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The rating of banks on deposits of natural persons in 2016


The volume of attracted funds by banks is not mandatory indicators of reliability. It only proves that investors trust the financial institutions. Affect the choice of a particular financial institution to make a contribution can those conditions which it offers to its customers and how they are beneficial.

The rating of banks on deposits of natural persons in 2016 provides information on the financial leaders who attracted the most money. The data obtained by the international rating Agency Expert RA (RAEX).

10. Raiffeisenbankdeposits 187 968 million rubles

Raiffeisenbank opens ten ranking of banks in terms of funds invested by individuals. For the customers here are 9 types of Deposit programs, among which 3 involve the replenishment of the account, 2 – the possibility of partial withdrawal and 1, with the possibility of capitalization of interests. Interest rates on deposits reach 9.5 % per annum. All the treasures of the clients are insured. The amount of attracted funds by the Bank this year is 187 968 million.

9. PSBdeposits 210 123 million rubles

PSB is located on the ninth position among all banks in terms of deposits made by individuals. The maximum interest rate, which is ready to offer financial institution to its customers, is 13.5% per annum. As a modern credit institution, PSB offers online application for Deposit opening. It provides 5 savings programs, among which the investor chooses the best for him. Attachments are accepted in rubles or in foreign currency. The amount of savings PSB today – 210 123 million.

8. Financial Corporation OTKRITIE, the Volume of deposits 219 000 mln

Financial Corporation OTKRITIE is among the ten largest financial institutions in Russia by the volume of deposits of physical persons. The organization has more than 3 million private customers using various banking products. The financial institution provides depositors a variety of savings programs on good terms. To choose a suitable type of contribution will help online calculator that provides the pot. In 2016 FC Discovery attracted deposits of individuals in the amount of 219 000 million.

7. Binbankdeposits 224 059 million rubles

Binbank is one of the largest financial institutions in terms of deposits made by private customers in 2016. According to Expert RA, he was entrusted with deposits amounting to 224 059 million RUB Their investors, the organization offers 9 Deposit programs, and the size of the cumulative part in the range of 6.5 to 12.7 % per annum. The financial institution guarantees the safety of funds because all contributions are insured. For customer convenience, provides online service to open a contribution online.

6. Alfa-Bankdeposits 317 864 million rubles

Alfa-Bank settled in sixth place in terms of attracted funds in 2016. The amount of the deposits is currently 317 864 million RUB offers its customers 7 programs deposits on the most favorable terms. The highest interest payments reach 11.5% per annum. Customer base of financial institutions consists of 14 million individuals. Financial stability of the Bank confirmed the ratings of independent international experts.

5. The Bank of Moscowdeposits 323 412 million rubles

The Bank of Moscow is situated on the 5th place among banks in terms of investments by investors. His clients include about 9 million people who use various banking products. Here for private customers is available a wide range of deposits on very favorable terms. Financial stability of the Bank of Moscow is confirmed by the influential ratings agencies. The financial institution has attracted this year, the funds of natural persons in the amount of 323 412 million RUB Credit institution offers Deposit programs 9 payments to 9.8% per annum.

4. The agricultural Bankdeposits 417 058 million rubles

Russian agricultural Bank is among the ten most reliable and major partner for physical deposits. All invested funds are insured, which eliminates the risk of loss of depositors funds in case of bankruptcy of the organization. Financial institution offers a competitive range of services on deposits. Using this online calculator, the customer can independently choose the Deposit program and open an account over the Internet. Cash deposits are accepted in rubles and in foreign currency. Deposits of the physical persons who have used financial products that the Bank made for 2016 the sum of 417 058 rubles.

3. Gazprombank, the Amount of deposits 465 809 million rubles

Gazprombank opens the three leading banks in terms of funds invested by individuals. Financial institution is very popular among investors due to its reliability and high rates of interest. Customer funds of Gazprombank insured by the government provided if not exceed 1.5 million. Among the banking services of a large financial organization offers customers basic and special contributions. The interest rate varies from 7% to 10.5%. The amount of deposits that customers have trusted this Agency in 2016, made up 465 809 million.

2. VTB 24deposits 1845 208 million rubles

VTB 24 is one of the leading financial institutions for deposits of individuals in 2016. All invested funds are subject to compulsory insurance. For its clients, VTB 24 has provided cooperation to the favorable conditions and offering high interest rates. A wide range of banking products allows everyone to choose the interest rate that suits him. Deposits can be opened in online mode, or ATM, as well as by visiting a Bank branch. VTB actively incorporating the Internet technology, so online-deposits have a higher percentage. The Bank takes the depositors funds both in rubles and in foreign currency. The volume of investment by individuals at the beginning of 2016 1845 amounted to 208 million.

1. Sberbank of Russia, the Volume of deposits 7 831 067 million rubles

Sberbank of Russia ranks first in terms of deposits by individuals. As of January 2016, the amount of open deposits amounted to 7 831 067 million RUB Financial institution is a proven and most reliable. Many Russian citizens choose this Bank for safe keeping and accumulation of funds. In the difficult economic situation in the country, the Sberbank provides the ability to intelligently manage their financial savings and put it in a Bank at favorable interest rates. The most popular Deposit program the savings are today Happy year ( 10% annual); Keep (8.44% APR); Join (8.7% per annum), and others.

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