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A rating wireless headphone 2017


Wireless headphones every day gaining more and more popularity due to their ease of use. These sets eliminate untangling the wires that tangle and do not allow to fully do their business. The rating wireless headphone 2017 included both budget and premium headset that deserve attention according to the buyers themselves.

10. Kardon Soho Wirelessthe Price of 10 000 rubles

Kardon Soho Wireless discover the ranking of the most worthy wireless models this year. The first thing that attracted these headphones — stylish, design. They have elegant embrasure, inserts made of genuine leather, and provided with coating of chrome-plated metal. The right Cup is a touch pad which allows you to control music playback and answer phone calls. The device also has an indicator light and provides a twelve-hour operation in offline mode. The cost of this model to date is an average of 10 000 rubles.

9. Pioneer SE-MS7BTPrice of 10 000 rubles

Pioneer SEMS7BT rightly included in the list of the best wireless gadgets for listening to music. Stylish, attractive design lends solidity to these headphones, due to which they look more expensive than its price. Offline they give quality and clear sound throughout the whole 10 hours without recharging. This model supports hi-RES Audio. SE-MS7BT has the perfect balance of price and quality, and is suitable for absolutely any type of music ranging from the classics, ending with the rock. The average value for 2017 for this model is only 10 000.

8. Xiaomi Mi Sports BluetoothPrice 2 000

Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth perfect wireless option that has a budgetary cost and well suited for people involved in sports. To control the device using buttons located on the right earpiece, where there is a volume control and using the remote, which button are enable, disable, and pause. Offline mode is a decent 7.5 hours. Also, this headset boasts high volume and quality sound. In the price segment in which the gadget is hard to find a better headset. The cost is about 2 000.

7. Parrot Zik 3Price 20 000 rubles

Parrot Zik 3 — Deluxe wireless headset that cheap you will not name. These headphones surpass the competition not only in design but also technical characteristics. The construction frame is made of aluminum, which is covered with leather. The bowl of the gadget is equipped with sensitive sensors that are able to end playback when removing headphones. Built-in voice alert system announces the name or number of the caller from the address book of the phone. Right bowl touch panel is equipped with a swipe, which occurs due to the headset control. Offline mode this model is quite impressive and is up to 18 hours. The average cost of the gadget for 2017 is 20 000 rubles.

6. Sony MDR-ZX770BNthe Price of 8 thousand rubles

Sony MDRZX770BN is one of the best options in the middle price category. Balanced full-size headset is very comfortable to drive and has a small weight. When wearing headphones don't cause any discomfort. They are equipped with good sound insulation and provide a decent sound of any genre of music. Here you have the option of a wired connection which is an advantage. Offline mode wireless operation is equal to approximately 13 hours. Model has support for aptX and AAC SVC. Purchase this headset will cost the user on average 8 thousand rubles.

5. Sony SBH80Price of 7 thousand rubles

Sony SBH80 belong to the category of the best wireless headsets, which is perfect for athletes. The headphones have vibropower, as well as the NFC module, enabling immediate synchronization of the device with a smartphone. The gadget is almost imperceptible, thanks to its weightlessness with a weight of just 16 grams. The model provided with the bridges, prevent loss of the plug during the run. SBH80 has a remote control and two built-in microphones. Offline mode the headset is only 6 hours. The cost of the device is in the range of 7 thousand rubles.

4. Bose QC25Price of 20 thousand rubles

Bose QC25 have a good build and thoughtful design, so this model belongs to the premium class. The noise reduction this headset is unlikely to surpass any competitor in the same price category. Purity and sound quality are at the highest level. Headphones work on batteries with wireless operation. It is also possible to connect a headset to an external device through a cable that comes in the kit. The price premium QC25 today the average is 20 thousand rubles, but as noted by users, headphones are totally worth the cost.

3. Marshall Major II BluetoothPrice of 10 thousand rubles

Marshall Major II Bluetooth some of the most stylish headphones presented in 2017. The headset frame is covered with genuine leather and have inserts with gold plated coating. The kit comes with headphones and original data cable that allows you to perform a wired connection to the smartphone. The autonomy of the wireless headset beats almost all records and is as much as 30 hours. This model is able to synchronize with another pair of headphones for shared listening to your favorite music. The sound quality of the Marshall Major II Bluetooth is at the highest level. And all these privileges will cost the user in just 10 thousand rubles.

2. LG Tone Infinimis the Price of 5 thousand rubles

LG Tone Infinim is considered one of the most decent headphone wireless type, which have not only the best price but also unsurpassed high-quality sound reproduction. As a result, the user receives a detailed and clear sound. The headset provides vibration and has a great noise reduction system, as well as voice notifications and reading messages. The kit comes with a headset cable allowing you to use headphones in the classical way. The average price for this model is for 2017 5 thousand rubles.

1. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 WirelessPrice is 19 thousand rubles

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless completes the list of the most decent headsets for the transmission of sounds. Headphones have quality build, so this design can be considered reliable. The metal frame of the device is covered with leather. This model deserves attention primarily due to the very high quality and clean sound, and perfect noise reduction. This is not the cheap models, the price tag which is in the range of 19 thousand rubles.

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