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Rating ovens 2016 price-quality


The attention of consumers the ovens 2016 price and quality. Included in the list model has received more positive reviews in terms of quality and value.

10. Gorenje BO 75 SY2W

Gorenje BO 75 SY2W opens the top ten models of ovens with the best ratio of price and quality. Convenient built-in model equipped with a smart system of storing user preferences. The special structure of the body and convection are the fundamental advantages of the oven, because with their help, the product is fried evenly on all sides. This allows you to propagate any product, giving it a natural taste, making the quality of food is increased significantly. Enamel EcoClean has become one of the most popular because it does not allow moisture and temperature to destroy the inner walls of the device. Harmful bacteria and microorganisms are incinerated and on its surface.

9. Samsung BTS16D4G

Samsung BTS16D4G — advanced oven with an electric heater and independently operated. Has a chamber with a volume of 65 liters with thermostat and grill, is divided into two parts with the possibility of separate cooking. Of cooking modes includes 20, and automatic programs — 15. Package includes 2 baking trays and 2 grids. Cleaning of the inner surface by steam. Also worth noting is the telescopic slide and the function of protection against children.

8. Electrolux EOC 5651 BOX

Oven Electrolux EOC 5651 BOX is one of the best models from Electrolux in terms of price and quality. Thanks to the heating system UltraFanPlus with a large fan size and duct special design of the dish is warmed uniformly regardless of its location within. Thanks to good insulation, locking heat in and keeping the cooking temperature, this oven is 20% more energy efficient class "A". Original catalytic coating of the inner chamber of the device absorbs and oxidizes fat, making it easier to clean.

7. Bosch HBA63B251

High-quality and reliable oven Bosch HBA63B251 easy to use and intuitive to control. The type of model provides independent installation, which involves placing the device in any suitable location. The volume of the oven allows you to cook huge portions of food. There is a defrost function that will save time. With swing-out doors easy to open the oven and remove it from the pan. In models BOSCH HBA 63B251 provided for pyrolytic cleaning of the inner chamber. At the highest temperature (300 degrees) the combustion of all contaminants that are easily removed with a napkin. Since the device operates at the highest possible temperature, it has a strong security system. Four heat-resistant glass and cooling fan, completely rule out overheating of the outer casing, and controls.

6. Bosch HBG636BB1

Bosch HBG636BB1 mode grill is perfect for cooking succulent dishes with a crispy crust. Mode convection provides uniform distribution of hot air, which reduces cooking time and allows you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. The control panel consists of three color display, rotary switch and touch keys. Ceramic coating EcoClean turns pollution into the plaque that is easily removed with a damp cloth and a triple glazed oven door and cooling system ensure high security.

5. Siemens HB23AB620R

Brass electrical Cabinet Siemens HB23AB620R has an excellent ratio of price and quality. Model with a large chamber allows you to cook several pans. Siemens HB23AB620R has 5 modes of heating, grilling and convection, and the audible timer alert about the end of the cooking and he cut the power. Children are protected from burns due to the door lock. Enamel camera TitanGlans cleared the ferry.

4. Bosch HBB23C360

Bosch HBB23C360 — easy to use electric oven built-in type that can operate in 5 different modes. Control system oven electro-mechanical: select the desired mode to run the required function, set the temperature and cooking time using the touch pad and convenient push handles. Hot air is evenly distributed inside the oven that ensures an intense and at the same time, uniform heating of the upcoming products. Because of this, food is cooked quickly and efficiently. The catalytic coating of enamel deposited on the inner walls of the oven, effectively oxidizes grease and dirt during cooking so that the oven clean, just wipe with the wall with a napkin, rag or sponge.

3. Bosch HBG6769W1F

Bosch HBG6769W1F is a great oven with a great ratio price-quality. The model is concise and stylish appearance and can fit in any interior solution. The volume HBG6769W1F is 67 litres, which makes the oven quite roomy. Internal coating technical device is made of enamel. Power consumption "A" class allows you to save electricity. The oven has 6 heating modes, which help to select the appropriate cooking time. The model has an additional grill function. Convection to evenly distribute heat in the oven, so that the output is evenly cooked dish. Bosch HBG6769W1F also equipped with time display and built in timer. The existing locking system is provided for those who have small children.

2. Bosch HBG633TW1

Bosch HBG633TW1 — one of the best models to date, by the ratio price-quality. Embedded electric Cabinet oven in white color is equipped with a wide range of features that will help make a meal for anyone, even gourmet recipes. Ten heating programs will allow you to select the appropriate mode for a particular dish and will help in fast and efficient cooking perfect quality. This model is characterized by simple and intuitive controls, including dual display and a Central rotary switch ControlRing with text display and circular light. The full glass inner surface of the oven door with a completely smooth surface ensures easy cleaning and isolator doors softMove provides smooth and quiet opening and closing the oven. The rear wall of the camera has a catalytic self-cleaning coating, which greatly simplifies the cleaning process.

1. Candy DUO 609 X

Candy DUO 609 X tops the ranking for the ovens 2016 based on the best ratio price-quality. This is a unique device that helps to save space in small kitchens. In the lower part of the integrated dishwasher that can accommodate up to 6 sets. It uses a condensing type of drying that provides excellent results and does not require large expenditures of energy. Built-in heater allows you to cook using the oven a variety of dishes, including crispy flour pastries. The handle is integrated electronic control panel, which allows you to set the time and temperature, and choose one of the five modes of the device. The stainless steel finish makes the device integrated with the kitchen interior in modern style. In addition, it is easy to clean from grease and other pollutants thanks to a special coating.

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