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The rating of chain power saws 2016


In the rating chain power saws 2016 includes the best models according to user reviews.

10. Champion 118-14

Champion 118-14 opens the top ten chain power saws 2016. This is one of the most affordable models on the price today. The tool has a pretty powerful battery. Bar length is 35 cm is available chain brake. The only drawback of the device is increased noise that can be forgiven for the low cost.

9. Bosch AKE 30 S

Bosch AKE 30 S — chain is one of the best power saws 2016. Compact model designed for country and garden needs cutting branches, harvesting firewood and building materials. Weighs a little less than 4 kg makes the Bosch AKE 30 S very comfortable in the work tool. Accordingly, the length of the bus does not exceed a modest 300 mm and has a capacity of 1800 watts. Thanks to the rotary switch on the housing of the chain tension can be manually adjusted without using any tools. System chain brake will automatically shut down the saw if it is too strong impact during contact with the material.

8. Stihl MS 361

Stihl MS 361 is a powerful professional saw, which is for 2016 not only the best but also one of the most expensive. High power is combined in this model with an optimal chain length of the tire. The vibration of the professionals regard as very low. There is a function of preliminary heating of the carburettor (very relevant if you need a fast start or harsh climate). QuickStop chain brake immediately stops chain if it exceeds the permitted level of impact tool. The electric saw is easy to maintain and has a relatively small weight.

7. Husqvarna 436 Li

Husqvarna 436 Li is a great the chain saw is included in the top ten in 2016. The tool is designed for cutting of trees of small diameter, to treat the shrubs, cut firewood and other work in the garden. Battery saws Husqvarna 436 Li refers to the type of lithium-ion with voltage of 36V. Charging the battery takes a time of 50 minutes, after saw can operate continuously for 45 minutes. The presence of a BLDC motor will provide the necessary power to operate. Light weight saw will allow you to work longer not only because of the small weight and the availability of user-friendly handles for a comfortable girth. Equipped with anti-vibration system that allows you to achieve maximum reduction of vibration to the hand of the user. With vibration damping it is possible to work easy, comfortable and most importantly safe.

6. Makita BUC122Z

Makita BUC122Z — the top model among the chain power saws 2016. Maximum cutting length of the tool is 115 mm. the Main advantages of this model —quiet operation, no exhaust and a reasonable price. Automatic lubrication system and tension adjustment chain added convenience in its application.

5. Interskol PTS-16/2000ТН

Interskol PTS-16/2000ТН is one of the best chain saw for today. Tool equipped with a powerful engine, gearbox and saw blade tires "Oregon". Chain lubrication is made by plunger pump located in the gear housing. The model has a number of safety and locking devices. One – button lock prevents accidental pressing the start button.For extra grip, there is another switch that will lock the engine. Thus, the engine can be started only by holding both arms. One of the essential differences of this model — a motor with an electrodynamic brake (braking coil). The brake almost instantaneously stops the chain as soon as the start button was released.

4. Makita BUC122RFE

Makita BUC122RFE is the fourth line of the rating chain power saws 2016. Makita BUC122RFE designed for cutting wood. The chain tension is performed without the use of additional tools, which is very convenient. A high level of security is achieved through a protective shield for the slipping of the hands is triggered, instantly stopping the chain. The tool operates from a Li-Ion battery 18 V, 3 Ah, which is enough for 22 minutes of intense work.

3. Bosch AKE 30 LI

Bosch AKE 30 LI opens the top three chain power saws 2016. The tool is designed for powerful and clean cut. Model with lithium-ion battery allows you to make about 100 cuts with one battery charge, which is two times more than similar tools on the market. And if the battery still runs down, you don't have to wait long, because just one and a half hours the battery is fully charged again! It is worth mentioning that the rechargeable Li-Ion batteries have no memory effect and self-discharge effect. They can be charged at any time completely or partially. Even if you do not use the battery in the course of the year, it is almost discharged. Modern and practical the product is equipped with electronic control system, which ensures a high engine efficiency and optimal power distribution. One of the main criteria is security if you work at home and in the garden. AKE 30 LI is equipped with an automatic brake with a built-in audible alarm, as well as the SDS system which frees you from the need of stringing chain using instruments and considerably facilitates the process of sawing.

2. Makita UC4030A

Makita UC4030A took second place in the rating chain power saws. Model chain saws Makita UC4030A05M was constructed as a modern machine for high intensity work in the harshest conditions. Tool has ample power for felling of trees and their harvesting. The structural feature of the model – the small size of the cable voltage, which is 0.5 m. the Main advantages of the Makita UC4030A is a high level of torque; FFF reliability of the design availability of automated systems that improve the quality and speed of work; the presence of the tubular arm is in arc shape, which improves the maneuverability of the apparatus.

1. Husqvarna 321 EL

Husqvarna 321 EL is headed by a rating of the best chain power saws 2016. It is an efficient and low-noise model with a power consumption of 2000 watts, which corresponds to 2.8 horsepower compared to the petrol models. Improved ergonomics thanks to the smooth narrow construction make this saw exceptionally easy to use. Electronic overload protection protects the motor when clamping circuit. Automatic engine shutdown less than one second, which increases Your safety. Ideal for performing small amounts of work such as pruning or carpentry. You can use both inside and outdoors.

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