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The rating of gas ranges with gas oven, 2016


Gas stove – irreplaceable assistant in the house. Thanks to its modern design it can decorate the kitchen, and the extra features make it more comfortable. The rating of gas stoves with gas oven 2016 will help our readers understand a wide variety of models and to identify for themselves the appropriate options. Since the gas stove – appliances are high-risk, her choice should be approached very carefully and seriously.

To start with the most popular consumer manufacturers of gas stoves. The first is the Slovenian company Gorenje, offering an impressive selection of models of gas stoves to suit every taste and wallet. Like customers tech companies GEFEST, budget models of the company DARINA and De Luxe. Brands such as Bosch, Electrolux, Zanussi and Kaiser produce a good gas stove, but they are less popular because of highly inflated prices.

10. Kaiser HGG 62521 KBPrice 57 thousand rubles

Opens a rating of the best gas cookers with gas oven, 2016 Kaiser HGG 62521 KB. The model has many advanced features: automatic cleaning of the oven during cooking of the food catalytic cleaning of the working chamber, an infrared grill. This self-cleaning plate is required to be cleaned manually from time to time.

Disadvantage – high cost.

The estimated price of the model – 57 thousand rubles.

9. GEFEST 1500Price 22 460 rubles

9 in the ranking of the best gas cookers with gas oven is GEFEST 1500 – one of the next successful models of the manufacturer from Belarus. The working surface plate made of tempered glass. This coating is safe and durable, looks stylish and easily washable, which is important for any hostess.

Large oven volume 65 litres allows you to use it as an extra Cabinet for storage of utensils.

The model is equipped with a timer and gas control ovens.

Of the shortcomings – not all buyers might like the unusual design of the plate, stylized marble.

The average price of the model is 22 460 rubles.

8. DARINA AS GM521 001 WPrice 6 300 rubles

Eighth place in the list of best gas stoves with gas oven is DARINA AS GM521 001 W.

This is one of the smallest and most inexpensive models in the ranking. Two-burner stove will fit perfectly in a small kitchen and is perfect for summer. It is designed for one or two people. By the way, despite its small size, the little oven has a capacity of 45 liters.

The advantages of the plate from DARINA:

  • compactness;
  • low price;
  • the presence of the gas control ovens;
  • the minimum package.
  • Have models drawbacks: no electric ignition, storage box of glassware, protective cover.

    Estimated price plate – 6 300 rubles.

    7. De Luxe 5040.38 gPrice 7 500 rubles

    De Luxe 5040.38 g occupies the 7th place in the ranking of the best gas cookers with gas oven, 2016. One of the best models in terms of price and quality. Gas oven is designed for 43 L.

    The main advantages of this model:

  • the presence of the gas control (in the oven);
  • low price;
  • the presence of a drawer to store utensils;
  • chrome grille work surface.
  • Among the shortcomings is the absence of ignition. The design of the grille is poor – small size kitchen utensils fails.

    The average cost of the model is 7 500 rubles.

    6. GEFEST 3100-08 K19Price 8 of 10 thousand rubles

    In 6th place in the ranking of the best gas cookers with gas oven is NORMAL 3100-08 K19.

    The model is interesting with its dark body color that would look good in any kitchen. Gas oven for up to 42 liters. The temperature indicator helps to easily monitor the cooking process.

    The advantages of the model:

  • the optimal ratio of price and quality;
  • unusual design, thanks to which model at a low price looks expensive;
  • the temperature gauge of the oven;
  • door lock;
  • the presence of a drawer to store utensils.
  • In spite of all obvious advantages have with the oven by GEFEST and disadvantages – there is no ignition and no protective cover.

    Estimated price models – 8 10 thousand rubles.

    5. BEKO CSG 52111 GWPrice 18 thousand rubles

    BEKO CSG 52111 GW ranks 5th in the ranking of the best gas cookers with gas oven.

    One of the main advantages of the plate from BEKO – spacious gas oven that has a capacity of 60 liters.

    The advantages of the plate:

  • the coating is Easy to Clean from a smooth, nonporous enamel for durability and easy clean-FFF
  • roomy oven;
  • mechanical timer;
  • the presence of a large drawer for kitchen utensils.
  • Disadvantages of the model:

  • uncomfortable hinged lid for cookware;
  • grid design does not allow to put it on the dish with a small bottom.
  • The average price – 18 thousand rubles.

    4. DARINA 1D1 GM241 018 WPrice of 13 thousand rubles

    In 4th place of the ranking of the best gas stoves located model DARINA 1D1 GM241 018 W.

    In stock illumination of the oven, protective glass cover, built in handle plate electric ignition and a special kit for baking.

    The average price of 13 thousand rubles.

    3. Gorenje GI 52339 RWPrice of 30 thousand rubles

    Gorenje GI 52339 RW on the 3rd place of our ranking of the best gas stoves.

    An interesting feature of this model is glass trays. The oven is equipped with a built-in timer and clock. With this stove to control the cooking time is not difficult.

    The advantages of the model include:

  • SilverMatte coating, resistant to pollution;
  • system GentleClose, easy-to-close the oven;
  • electronic display with timer and clock;
  • nice design.
  • Approximate price – 30 thousand rubles.

    2. GEFEST 6100-02 0009Price of 17 thousand rubles

    Second place in the ranking of the best gas stoves with a gas oven, is GEFEST 6100-02 0009. This is another model with a good ratio of price and quality. Has large oven and a spacious drawer for storing utensils. The gas oven is equipped with lighting and ignition, which is very convenient. It is worth noting the high build quality – it will last a long time in the kitchen.

    The average price – 17 thousand rubles.

    1. GEFEST 3500Price 19 – 20 thousand rubles

    First place among the best gas stoves with gas oven, 2016 is a NORMAL 3500. To the leaders the model is the optimum combination of high quality plate, functionality and reasonable prices. Today it is one of the most beautiful and inexpensive plates with a glass surface. Tempered glass cooktops does not form on the surface of the burnt stains from food.

    Main advantages:

  • the facade and the hob plate made of glass-ceramic;
  • the presence of ignition for the oven and burners;
  • stylish design;
  • sound timer;
  • the availability of grill.
  • Estimated value of the model – 19 – 20 thousand rubles.

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