bridge. Art lovers will like the "Museum mile", and couples will appreciate the Central Park and massive skyscraper with American movies – the Empire state building. Do not forget about the famous cultural street – Broadway. You may even be able to get on one of the classic chic productions.

5. San Diego

Many tourists think and what to do in this town after the luxurious new York city and Los Angeles. However, comfortable San Diego is located near the border with Mexico and has the largest sea port. The cruise liner, visiting the local beach, surfing and noisy quays – all at the best world resorts. The city is famous for stable Sunny weather and more than 70 km of gorgeous shoreline. Mild subtropical climate opens the city to visit all year round. Even in January the temperature often exceeds 14°C. special attention is given to the largest zoo in the world, and for lovers of history – Museum-the aircraft carrier "midway". The best time for tourism is spring and autumn. Observed heavy precipitation in winter and in summer there are often cloudy days.

4. Honolulu-Oahu

The famous capital of Hawaii located on the island of Oahu massive archipelago. The city is protected from winds and has its own microclimate, which is perfect for a lazy holiday by the sea. In the suburbs of Oahu is the largest naval base pearl Harbor, where tourists can visit the floating museums on the battleship Missouri and the Arizona. Also of interest is the submarine "Bowfin". The island itself was formed through the eruption of the volcano, thanks to which the natural landscape is fascinating. In the capital you can see many skyscrapers, Golden beaches and the ocean, which provide active tourism: surfing, diving, fishing, swim, sharks, etc. to Understand the Polynesian culture on the island villages, where the local arrange folk dances and gladly acquaint tourists with the life and dialects, are taught to weave signature floral wreaths.


The Central city of California is famous for its wine industry. Tourists from the U.S. and other countries come here in early summer to mid-autumn for a tasting of fine wines (for example, the famous "California Cabernet"). Also every year the city collects visitors of the International film festival. The County has picturesque scenery and mild climate. The most interesting places for tourism – Bodega Bay (Paradise fishing), state Park, reserve Armstrong Redwoods, etc.

2. Maui

The island belongs to the state of Hawaii and is the second largest island with volcanic formations and a comfortable tropical climate. The topography of Maui provided from the two volcanoes that for centuries was spewing lava. Eastern Haleakala volcano reaches a height of 3 km above sea level. Like Oahu, Maui offers visitors a comfortable stay equipped beaches with diving, cruises, visiting local ceremonies and national holidays. Also it is recommended to visit the national Park "Haleakala", sunk in the ocean crater of Molokini, as well as IAO valley.

1. Philadelphia

One of the oldest cities in the States. Major metropolis-million-founded by European settlers. The historic area of the city still preserved provincial architecture of the 18th century. Philadelphia attracts a pleasant climate – long warm summers and mild winters with snow. In the city you can visit the famous building of the independence hall and Congress Hall, and a gallery of portraits.

With these great points of States we recommend you start your great American cruise. Bustling cities, this route perfectly with the resort areas where you can relax from the bustle of the city for a drink of coconut milk.

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