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The rating of the petrol station on the quality of gasoline


Poor fuel quality is a serious harm to the vehicle and the impact on the wallet of the owner. Suffer spark, the motor itself and the fuel system. Only high-quality gasoline will help to avoid major repairs. But a gas station he is the best? Today, a huge number of companies that are engaged in the production and sale of gasoline. How not to get lost in such a number of stations, growing every day and surprising customers with new marketing offers and unique products? The rating of the petrol station on the quality of gasoline 2015-2016 will help to deal with these issues and provides the top ten leaders in the fuel market of Russia.

10. MTK

MTK – Moscow Fuel Company located in tenth place among the filling stations on the quality of gasoline. This is the only network that is controlled by the city government. The fuel passes a rigorous quality control meets the Euro 4 standard and is considered environmentally friendly. Fuel prices MTK among the competitors were the most affordable in the capital.

9. Tatneft

Tatneft is in the top ten gas stations on the quality of oil products. Gasoline received at a gas network company that passes a stringent control and manufactured at the Moscow refinery. Fuel additives used to improve engine performance and save fuel.

8. Faeton Aero

Gas stations Faeton Aero also came in the top ten for the quality of gasoline. Put the product on the station a few refineries, LLC "PO "Kirishinefteorgsintez" (KINEF), ZAO "Rutek" LTD "tekhnokhim", which guarantee the quality and full control of the manufactured product. Modern additives used to produce fuel, help to improve acceleration and to normalize the smoothness of the car. Increases the engine performance and service life of the fuel system. Today Faeton Aero is in the top five of the St. Petersburg gas stations.

7. Sibneft

Filling stations in the Sibneft was created in 1995 and received massive popularity. The founder of dressings is the oil company Sibneft, which since inception has quickly increased the turnover for the extraction of raw materials and its processing into fuel. This was achieved thanks to the powerful technical equipment, allowing to make production on a larger depth. Having started its operations in the Tomsk region, the company rapidly extended its boundaries. Now filling stations of the company are located throughout Russia. Since 2013 the company produces series fuel Prime, belonging to the fifth class. Fuel with improved performance, more cost is spent and ensures a long life of the candle of combustion.


AZS, OOO ROUTE among motorists enjoyed an ambiguous reputation, as well as a petrol station. But in General the reviews are positive and the quality of oil many are quite satisfied. Currently at the gas station there is a new unique fuel of the highest quality is the AI-95 Premium-Sport. For the production of the TRACK uses multi-functional additives that ensure complete combustion, increase power and fuel economy in consumption. The quality of the base fuel remains at the highest level. Gasoline provides the minimum emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere and removes carbon from all engine parts. With regular use of this brand there is a gradual erosion of carbon, which managed to accumulate, from the surfaces of the injectors, valves, cylinders and other engine parts. Removal of sediments, the reduction of friction between the cylinders – it prolongs the engine and enhances its performance.

5. British Petroleum

Gas stations BP (British Petroleum) is part of the largest oil and gas company in the world, British Petroleum. Fuel filling station BP manufactured in accordance with European quality standards. It is worth noting the quality of gasoline Ultimate with proprietary additives, which increase not only engine power, but prevents premature wear. Improved cleaning capacity of modern additives allow you to remove up to 70% of deposits that may occur in the intake system. In addition, EKO fuel a new generation significantly reduces emissions of combustion products into the atmosphere. Many car owners choose this gas station.

4. TNK

A network of filling stations TNK is situated on the fourth place among the filling stations on the quality of gasoline. A third utilization of the fuel complies with the environmental standards Euro-5. In addition to AI-95 station positions the fuel of improved quality with additional accessories AI-95 Pulsar. The advantage of gasoline is that it increases engine power, reduces the consumption of their own resources, and also keep the engine cleaner when compared with fuel of lower quality. Many motorists choose TNK for affordable prices, good quality fuel and bonus system of discounts, which is a chain of gas stores offers its customers.

3. SHell

SHell opens three of the best petrol stations for gasoline quality. The quality of the product meets all industry standards and is environmentally friendly. Gasoline is made in accordance with the standards of GOST. Before you get to the gas station, the fuel passes strict quality control and meets the Euro 4 standard. Fuel increases engine power by 15% and increases its service life, thanks to the latest technology used in the production of additives for gasoline. Gasoline is environmentally friendly and does not contaminate the fuel system.

2. Gazpromneft

Gazprom Neft among the top three Russian gas station today. Gas network offers the fuels of the highest quality cars for both domestic and foreign production. Diesel new generation GDrive with 98 octane provides a quick drive to full capacity. It contained additives not only provide instant acceleration of the vehicle, but also protect from deposits in the fuel system. Fuel quality is confirmed by the fact that it is made on THAT. Fuel compliant with Euro 4.


LUKOIL tops the ranking of stations with the highest quality gasoline in Russia. The fuel meets all European quality standards and can be used for fueling all types of vehicles. The quality of the product says and a huge number of car owners who use the services of LUKOIL and multiple positive reviews. Fuel prices slightly high, but this disadvantage can be forgiven due to high quality gasoline with powerful additives that provide durability and performance at work. Fuel is environmentally friendly, manufactured according to GOST, and the company selling it was repeatedly awarded the Environmental merit badge. Gasoline belongs to the class Euro-5.

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