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Rating books by Stephen king


Stephen Edwin king, known by the nickname "King of horror", is one of the most popular American writers of our time. Based on his works was lifted, a huge number of films that were well received. The masters of more than 60 novels and nearly 200 short stories. He readily read and loved worldwide.

Readers the books by Stephen king. The list includes the best works of the American writer.

10. 11/22/63

"11/22/63" opens the ten best books of Stephen king. A science-fiction novel tells about the journey through time, when an attempt was made to prevent the murder of American President John F. Kennedy... In 2016, the premiere of mini-series, based on the motives of this novel. The film, like the book itself, was a great success.

9. Four seasons

"Four seasons" is a collection of stories by Stephen king, which includes four parts. Each part has a header in accordance with one of the seasons. The story included in the collection, contain virtually no elements of mysticism and not similar in style to other works of masters of horror. The four seasons — and each of them, like a bad dream became reality. Spring and innocent people sentenced to life imprisonment in the prison of hell, where there is no hope, where there is no escape Summer — and somewhere in a small town is slowly losing his mind quiet achiever became an apt pupil Nazi war criminal Autumn — and four weary teenagers wander through the dark, endless woods to see a dead Winter — and in a strange club and a strange woman tells how gave life to what was hardly a child

8. Hearts in Atlantis

"Hearts in Atlantis" — Stephen king book, repeatedly nominated for a literary prize. The work consists of five parts, which represent individual stories, but they are all linked by the same characters. All parts describe sequentially the events. The collection tells the interconnected story of time and space, the missed through a prism of perception of a small American town.

7. Dead zone

"Dead zone" — next to film the novel by Stephen king that is included in the list of the best books of American fiction. After a severe head injury, John Smith, acquires superpowers and he was haunted terrible visions. He gets the strength to reveal any crime, he willingly helps people in distress. Smith realized that power breaks are a terrible man, able to plunge the whole world into chaos, and only he can stop the villain...

6. The dark tower

"The dark tower" — series the best novels by Stephen king of the genre Western. The cycle included the following books: "Shooter", "Extraction of three", "Badlands", "the wizard and the crystal", "Wolves of Calla", "Song of Susannah", "the Dark tower", "the Wind through the keyhole". The novels were written in the period from 1982 to 2012. The main character of the book series, Roland is the last member of the ancient knightly order of the shooters. At first alone, and then with a group of true friends he makes a long trek through a post-apocalyptic world that resembles America's old West, in which there is magic. The adventures of Roland and his companions will include a visit to other worlds and eras, including new York twentieth century and devastated by the flu pandemic the world "Confrontation." Roland sure if it will reach the heart of all worlds, to the Dark Tower he can climb to its upper level to see who controls the whole Universe and, perhaps, to restore order in the world.

5. It

"It" is one of the best novels by Stephen king of the horror genre. In the work are important for the king theme: the power of memory, the strength of the combined group, the impact of childhood traumas on adult life. According to the storyline, seven friends from the fictional town of Derry in Maine fighting with the monster that kills children and is capable of taking any physical form. The narrative is parallel in different time intervals, one of which corresponds to the childhood of the main characters and the other their adult life.

4. The langoliers

Fantastic story "the langoliers" genre psychological horror included in the list of the best books of Stephen king. According to the storyline, a few people while flying on a plane Wake up and realize that the rest of the passengers including the pilots and crew members, disappeared, and the aircraft controlled by the autopilot. Band of survivors must not only understand what is happening, but also to escape the langoliers nightmarish toothy creatures, devouring space. The product was developed from the Central image — of a woman covering hand crack in a passenger airliner. The story was nominated for the Bram Stoker. In 1995, inspired by the work it was produced the mini-series.

3. Pet cemetery

"Pet cemetery" opens the three best books of Stephen king. In 1989, the novel was filmed. The work was favourably received, as the reading public and critics alike, and received a literary award "Locus". The idea of writing this novel was visited by the author after the death of his cat Relishes. But after the end of the book king for a long time refused to publish it, as he recognized his creation very creepy. The main character is a mystical novel, Dr. Louis creed moves with his family and cat in a small town, where they settled on the outskirts, near the forest. There is a small old Indian cemetery animals. Soon tragedy strikes: the cat doctor falls under the wheels of a truck. Despite all the legends about the cemetery of Pets Louis decides to bury the cat in this place. But the laws of the other world do not tolerate disobedience, which is punished severely...

2. The green mile

"The green mile" took second place in the ranking of the best books of Stephen king. In 1999 the novel was made into a movie and nominated for "Oscar". In prison "Cold mountain" in the death row section remains the new prisoner John Coffey to wait for the moment when the sentence is execution. Arrived is a Negro, who is accused of a terrible and brutal crime — the murder of two girls. The warden Paul Edgecombe and the other inmates find that the huge size of the moor is quite strange. John has an amazing gift of clairvoyance and knows absolutely everything about every person. He sees Paul's suffering from his disease, which can not get rid of. Ebony frees the supervisor from the disease, who accidentally becomes a witness to his gift. The floor to learn the true history sentenced to the death of John and to make sure that people on the outside are much more dangerous than those who are behind bars...

1. The Shawshank redemption

"The Shawshank redemption" tops the ranking of the best books of Stephen king. Based on the works to screen out of the eponymous art painting, which had an incredible success and received positive reviews and awards. Shawshank is one of the most famous and brutal prison where nobody managed to escape. The main character Andy, a former Vice President of a major Bank, sentenced to life in prison on charges of murder of his wife and her lover. He has to go through all the circles of hell, hitting the walls of Shawshank. But Andy is not going to tolerate injustice and remain to rot for the rest of their days in this terrible place. He develops a brilliant plan, which should help to escape from the hellish walls.

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