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The rating of chain saws in quality and reliability


In the ranking of chainsaws on the quality and reliability of 2017 includes aggregates, which have won a good reputation among users. High performance was proven. Presents ten leaders is not only durability, but also for its additional functionalities. Proof of this are the numerous positive feedback from operators. The list includes chainsaws, both middle and higher class.

10. Hitachi CS33EB

Hitachi CS33EB opens a security rating of chainsaws this year according to user reviews. On the Russian market, the company provides Hitachi equipment in the Russian market for many years. This model has established itself as one of the best in the middle price category. The device has enough overall fuel tank than can not boast of all chainsaws of the middle class, high capacity, compact design and comfortable grip. Machine weight less than 4 kg, and the length of the bus is equal to 40 cm, This device is perfect for Amateur work.

9. Hyundai X 360

Hyundai X 360 — this model has established itself as one of the most reliable of the middle class. Build quality used parts and materials are at the highest level, which ensures continuous operation of the unit without any damage. Among the main advantages X 360 should allocate the membrane carburetor of high reliability, anti-vibration system, and compact body. The model is equipped with electronic ignition, easy starting and has a high capacity. With respect to the device and its proper operation "Korean" is ready to serve for many years.

8. Daewoo Power Products DACS 5218

Daewoo Power Products DACS 5218 is located on the eighth line of the rating of reliability. Despite the relatively high cost of the unit it features high strength and durability. During production, the manufacturer used the coating work items by aluminum alloy of high strength. In addition to a good quality model is highlighted and enhanced security system. It is equipped with inertia brake, chain catcher, protection against unplanned inclusion and possibility of immediate stopping of the unit. Additionally, DACS has 5218 anti-vibration protection, which significantly relieves the load on the hands of the user.

7. Husqvarna 236

The Husqvarna 236 is a great reliable option among chainsaws on the market of the middle class. In addition to superior build and quality materials used in production, the model has a high capacity, sorokametrovoy bus and has a function of forced pumping of fuel. The device weighs 4.6 kg. Unit copes with all types of garden works, but also suitable for work with lumber and logs. High reliability and good power was the establishment of a good reputation this chainsaw.

6. STIHL MS 180-14

STIHL MS 180-14 — a model that impresses with its power and functionality. The device is in the middle price category, but despite this, she boasts longevity, reliability and the ability to perform even complex work in felling. The unit is equipped with a smart anti-vibration system, which ensures complete comfort when working with her. Chainsaw with its power uses fairly little fuel even with low temperature performance. It is equipped with single lever control, easy start equipped with a brake chain and sensitivity to the reverse shock.

5. Husqvarna 135

Husqvarna 135 is located in the middle of a reliability rating. Proper operation ensure proper operation of the unit for many years. The device has a good capacity, equipped with sorokametrovoy bus and excellent anti-vibration system that provides convenience and comfort for the operator with a chainsaw. This is a great option to run in the store for the plot. The device provides not only reliable, but also the most safe operation. Machine weight is only 4.4 kg.

4. EFCO 137-41

EFCO 137-41 is a leading chainsaws that are excellent, as for the infield, and professional work in felling. The unit is equipped with a smart anti-vibration system, compact housing, has adjustable chain with quick release air filter cover and side access screw. The model is allocated an inertia brake, chain catcher and a heated air flow to the carburetor. The weight of the device is just over four pounds. The device is the choice of many professionals.

3. Oleo-Mac 937-16

Oleo-Mac 937-16 opens the three leaders in the rating of reliability. Users report high performance and durability of this unit. Good build quality and fine materials have made this chainsaw one of the best on the market. The unit has very good power, guarantees economical fuel consumption. It is very convenient and easy to operate. Also, the device provides a decent level of safety while an operator works with a chainsaw. The model has a light weight of 4 kg and a 41-inch tire. The Italian unit has established itself among the users with the best hand.

2. Echo CS-350WES-14

Echo CS-350WES-14 deservedly occupies second place in the rating. This is one of the most reliable models available on the market today. It is perfect for professional and Amateur work. Chainsaw equipped with a lightweight starter has a very compact body and has excellent power. There is also a good anti-vibration system. Assembly is very convenient and easy to operate. Another advantage of CS-350WES-14 is its fairly light weight, which is equal to 3.5 kg. Many gardeners prefer this unit.

1. Echo CS-260TES-10

Echo CS-260TES-10 — the honored leader of the rating the reliability of chainsaws. This is a very powerful, ultra-compact and extremely lightweight unit weighing only 2.9 kg "Japanese" is very popular among both Amateurs and professionals due to its high reliability and excellent characteristics. The device is equipped with a very good anti-vibration system provides maximum safety when working with him.

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