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The rating of banks of Ukraine 2016


The rating of banks of Ukraine -2016 according to the National Bank of Ukraine by volume of assets of financial institutions and their reliability. Asterisks marked those financial institutions, which are the best for the banks according to the NBU.

10. FUIBAssets 35, 865 billion

FUIB (First Ukrainian international Bank) opens the ten leaders of the banking market of Ukraine by volume of assets 35, 865 billion. The main shareholder of FUIB is one of the leading industrial holding companies, LLC SCM Finance, which owns more than 92% of the capital. The main activities of the lender focused on retail, commercial and investment banking operations. Its branch network includes over 200 institutions in the country. His clients include more than 1.5 million individuals and 35 thousand corporate entities. According to all indicators, the Bank plays a key role in the economy of Ukraine.

9. UkrSibbankAssets 38, 084 billion

UkrSibbank is one of the largest financial institutions in the country with assets 38, 084 billion. The Bank is part of international financial group BNP Paridas, which owns about 85% stake. Thanks to the partnership with BNP Paridas, who have an excellent worldwide reputation, UkrSibbank became one of the most reliable and stable financial institutions of Ukraine, opening a new business. Today, the lender is willing to offer a wide range of services to its customers both retail and corporate businesses. More than 2 million individuals have a partnership with the organization.

8. Alfa-BankAssets 41, 903 billion

Alfa-Bank is Ukraine's largest banks by assets, which constitute about 41, 903 billion. This is one of the most stable and reliable financial institutions of the country with an impeccable reputation. In 2013, the financial institution has entered into a three of the rating of 20 most efficient Ukrainian banks magazine Forbs Ukraine, and has settled on the third line of the top 50 banks in the country of the publication Kommersant-Ukraine.

7. UkrsotsbankAssets 43, 08 billion

The largest systemic financial institution of Ukraine Ukrsotsbank (UniCredit Bank ) is located on the seventh line of the rating of the most reliable banks with total assets 43, 08 billion. The main directions in which the financial institution are retail and corporate business. Ukrsotsbank provides a range of services to individuals and legal entities, and holds the record for granting foreign currency loans to residents.

6. Raiffeisen Bank Aval Assets 52, 638 billion

Raiffeisen Bank Aval* occupies the sixth position among financial institutions of Ukraine by assets volume 52, 638 billion. The Bank has earned a reputation as a reliable partner whose services are used by over 3 million customers. The structure of Raiffeisen Bank Aval comprises more than 670 branches throughout the country. In 2015, the financial institution was marked by the magazine EMEA as the Best Bank in Ukraine by the magazine Forbs(Ukraine) as the Most professional Bank and also took second place in the financial rating of the Business newspaper as the Most professional Bank.

5. SberbankAssets 53, 748 billion

Sberbank JSC being a subsidiary of a financial institution, OAO Sberbank, is surely among the ten largest and most reliable banks of Ukraine. This eloquent his assets, which constitute today 53, 748 billion and ever-growing branch network of more than 200 branches across the country. The financial institution continues to develop and influence the development of Ukraine's economy. Sberbank provides a wide range of banking services. For legal entities service is offered in the following areas: financing of foreign trade contracts, implementation of payroll projects, settlement and cash services, work with securities, etc. Individuals are given the opportunity to use the following banking products: deposits on Deposit with the right of early withdrawal and replenishment of funds, consumer and mortgage loans, and car loans and much more. The credit institution has earned the trust of not only its customers and partners but also independent experts.

4. ProminvestbankAssets 55, 885 billion

Prominvestbank is a joint-stock commercial industrial-investment financial institution of Ukraine. More than 98% of shares belongs to the Russian Vnesheconombank. This is one of the largest and most trusted lenders in the country with assets of 55, 885 billion. In 2015, the Bank took the fifth place in the Rating of reliability of Bank deposits from the rating Agency Standard-Rating and fourth place from the Ukrainian credit rating Agency. Prominvestbank also applies to financial institutions are members of foreign banking groups.

3. Ukreximbank's Assets 140, 192 billion

JSC Ukreximbank* (State export-import Bank of Ukraine) among the three largest and most reliable financial players in the banking market of Ukraine. The sole shareholder of Open Joint stock company is a state in the face of the Cabinet. On the economic impacts of the credit institution eloquently assets in the amount of 140, 192 billion. JSC Ukreximbank is focused primarily on servicing foreign trade activities of the state. The branch network of the organization consists of the parent Bank, 30 branches and 95 offices located throughout the country.

2. Oschadbank's Assets 156, 596 billion

Oschadbank* is one of the financial leaders of Ukraine according to the number of assets that make up 156, 596 billion. He is considered a symbol of financial stability and reliability of the country. This is the only credit institution of the state, giving a guarantee of complete preservation of funds entrusted to the Bank in accordance with the law On banks and banking activities. A universal financial institution has a wide range of banking products and services that are constantly updated. Oschadbank has the most extensive regional network, which includes more than five thousand institutions. For all time of existence of this Bank has gained an impeccable reputation of a reliable business partner.

1. PrivatBankAssets 241, 809 billion

Privat* – a full-fledged leader of the banking market of Ukraine, whose assets amount to 241, 809 billion. Largest financial institution with domestic capital includes over 3 thousand branches across the country, as well as branches in Portugal, Cyprus, Italy, etc. PrivatBank is the lifeblood of the economy of Ukraine, which serves approximately one third of deposits. Literally anywhere in the country the customers can get the highest level of service.

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