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Rating books Jojo Moyes


Jodo Moyes is a British novelist and journalist. The writer was the most popular with the release of the book "Before you" in 2012. On account of the novelist of over a dozen artistic creations.

Attention fans of the English writer presents a list of books Jojo Moyes popular.

10. After you

"After you" opens rating books Godo Moyes. The novel is a sequel to the international bestseller "Before I met you." In the book, the reader learns the fate of the main character Louise Clark that after meeting with businessman will Traynor has found a chance at happiness. But life sends heroine of a new test...

9. Happy steps under the rain

Ninth place goes to the book Jodo Moyes is "Happy steps under the rain." Kate Ballantyne runs away from home, finding understanding and support from the mother. She's having a baby and swears he will be the best mother and friend for my daughter. But the younger girl , showing his bad character does not want to bond with mother. Tired of all, Kate sends her daughter to her grandmother that she had never seen. But such a prospect is not happy young lady. The author shows three generations of related women who will meet together, and to remember all the pain caused to each other.

8. Dancing with horses

On the eighth position — the novel Jodo Moyes "Dancing with horses". Fourteen-year-old Sarah is the granddaughter of Henri LaChapelle virtuoso rider in the past, who wanted to feel like a man with wings. Now all his skills he wants to pass on to Sarah, which buys a horse. But tragedy strikes, and now the young girl should itself take care of yourself and your pet. She met with the lawyer defending the rights of children, Natasha Miccoli, in which everything is not so smooth. This meeting was a turning point in the life of both the heroines.

7. Night music

Seventh place in the ranking of books Godo Moyes gets the novel "Night music". In one of London's provinces, on the shore of the lake stands a dilapidated mansion that the locals called Spanish house. In it lives old Mr. Mottisfont and his neighbours wife Maccarty. The couple hopes that after death nasty and grumpy old man the house is completely move into their property. But after the death of Polesworth hope Naccarati not materialize, as unexpectedly the niece of the late violinist Isabella. For her dilapidated Spanish house with no electricity, a leaky roof and rotten floors — a real obsession. But the girl has no other choice but to eke out their existence here since her husband died, leaving her without a livelihood. In the evenings she gets to the roof and plays the violin. Maccarty trying to survive the girl, and the developer Nicholas Trent wants to demolish the old mansion to create a village for the elite. Desires of the main characters are very different, and each is ready to pursue his goals to the end.

6. Silver Bay

"Silver Bay" is located on the sixth place in the list of books Godo Moyes. The main character, Lisa Macklin want to escape from his past. She feels deserted beaches and friendly people of a quiet town in Australia will help her find inner peace. The only thing that are unable to provide for Lisa, is the appearance of a town Mike Dormer. He has excellent manners, he is dressed in the latest fashion, and his gaze plunges into confusion. Mike has far-reaching plans: he wants to turn a quiet town in the glittering lights of the fashionable resort. The only thing that I could not provide for Mike is that his way to face Lisa Macklin. And of course, he couldn't even conceive that in his heart breaks out of genuine feelings.

5. The ship of brides

"Ship of brides" occupies the fifth place in the ranking of the best books Godo Moyes. For the novel writer took the real life story of her grandmother. Describes the events of 1946, when it was over the Second World War. From Australia to England sailed the ship Victoria, on Board of which several hundred war brides, who married in a turbulent time for the world. After the end of hostilities, the government takes the trouble to themselves for the delivery of wives to husbands. But a six-week voyage is a real challenge for many participants. One of the characters learns of the death of her husband when he was on the ship, the other receives a telegram with the message that its not welcome, the third meets a sailor and forgets about adultery...

4. The last letter from your lover

"The last letter from your lover" — writing Jodo Moyes, which brought her second award of the Association of novelists, as a romance novel. First describes the events of 1960. A young woman gets into a car accident, after which he received a severe head injury. Now she can't remember a single day from his past life and even her name. The heroine discovers that her name is Jennifer and she is married to a rich man. Jennifer start to come a mysterious letter from a loved one, which will be the link between the past and present life of the heroine. It takes many years and out POPs one of these mysterious messages, which accidentally fell into the archive. It finds a young journalist Ellie. The letter so touched her that she decides in any way to find the heroes of the old letters.

3. One plus one

"One plus one" opens the three best books of the English novelist Jodo Moyes. She is a single mother of two children, who is struggling to stay afloat and not lose heart. Daughter Tanzi is a brilliant child with their strangeness, and stepson Nicky is shy and timid, so can not resist the local bullies. But the meeting with ed Nicholson, which is also not so smooth, changes the fate of all the characters in a better way. With loved ones you can overcome all the difficulties that stand in the way.

2. The girl you left

"The girl you left behind" is among the three best books Godo Moyes. Nearly a century separates Sophie Lefevre and Liv Halston. But they are United in their determination to fight to the last for what they are the most expensive in life. The painting "the Girl you left" for Sophie — a reminder of the happy years spent with her husband, a talented artist in Paris in the early XX century. Because on this picture the husband depicted her young and beautiful. For Liv Halston, living in our days, a portrait of Sophie is a wedding gift, made shortly before the death of her beloved husband. A chance meeting opens his eyes to Liv on the true value of the paintings, and when she discovers the history of the paintings, her life changes forever.

1. Before I met you

"Before I met you" tops the ranking of the best books Godo Moyes. This is a story about love that can touch deeply. They are completely different, but their meeting was predetermined by accident. The main characters of the novel make you think about how your whole life can change because of one day. The heroes are faced with serious challenges in their lives, but fate has prepared them a real gift ahead of their meeting. They are ready to start all over again and love each other despite all circumstances.

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