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The rating of films-fairy tales of foreign


Fabulous films are often loved not only the young audience but also adults. They are filled with magic, beauty and is able to carry away from reality. Modern fantastic paintings are famous for their special effects, which gives them greater brightness.

Readers are presented a rating of the film-the tale foreign, a list of which is located below.

10. Maleficent2014

"Maleficent" (2014) opens the list includes ten films-tales of foreign Directors. In 2015, the film was nominated for the award "Oscar". A young sorceress named Maleficent leads a solitary life deep in the forest, in which there live the magical characters. But suddenly her world dare to invade the people who decided to ruin this amazing place. Maleficent will do anything to protect themselves and the local inhabitants from the imminent threat. To do this, she calls on the help of the Almighty the forces of darkness that will help her to expel the intruders.

9. Snow white and the huntsman2012

"Snow white and the huntsman" (2012) — American film-tale, twice nominated for the award "Oscar". The main character of the picture of snow white in mortal danger in the face of the evil Queen, who wants to destroy it. She sends snow white to the Hunter who should bring treacherous ruler a girl's heart. But when he saw the beautiful lady, the hero falls in love with her. Now the Hunter will have to fight with a strong and sinister Queen who will stop at nothing to destroy the heroes.

8. Beauty and the beast2014

"Beauty and the beast" (2014) — foreign film-tale based on the fairy tale by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince De beaumont's "beauty and the beast". The main character Belle goes on a dangerous journey to save his father from death. She is in the castle of a beast, which gradually starts to sympathize. The owner of the castle was imposed curse, which turned him into a monster. But the spell can vanish only if a monster can love a young, beautiful girl.

7. Alice in Wonderland2014

"Alice in Wonderland" (2010) — foreign film-a fairy tale by Tim Burton, who became the owner of two awards "Oscar". In one instant, the life of nineteen-year-old girl Alice changes dramatically. During the party thrown in her honor, she runs away from the guests to the lawn, where he meets a very unusual rabbit, dressed in a camisole and is constantly looking at his pocket watch. Seeing Alice he tries to escape in a huge hole, which is followed by falls, and the heroine herself. Flying a long tunnel, the girl is in a wonderful, fairy-tale place, where she was waiting for an incredible and exciting adventures, and new friends with fairy tale characters.

6. Percy Jackson and the Sea of monsters2013

"Percy Jackson and the Sea of monsters" (2013) — foreign film-a fairy tale that tells about the dangerous and action-Packed adventures of the son of Poseidon, Percy. The main character goes in search of his friend, a satire Grover trapped by the Cyclops Polyphemus. At stake is not only Satyr, but the whole "Camp half-blood": someone poisoned the sacred tree of the Waist, and that means that the defense camp is about to fall and nothing will keep the monsters from invading. Heal tree can only mythical Golden fleece, hidden on the island of Polyphemus — and to reach it you must cross the Sea of Monsters and fight with its inhabitants — Scylla and Charybdis, the sirens sweet and treacherous sorceress CIRCE.

5. The Chronicles of Narnia: the lion, the Witch and the wardrobe" 2005

"The Chronicles of Narnia: the lion, the Witch and the wardrobe" (2005) — foreign film-the tale of Andrew Adams. In 2006 adventure film became the winner of the award "Oscar" for best makeup of the cast. The four main young characters come from London to the village to visit her old Professor who is a friend of the family. In his house they discover a mysterious wardrobe through which they enter in a magical country called Narnia. There they get acquainted with its fabulous inhabitants and animals. They find out that all of its peaceful inhabitants are under the rule of an evil witch. They decide to help the residents and the founder of Narnia, the Great lion to get rid of the yoke of cruel witches.

4. Charlie and the chocolate factory2005

"Charlie and the chocolate factory" (2005) — a fabulous story about a boy Charlie and the other children, accidentally caught in a chocolate factory owned by Willy Wonka. Reclusive and eccentric industrialist gives children a unique chance to visit the most delicious and sweetest place on earth. He announces that in 5 released chocolates are the tickets are a pass to his chocolate factory. One of the lucky ones it turns out Charlie boy from a poor family. Children who are ticket holders, waiting for the incredible and fantastic adventures, at the end of which the winner is determined. This hero will become the owner of the main and unique prize.

3. The time Keeper2001

"The time Keeper" (2011) — foreign film tale Martin Scorsese, who received in 2005 5 awards "Oscar", and the award "Golden globe". The picture was loosely based on the book by Brian O. Selznick "the Invention of Hugo Cabret". The main character is a fantastic film, young Hugo loses his father. From the parent of the boy remains mysterious mechanism, the secret of which he manages to uncover. Hugo goes on a long journey that will change all of its surrounding people. The main character gets into an amazing place that would be his home.

2. The Golden compass2007

"The Golden compass" (2007) — overseas adventure film-a fairy tale in 2008, winner of the award "Oscar". Twelve-year-old heroine named Lyra goes to the North pole to retrieve his close friend from mortal danger. But the girl is not alone: she is willing to come to the aid of the Northern witches and a giant bear. They will try to stop the evil Mrs. Coulter and her scary monsters. The heroes have to deal with multiple hazards, before they reach their goal.

1. Cinderella" 2015

"Cinderella" (2015) tops the list of best foreign films, fairy tales. In 2016, the picture has participated in the nomination for the award "Oscar". Widowed Ella's father decides to marry a second time. Kind, sympathetic young girl goes to new wicked, envious relatives — stepmother Tremayne and her daughters Anastasia and Drisella. Ella turns his own house into a real maid, and her new family give her the ironic nickname of Cinderella. Despite all the mishaps happening with Ella, and she did not think to despond. She was accustomed always to think positive. And then one day all her dreams and thoughts turn into reality...

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