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The reliability rating of tour operators for 2017


Today, there are a huge selection of travel companies, the quality and range of services which are different from each other. Every tourist want to find a reliable tour operator with whom the activities will not result in unpleasant surprises. The top ten best tour operators the reliability rating of the 2017 which was drawn up by the company Travelata. This is one of the largest tourism organizations with years of good reputation. These tour operators gained the most popularity due to the high quality of services provided.

10. Mouzenidis Travel

Mouzenidis Travel reveals the top ten most reliable tour operators this year. In the tourism market the company provides its services in more than fifteen years. Mouzenidis travel has a wide network of branches and offers a huge range of services to its customers. The company operates on the territory of Russia and Greece. The company owns a fleet of vehicles, which are tour buses, yachts, helicopters and planes. Mouzenidis travel is organizing a seaside holiday, a sightseeing holiday, as well as thematic tours.

9. Biblio Globus

Biblio Globus is a tour operator which reliability is checked by time. The organization has more than fifteen years and specializiruetsya more on a beach holiday. Also Biblio Globus Maritime and organizes combined tours. Different tour company a wide selection of international destinations, including Thailand, Vietnam, the Maldives, Indonesia, Cuba, Egypt, Brazil etc. Biblio Globus is distinguished by affordable prices and a high level of customer service. The tour operator knows how to find approach to every client and will ensure a memorable, pleasant stay abroad.

8. Anex Tour

Anex Tour is located on the eighth line of safety among the popular Russian tourist companies. Its activity leads a tour operator since 2001. For all the years, Anex Tour has established itself with a good hand. The company provides comfortable tourist vacation at Thailand, Egyptian, Spanish resorts, and organizing holiday in Turkey.

7. Natalie Tours

Natalie Tours is among the ten most reliable travel companies in 2017. To operate the tour started in 90-ies of the last century, and now occupies a strong position in the market. During the work awarded repeatedly received prestigious awards. Natalie Tours specializiruetsya for public recreation and provides comprehensive services at such popular destinations as Thailand, Turkey, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Cuba, Spain and other countries.

6. Intourist

Intourist is deservedly included in the top ten leading tour operators of Russia. Intourist is one of the oldest tourism companies, activities of which goes back to 1929. This is one of the most reliable tour operators, as evidenced by the impeccable reputation of the organization. Intourist runs in the region, both marine and ski, and excursion tourism in Russia and abroad. Predominantly Natalie Tours works with such destinations as Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Montenegro and Greece.

5. Pegas Touristik

Pegas Touristik is a leading Russian tour operators. The largest travel company has years of experience and has a high level of professionalism of staff working in Pegas Touristik. The offices of tour operator located in more than fifty cities of Russia. Pegas Touristik will organize tours to 22 overseas destinations and it cooperates only with the largest and time-tested airlines. Pegas Touristik ensures quality service seven days a week and 24 hours a day. Reliability, professionalism and a wide choice of tourist destinations made Pegas Touristik is one of the most sought after tour operators in the Russian market.

4. Sunmar Tour

Sunmar Tour is a relatively young tour company which started its activities in 2005. Despite its "youth", the tour operator managed to take the leading position among tourist companies. Sanmar includes popular overseas destinations like Turkey, Egypt, Thailand and Greece. The organization is mainly specializiruetsya on "burning tours", offering vouchers at a low price, and has earned a huge popularity among tourists. With Sanmar to date, have been collaborating about 6 thousand travel agencies.


TEZ TOUR opens the three leaders in the tourism business. One of the most popular tour operators of Russia carries out its activities for more than twenty years. The range of travel of the company is 12 overseas destinations. It organizes tours to Egypt, Turkey, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Greece, Brazil etc. One of the most advanced tour operators work only with reliable partners and provides air transportation service largest international airlines. Special attention is paid to the tour operator the quality of services provided. For all the tourist activities of the company "TEZ Tour" has repeatedly became the winner of prestigious awards.

2. TUI

TUI is one of the largest tour operators with high standards of quality service to their customers. The tour operator works with six airlines, 300 hotels, and the Charter of the company's fleet includes about 130 aircraft. Clients of the organization are annually more than 20 million tourists. TUI organizes holidays in 30 countries. Across Europe there are more than 3 thousand offices of sales. Tour operator repeatedly became the winner of prestigious international awards. Four years ago TUI was awarded the title of world's best tour operator. The largest travel company considered one of the most profitable. The company carries out more than one hundred countries around the world.

1. Coral Travel

Coral Travel tops the rankings of tour operators this year. Coral travel operates in Russia for more than 20 years. During this time the organization has earned an impeccable reputation. This is one of the largest tour companies operating on the territory of Russia. Coral Travel is different from most competitors by professionalism and years of experience in the field of foreign tourism. Market leader in tourism offers travel enthusiasts only high-quality tourism products. Every year the number of customers of coral travel is only growing. The organization carries out visits to seventeen countries and the company is actively working to open new tourist destinations. The company organizes group and individual tours.

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