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Rating films with unpredictable ending


Intrigue in the plot, shocking developments, unexpected ending — that's what attracted the audience of the film with a clever ending.

Attention cinephiles presents the best movies with unpredictable ending — list. The ranking in chronological order.

10. Remember2000

Tape Memento 2000 opens the rating of films with unpredictable outcome. Leonard Shelby is looking for the murderer of his wife. The murder provoked the appearance of the hero has amnesia. He remembers everything that came before it, but can't keep in memory the information fifteen minutes ago. Leonard has to leave himself notes on the events developed versions and guesses. Especially important information he puts on his body in the form of tattoos. The intrigue is created due to the fact that the story is broken into five-minute segments, which are shown in reverse chronological order. And in "five minutes" embedded three-minute pieces, where events unfold in normal time.

9. Mystic river2003

Great acting made the film "mystic river" (2003), twice nominated for the "Oscar". Killed the daughter of johnny Marcum and his friend detective Sean devine investigates the murder. Johnny wants to find the killer and avenge him. His suspicions fall on his childhood friend Dave Boyle. The fact that Dave 30 years ago was raped by a maniac and his psyche was broken. Sean fulfills this version and during the investigation discovers the car Dave with traces of blood, but he said that the car he stole. Johnny finally convinced that Dave is the killer and at gunpoint forces him to admit it, and then killed and dumped in the river. But it's not the end of the story. The next day Shaun Marcum reports that Dave could not kill his daughter.

8. Taking lives2004

"Taking lives" (2004), a film about a serial killer who for 20 years can not catch the police. Martin Asher runs away from home and in the bus meets a young man. They decide to continue the journey together by car. But the way Martin is pushing a guy in a passing car, and he dies. Escher takes the documents of the deceased and begins to live under his name. 20 years later, found the corpse with a severed hand and a broken face. This is not the first crime with the same M. O. and the killer lives a life of dead: enjoy their homes, paying by credit card. The police are confused. Then the case is passed to the FBI agent Scott illyana. During the investigation she managed to find another witness of the same murder of James Costa. He is trying to help her, because according to Costa's next victim. And the offender actually is discovered and killed in the crossfire. But there is the mother of Martin, who claims that he saw his son. Illyana rushes to meet her, but finds her dead, and next to James Costa.

7. Derailed2005

The painting "the Price of treason" (2005) tells the story of a simple servant Charles Shiner, whose life has changed dramatically because of minutes late for the train. Charles has a family, a job, but he got bored with this daily routine. And when was the next train with him decided to meet a beautiful girl, he did not answer her refusal. Then followed dinner in the restaurant and night in hotel. But suddenly in the room armed man bursts in, beats Charles and rapes the girl. Since then, the hero's life turns into a lie with no end in sight.

6. Tell no one2006

"Tell no one" (2006) Thriller with a totally unexpected denouement. Wife of Alexander Beck Margo was attacked in the Park. Alexander was trying to protect her, but was stunned by a blow. For eight years he lives with the pain of loss. Unexpectedly, the murder of his wife find two more bodies in the pocket of one of them the safe-Deposit key Margo. The police decided to reopen the investigation. At the same time to email Alexander comes a letter with a video in which his wife. Then he gets a text from his wife asking for a meeting. Suddenly killed my friend Margo, and Alexander in the apartment you find the murder weapon. He escapes from the police and begins his investigation.

5. Faces in the crowd2011

Unpredictable outcome of the film "Faces in the crowd" (2011) puts it in fifth position in the rankings. Anna Marchant comes after a meeting with girlfriends on a date with her boyfriend Bryce and passing an abandoned building she becomes an unwitting witness to the perfect murder. The killer Anna notices and starts to chase her. The heroine falls from a bridge and hits his head. The killer thinks she's dead but Anna comes to his senses. Only after the fall she doesn't remember anything and doesn't even know Bryce. The faces of the people with whom she communicates, once gone from sight, immediately forgotten. The therapist teaches Anna to read people's characteristic signs: gait, scars, etc., the Police is pushing Anna to remember the face of a maniac, but to no avail. The killer knows that Anna is alive and she saw his face, but can not remember.

4. Source code2011

"Source code" (2011) — Thriller full of puzzles and unexpected turns of events. Soldier colter Stevens was in the body of another person riding in the train with the girl. A sudden explosion destroys the train, and colter finds himself already in a secret laboratory. There he explains that he is chosen for a special mission to save Chicago from the explosion second more powerful bomb. And the program "Source code" allows you to inhabit the body of another person in the last 8 minutes as long as he lives. The head of operations explains that the program cannot change the past and Coulter can't save the victims in the train, but the hero doesn't believe him.

3. Unknown2011

"Unknown" (2011) is a film about a man trying to regain his life. Martin Harris went to Germany for a conference and there gets into an accident. After spending a few days in a coma, he wakes up and discovers that his documents with him there. To confirm his identity, he goes to the hotel and learns that his name lives of other people. And lives with him and the wife of Harris, which did not recognize him. Martin struggled to find anyone in a foreign country who could confirm his identity. He goes to Professor Cole, who also had to participate in the conference, who reveals to him the mystery: Martin is not a scientist, biologist, and a contract killer.

2. Captive2013

The film "Captive" (2013) tells of the terrible stories that occurred in the family of Keller Dover. Thanksgiving stole his daughter and the neighbor girl. Suspicion falls on the driver of the van parked next to the house, he was arrested, but for lack of evidence released. Keller is not going to wait for the police and starts the search itself. He is convinced that the driver is a maniac. Dover finds it and locks under arrest. A few days a neighbor found the girl alive and drugged. She gave Keller a hunch about the real kidnapper.

1. Vanished2014

Thriller "gone girl" was one of the ten best films of 2014. Nick Dunne returns home and discovers that his wife is kidnapped. The detective investigating the case, notices the contradiction in the behavior of nick and finds evidence that Nick could kill his wife and make it look like a kidnapping. Moreover, the police found the wife's diary in which she described her fear of her husband. Nick is the Prime suspect. At the same time, he finds some evidence that his wife is alive and specifically throws the evidence showing the guilt of the husband.

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