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Top 10 most unusual plants in the world


Nature is inexhaustible imagination. On the Ground there are a huge number of amazing creatures from funny to horrifying. There are the most unusual plants in the world. Let's talk today about them.

10. Amorphophallus titanum (Amorphophallus titanum)

Second name – the Corpse lily (Corpse lily). The most unusual plant in the world it is made not only by the huge size of the flower, but the terrible smell that it exudes. Well, that smell the aroma of rotten meat and fish have only two days – this is the flowering period of this amazing plant. Another feature is a rare flowering. Living "corpse Lily" long, up to 40 years, and during that time the flowers appear on it only 3-4 times. To reach in height the plant can up to 3 meters, and weight of the large flower is about 75 pounds.

The birthplace of the Amorphophallus titanum – forests of Sumatra, where he is now practically exterminated. The plant can be seen in many Botanical gardens in the world.

9. Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula)

Only the lazy did not write about this amazing plant-predator. But no matter how much was said about him, a Venus flytrap is striking in its absolute foreignness. It is easy to imagine an inhabitant of some distant and dangerous planet, populated by carnivorous plants. Leaves Venerini flycatchers – the perfect trap for small insects. As soon as the hapless victim of a concerns sheet, it slams shut. And the more resists the insect, the more it stimulates the growth of plant cells. The edges of the trap sheet are fused and transformed into a "stomach", where for 10 days the process of digestion. After that, the trap ready to capture the next victim.

This unusual predator can "tame" – Venus flytrap has been successfully grown in the home. It is important to follow the rules of care, and then for the amazing carnivorous plant can be seen for yourself.

8. Wolffia (Wolffia angusta)

She is one of the most unusual plants of the world due to its tiny size. It is an aquatic plant of the subfamily raskovich. Size wolfii is tiny – about a millimeter. It blooms very rarely. Meanwhile, the plant protein is not inferior beans and can be used for human consumption.

7. Passionflower (Passíflora)

This beautiful plant also seems comes from other worlds. Unusual flower called the missionaries, who saw him in South Africa, the allegory of the crown of thorns of the Savior. Hence the second name of one of the most unusual plants of the world – passion (passion of Christ).

Passion flower – a woody climbing Liana, with more than 500 species.

6. Amazon Victoria (Victoria amozonica)

This is the most amazing and unusual water Lily in the world. The diameter of the leaves reaches two meters. They are so large that can withstand weight up to 80 kg. the Flowers of this Lily are very beautiful, and Victoria Amazon is the most popular and unusual plant of greenhouses and Botanical gardens.

About the many amazing plants in the world known for a long time. But there is a very unusual flora, which few people know. Meanwhile, they really are striking in their appearance.

5. Nepenthes (Nepenthes)

Another plant-predator that will surprise unusual appearance. Grows mainly in Asia. Climbing high on a nearby tree, this shrub Liana apart from normal sheets, has a special hunting, taking the form of a jug with a length of up to half a meter. They are painted in bright colors to attract the attention of insects. The top edge of the pitcher contains sweet nectar. The insect, attracted by the smell and colors of the plants creeping in the pitcher and rolls down its smooth surface down. At the bottom is a liquid consisting of digestive enzymes and acids – the real gastric juice. The inner surface of the Falconer sheet lined with wax scales, which do not allow the victim to get out of the trap. Like a Venus flytrap, nepenthes for several days digesting the insect. This is one of the most unusual and spectacular plants in the world.

4. Hydnellum Peck, or a bloody tooth

Edible mushroom, native to Europe, North America and Australia. Looks like the little slice of cake, covered in strawberry syrup. In food it did not use due to strong bitter taste. Apart from the amazing appearance, the mushroom has beneficial properties – its flesh has an antibacterial action and contains substances that thin the blood. Unusual looks only a young plant, the white pulp which exudes drops of a reddish liquid.

3. White Voronet, or doll eyes

White Voronet, or doll's eyes – an unusual plant not for the faint of heart. Fruit appearing on it in the second half of the summer, do most resemble doll's eye impaled on a branch. The birthplace of white funnel – mountain areas of North America. The plant is poisonous, but mortal danger is not.

2. Porcupine tomato (Porcupine Tomato)

Porcupine tomato (Porcupine Tomato) is one of the most unusual plants in the world with huge spikes. Madagascar is a five-foot weed with beautiful purple flowers. But to disrupt them is very difficult because the leaves of the plant protect long poisonous spines orange. Tomato it called for the fruits that resemble small tomatoes.

Many of the unusual plants of the world in the course of evolution have learned to take the form of other living beings. The colors of the duck-orchids, for example, is very similar to a tiny two-ducks. In this way the plant lures for insect pollination of male sawflies.

1. Lithops or living stones (Lithops)

Among the potted plants, you can find the most amazing and unusual items. Confirmation of this – the living stones that will adorn and diversify the room. They belong to the succulents and therefore quite taxing. The main thing to observe proper care of them, and one day it will be possible to admire, as lithops, which look like small stones, bloom. This usually occurs during the third year of the life of the plant.

. Flower-parachute Ceropegia Woodii

If in the XVIII century, when it was first described this unusual plant, knew about the planes, it would be called so. It refers to succulents and forms a dense intertwining of threadlike shoots. The plant thrives in home conditions and is used for decoration of the premises.

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