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A rating of treadmills for home


Treadmill – sporting an indispensable attribute for people who care about their health but do not have the opportunity to train in gyms.

That is why we have made a rating of treadmills for home in different price categories. Budget is not rich in functionality, but is quite suitable for recreational activities. The more expensive model incorporates versatility, stylish design and maximum comfort during exercise.

10. Torneo Linia T-203Price 19 thousand rubles

Torneo Linia T-203 – one of the most popular and affordable treadmills. Engine power 1 HP speeds up to 13 km/h. There is a cushioning system which increases comfort during exercise. The device itself is provided for users with a body weight up to 100 kg. have is model minor drawbacks: a little noisy and not very convenient form of sensor. But these shortcomings can be forgiven for the cost of 19 thousand rubles. This is the perfect budget option.

9. Yukon CarbonPrice from 21 to 23 thousand rubles

Carbon Yukon good treadmills economy class. They have a wide functionality and is capable of speeds only up to 10 km/h For novice users this will be enough. There is no pulse and there are minor noise at a set rate. To train only the people with body mass not exceeding 90 kg. simplified the Cost of sports equipment is in the range of 21 to 23 thousand rubles.

8. Carbon T404Price of 30 thousand rubles

Carbon T404 is a pretty good model at the best price. Software functionality includes 12 modes, and the engine delivers speed when doing up to 10 km/h there is a cushioning system for maximum comfort during sessions. Users weighing up to 110 kg can confidently use the machine. The average cost of a sports device – 30 thousand rubles.

7. AeroFit MaxFit 12Price 37 to 46 thousand rubles

Treadmill AeroFit MaxFit 12 is ideal for daily home use. It combines maximum comfort, reliable quality and modern design. Applied shock-absorbing system made according to the latest technology and provides smooth motion when exercising and reduces the load on the joints. The device is capable to gain speed up to 16 km/h and is equipped with 8 programs. For security purposes, the simulator has a security key that allows you to stop work automatically. Additional buttons in grab bars enable quick access to the adjustment of the speed and level of incline. There is also a wireless polysoprene and the program automatically adjust the speed to maintain set pulse. The cost of sports equipment is in the range of 37 to 46 thousand rubles.

6. Carbon T604Price 47 thousand rubles

Carbon T604 is one of the most reliable electronic equipment that is designed for running. A device with a powerful motor generates the speed limit to 14 km/h and has a reinforced frame that enables the occupation of the user with a maximum body weight of 130 kg. the Company is Carbon always pays special attention to the depreciation system, which provides the most comfortable and safe for your joints classes. The equipment has 13 built-in programs, as well as manual mode. Fast access buttons and pulse sensors located on the handles of the device. The model in no way inferior in quality to the more expensive counterparts. Its average cost is 47.5 thousand rubles.

5. Oxygen Laguna IIPrice: 43 thousand rubles

Oxygen Laguna II one of the ten best and most popular treadmills among consumers. The powerful engine of the simulator in 2 HP is able to provide acceleration to 12 km/h. the Device is equipped with 16 programs, which will satisfy the needs of any athlete. For convenience, the equipment is equipped with an automatic continuously adjustable tilt. Cardiopathic is located on the handle, but it is possible to connect wireless sensor. The maximum permissible weight in charge must not exceed 130 kg. to Purchase sports equipment from 43 thousand rubles.

4. CarFitness SIGMA TS-540BPrice of 50 thousand rubles

CarFitness SIGMA TS-540B among the four best home treadmills, suitable for home use. All important metrics about the workout are displayed on the bright and easy to view display. Ideal for beginners, since their functionality is not very many programs – only 8. Can be used by people who are in weight category 120 kg. the Value of this model is 49, 9 thousand rubles.

3. Carbon T754 HRCPrice 52 thousand rubles

Carbon T754 HRC is suitable for those who have increased training requirements. The trainer has a high specification and 15 software functionality that can satisfy the needs of any user. Reinforced frame, quite a powerful engine capable of speeds up to 16 km/h, for maximum effect. For more comfortable use and sustainability of the manufacturer has provided a unique shock-absorbing platform, which also eliminates the risk of damage to joints while running. All indicators are displayed at a fairly large high-contrast screen. For maximum convenience, it provides so-called quick buttons, which allows you to quickly change the speed and angle of inclination. This greatly facilitates the use of the simulator while working on it. The price of sports equipment is an average of 52 thousand rubles.

2. Oxygen Venta TFTPrice 85 thousand rubles

Oxygen Venta TFT is one of the most versatile treadmills on the market of sporting products. Maximum speed 16 km/h and the presence of 31 programs meet the needs of even a professional athlete. The treadmill belt provides maximum comfort and effect at any speed. Device with a bright display and stylish design can be purchased for 85 thousand rubles.

1. CarFitness Emarald TS-951 PolarPrice 95-98 thousand rubles

CarFitness Emarald TS-951 Polar heads top ten best treadmills for home. The device sports premium allows you to hold classes for people weighing up to 140 kg. the Powerful engine of 2.5 HP capable of accelerating the belt up to 22 km/h the Special shock technology provides stability and comfort during class. Rich functionality includes 24 programs 3 additional that are custom. The pulse is read using a chest strap Polarsupplied. It provides more accurate heart rate readout, which in turn will protect the student from exceeding the load. Not to be bored during class, the manufacturer has provided the inclusion of entertainment programs: the simulator has speakers with quality sound and the ability to connect electronic and mobile devices. To create a complete comfort in the console is integrated with a fan. All facilities that offers equipment, will cost the buyer in the amount of 95-98 thousand rubles.

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