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The rating of professional boxers in all weight categories 2015


American authoritative magazine International Business Times summarized the results and made the rating of professional boxers in all weight categories 2015.

10. Adrian BronerUSA

Adrian Broner (USA) opens the top ten professional boxers who competes in the Welterweight weight class. He is the world champion in the second Featherweight version of the world Boxing organization WBO (2012), a lightweight version of the world Boxing Association WBA (2013), and in the Welterweight WBA (2015). A professional career in sports Broner began in 2008 and immediately won his first 8 opponents. In November 2015, the WBA had elevated the status of athlete to the super champion. American took part in 34 fights, 32 of which ended with the victory.

9. Floyd Mayweather Jr.of the US

Undefeated professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr (USA) competing in the Welterweight weight class finished their career in September 2015, after 49 battle. He was a world champion in the 2 nd Featherweight, lightweight, 1-Welterweight, light-Middleweight and 1st in the average categories. Is the best boxer regardless of weight category according to the authoritative edition the Ring (2015). On a professional ring the athlete debuted in 1996. Last fight against Andre Berto over for Floyd Mayweather Jr. victory.

8. Terence CrawfordUSA

American professional boxer Terence Crawford (USA) is one of the best in the business. He won the world title in the light (2014) and the 1 St Welterweight weight class. Crawford's professional career began in 2008. For a long time he fought against the last-place fighters. But in 2013, wins on points Russian Intercontinental champion Andrey Klimov. In 2014 Ricky burns wins, becoming the new world champion in the lightweight division. In 2015 gets the title of world champion in the 1 St Welterweight division, defeating Thomas Delorme. On account of 27 professional fights, which ended in his victory.

7. Guillermo RigondeauxOf Cuba

Guillermo Rigondeaux (Cuba) – the best Cuban boxer, world champion in the second lightest weight class among professional magazine Ring (2013-2016). In addition, the Cuban became the double champion of the Olympic Games held in 2000 and 2004, and two-time world champion (2001, 2005) and champion of the pan-American games in 2003. This is one of the strongest Amateur boxers in history. Of the 408 Amateur fights 400 he won. Rigondeaux's professional career started in 2007. 2 years later he wins his first professional fight. In March of this year there will be 17 official match, in which he will fight with British boxer James Dickens.

6. Sergey KovalevRussia

Sergey Kovalev (Russia) is an undefeated Russian professional boxer, who stands in the light heavyweight division. Is the holder of the belt WBO and diamond belt of the world Boxing Council WBC. At the moment, is considered the best professional boxer of Russia. Professional career Kovalev started in 2009 and the first 9 matches ended with the victory. To date, out of 30 fights, only one ended in Russian defeat. The last battle took place in January 2016. Against Kovalev came out to the ring, Jean Pascal, for which a match ended in defeat and the Russian boxer became the world champion in a light heavyweight under versions WBA, IBF and WBO. In November 2016 should be one of the most important events in the career of Kovalev, who will fight against another undefeated boxer in the light heavyweight division Andre ward.

5. Manny PacquiaoOf The Philippines

Manny Pacquiao (Philippines) located on the fifth line of the rating of professional boxers. Competes in the Welterweight weight class. Currently, Pacquiao is the only boxer who became world champion in eight weight categories: 1998-1999 – Flyweight; 2001-2003 – 2-lightest 203-2005; –; Featherweight 2008 1st semi-2008-2009; –; easy-2009-2010 –1st 2009-2015; Welterweight –Welterweight; 2010-2011 – 1st average. Voted Boxer of the decade by the Association of journalists writing about Boxing and the best boxer in all weight categories according to the publishers the Ring. He started his career in 1995 and in the first 12 months had 11 wins. Of the 65 57 fights ended in victory for Pacquiao.

4. Saul AlvarezMexico

Saul Alvarez (Mexico) is in step from the best world Boxing Champions. Professional acts in the 1st average and average weight. Won the title of world champion in the first average weight in 2013 and in the middle weight category in 2015. In the recent past has won the Diamond belt of the WBC. Started Boxing since I was 13. At the age of 15 made his debut in the professional ring. In my entire career, since 2005, Alvarez participated in 48 battles, of which only 1 ended in defeat. The following 49 the fight will be held in may this year. Rival Mexican will become a professional British boxer Amir Khan.

3. Andre wardUSA

Andre ward (USA) opens a three of the best professional boxers of 2015. American speaks during the 2nd middle weight category. In 2004 he became an Olympic champion at light heavyweight. He is currently world champion in the Middleweight division. His career in professional Boxing began in 2004 and since that time, he participated in 28 matches in which he won. In March will be held on 29 Andre ward's fight against undefeated Cuban boxer Sullivan Barrera in the heavyweight and light heavyweight.

2. Roman GonzalezOf Nicaragua

Roman Gonzalez (Nicaragua) is one of the leading undefeated professional boxers in the easiest and the first Flyweight weight classes. Debuted on the professional ring in 2005. All 44 the battle ended for the Nicaraguan victory. Recognized as the best boxer regardless of weight category. In April 2016 will be the match for the title of champion in the Flyweight division, where Gonzalez will compete with American McWilliams Arroyo.

1. Gennady GolovkinOf Kazakhstan

Gennady Golovkin (Kazakhstan) heads the rating of professional boxers 2015. Undefeated champion of the world stands in the Middleweight division. According to the magazine the Ring is the best boxer regardless of weight class. Became the Vice-champion of Olympic games of 2004. Boxing Golovkin started professionally in 2006. Since that time, took part in 34 games, which won 31 times by knockout. In April of this year, Kazakhstan will fight for the title of super champion with undefeated American boxer Dominic Wade.

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