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Rating compact digital cameras of 2015


Modern smartphones, phones and tablets will be able to quickly take a picture of decent enough quality. However, the rating compact digital cameras of 2015 compiled by the experts and users suggests that they are also very popular and still are in constant demand. Because they complement each other.

Small cameras is more designed for fans. In this known manufacturers offer cheaper and more expensive tricked out models. This gives you the opportunity to find the device with good optics, sensor, automatic and manual controls to get very high quality images. Size and weight will allow you to have the camera at hand, which is an important advantage even for professional photographers. To make the selection after reviewing the characteristics of the ten most popular budget models.

10. Nikon Coolpix L830

Cheap popular 16-megapixel camera occupies the tenth place in the ranking of compact digital cameras. Good to 34-fold zoom, resolution, auto focus and a swivel monitor, allowing you to use up to seven shooting modes.

Easily fits in hand and four lithium batteries, enough to remove more than 1,100 images. Speed is 6.7 frames per second, but this is not the limit, the more you can make a video. The internal memory is 59 MB. Distinctive classic design and reliability plus the price from six to ten thousand roubles has made the Nikon Coolpix is very attractive to many.

The main drawback is that in low light will not be able to get a clear image.

9. Canon PowerShot SX510 HS

To get a clear picture and Full HD video, which is then easy to watch on your TV or computer with this compact digital camera. There is auto mode that can recognize up to 32 scenes.

It is possible to manage the settings manually, remove red-eye. Shooting in almost any lighting condition, due to the good focusing manages to convey all shades of color.

In addition to a three-inch screen and a matrix of twelve megapixels, built-in Wi-Fi and mobile devices make GPS tags. Power supply will be enough for about three hundred shots.

The weak link is the battery, also very little protection from moisture.

8. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W830

A very stylish compact digital camera 2015. The case is made in black and silver, pink and purple. A good combination of good optics, due to lens Zeis, electronics and automation. There is a macro mode and the ability to do panoramic or night photography as well as video. Eight-fold increase and a matrix of 20 megapixels.

Weight 104 grams not prevent to have a Wi-Fi adapter, built-in memory-27 MB. The kit includes USB cable and rechargeable battery pack. Manages to capture not less than one hundred minutes of video or up to two hundred frames, since the power consumption is only 1.2 W.

Some problems associated with the lack of viewfinder, it is impossible to manually customize the aperture and shutter speed, so it impedes the process of shooting.

7. Canon Digital Ixus 145

Budget price doesn't hurt to include a rating compact digital cameras that are easy to manage model. Eight times the zoom can be doubled if you use the ZoomPlus function. Automatic mode not only detects up to 32 scenes, but also allows you to shoot video at up to 25 frames per second, 0.8 frames and pictures.

Excellent focus, resolution at 12 megapixels, fast menu. Weight at 112 grams not hurt to install a decent battery life which will last for 340 minutes in playback or 230-310 frames of very good quality.

The main drawback associated with the inability to connect to the computer.

6. Canon EOS 100D

Outwardly powerful, but the digital SLR compact camera weighs only 470 grams. Polycarbonate black housing has a filling, at the highest level. Bystrovozvodimye the diaphragm type, programmable self-timer, focal plane shutter with electronic control system will make three frames per second.

Resolution of 18 megapixels, it is possible to choose the optimal shooting mode, use the built-in algorithms of brightness distribution and various settings. In the result come out great shots. In addition, it is convenient to connect to TV or computer.

In Live View the speed of the focus may slightly decrease.

5. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100

This model is rightly located on the fifth line of the rating compact digital cameras 2015. Tiny dimensions and weighs about three hundred grams. While there is a pullout viewfinder, a 20-megapixel camera and a very high quality fast lens Zeis. Therefore, the ISO sensitivity reaches 25600, you can shoot at night without using the flash. The speed is ten frames per second.

The battery does not hurt to shoot more than 300 frames and work for two and a half hours. If necessary, set the battery.

A lot of positive reviews, but the price of this range of models is quite high.

4. Nikon Coolpix S3600

Elegant design, slim and durable casing, attractive color schemes are attracted to this digital compact camera. You can choose silver, red, blue, pink and black hue that is more consistent with taste. It is easy to carry, instantly making videos or high quality pictures.

The menu function will allow you to add different effects to keep everything you need in the integrated memory. Own battery will provide the power and 45 minutes of video and over two hundred pictures. Because here is set to increase eight-fold and the matrix of 20 megapixels.

The main problems associated with the fact that the best shots are taken when the subject is moving or when you are indoors.

3. Canon Digital IXUS 155

Stylish look and good functionality brought this compact digital camera in the 2015 ranking the third place. Budget price doesn't hurt to equip it with 20-fold magnification and a twenty-megapixel resolution. Here mounted optical stabilizer, so it is possible to achieve sharp images as pictures and videos. This can be done in automatic mode.

The minimum shutter speed, fast focusing and the ability to use different effects, to retouch the. Quite a powerful battery, which eboreime able to work five hours during shooting or will make more than 300 frames.

The disadvantage is the lack of internal memory, the battery also has a large resource.

2. Canon PowerShot SX600

To obtain high-quality video and photos, will help this digital compact camera. Using ZoomPlus it is easy to achieve a 36-fold increase. Filming will take place in Full HD format. Even Amateurs can make Creative the.

About the settings do not have to worry, thanks to a special regime. Embedded Wi-Fi, so I have the opportunity to go online and post shot footage.

The kit includes a battery that will make 290-430 pictures, play for 4-5 hours. The devices of this manufacturer are distinguished by their rugged build and durable body.

Would like to see the number of settings has been increased, and the quality of the video in the room became more clear and without grain.

1. Nikon Coolpix P330

The undoubted leader of the rating compact digital cameras of 2015 was this product from Nikon. Compared with its predecessor this model has received a larger sensor, new lens and HD filter. As always, great performance and build. The metal body is difficult to damage.

Innovation was the installation of a GPS module, which is not many more expensive rivals. Boot speed is a second. The display is three inches and has good color reproduction, contrast and brightness stock. Wide viewing angle will allow you to do panoramic shots in и360 180 degrees and shooting 3D photos. There's optical image stabilizer, manual setting of shutter speed and aperture. The truth machine will always turn out beautiful pictures and video.

The memory card that has 32GB will fit up to 5000fps or three and a half hours of video. Browse all you can use the player, TV or computer.

Small drawback is that there is no viewfinder.

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