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The rating of leasing companies in Russia 2015


The article presents the rating of leasing companies in Russia 2015, according to the Agency RAEX (Expert RA).

The main criterion by which the list was distributed providers of leasing services, is the leasing portfolio of the company.

10. GK "Rail1520"the Volume of portfolio 20 810 million rubles

GK "Rail1520" opens the ten largest leasing companies in the portfolio, which is 20 810 million rubles. It is also one of the youngest of the leasing companies, which was established in 2011. The main activity of "Rail1520" aimed at providing services to the operational and leaseback of freight rolling stock. The composition of the company's fleet includes gondola cars, tank wagons, covered wagons, etc., which are intended for transmission customers to rent. The main partners of "Rail1520" are the Russian and foreign banks, transport companies and wagon works.

9. CARCADE Leasingportfolio 23 038 million rubles

CARCADE Leasing company with wholly foreign capital. The society was founded in 1996 and provides leasing services for cars, freight, passenger, commercial vehicles and machinery. Network of branches CARCADE Lizing are located in 50 cities of Russia. The portfolio of the leasing provider at the end of 2015 038,8 amounted to 23 million rubles.

8. Siemens Finance's portfolio 25 767 million rubles

Siemens Finance is a universal leasing organization which is a subsidiary of the concern Siemens. Siemens Finance was founded in 1999 and operates today in 20 regions in Russia. The main directions of its activities aimed at the acquisition of machinery, equipment and transport for small and medium businesses, financing of large enterprises. Also Siemens Finance reports in leasing equipment from Simens. The portfolio of the company for information over the past year is 25 767,9 million rubles.

7. Baltic Leasingportfolio 30 627 million rubles

Baltic Leasing group leasing companies (GK), which has been operating since 1990. Baltic Leasing offer a range of services., including leasing of vehicles, real estate, machinery and other equipment. Since 1994, GK became a member of ROSLEASING (Russian Association of Leasing companies). Since 1999 is part of the United Leasing Association (OLA). The portfolio of the service provider is 30 627 million rubles.

6. Evroplanportfolio 42 972 million rubles

Europlan is one of the best auto leasing companies operating on the market since 1999. It offers its services to both legal entities and physical persons on acquisition of motor transport in leasing. Also Europlan operates in the segment of auto insurance. The society collaborates with major creditors, including VTB, Sberbank, Gazprombank and others. The volume of leasing portfolio of evroplan at the end of last year amounted to about 42 972,4 million rubles. The organization operates throughout Russia and has about 100 offices.

5. STLCportfolio 173 329 million rubles

State transport leasing company (gtlk) is working on the leasing market since 2001. The main activities of the company is to provide technology and equipment of aviation companies and airports in Russia, water transport sea ports and also railway and motor equipment. As at the end of 2015, the portfolio STLC amounted to 173 329,1 million rubles.

4. TransFin-Mportfolio 250 428 million rubles

TransFin-M is one of the leaders of leasing services in the Russian market. The organization has been operating since 2005 and was founded by NPF Blagosostoyanie. The company finances leasing deal with the following types of property: real estate, vehicles, railway equipment, ships and aircraft, and also machinery and energy equipment. This is one of the most reliable companies with an AA rating from the NRA (National rating Agency). The portfolio of TransFin-M is currently 250 428,6 million rubles.

3. Sberbank Leasingportfolio 369 199 million rubles

Sberbank Leasing (GK) opens the three largest leasing companies of the Russian Federation. Good reputation and reliability of the joint stock company confirmed by the International rating Agency Fitch Ratings (rating "BBB", the national rating of "AAA"). This is also confirmed by the rating compiled by RA Expert, which assesses the savings Bank Leasing at level A , which means high financial stability. The organization has been functioning since 1993 and its only shareholder is Sberbank of Russia. Sberbank Leasing finances projects in the real sector of the economy in order to facilitate updating, modernisation and extension of fixed assets of Russian enterprises. In addition, the activity of the company focused on leasing of motor transport, building equipment, liquid equipment, and also Finance major projects in all industries. By the end of 2015 the volume of leasing portfolio of Sberbank Leasing was 369 199,0 million rubles.

2. VTB-Leasingportfolio 442 296 million rubles

VTB Leasing is among the three leaders of leasing companies by the end of 2015. Joint-stock company was established in 2002 and its sole shareholder is Bank VTB. The organization has a good reputation in both domestic and foreign markets. It firmly holds position in the top twenty leasing companies in Europe and is one of the leaders in terms of portfolio – 442 296.5 million rubles. The largest provider of leasing services work with this type of valuable property, such as vehicles, railway transport, air and sea equipment, property and special equipment and other equipment. The JSC also provides a program for small and medium-sized businesses.

1. VEB-Leasing's portfolio 771 411 million rubles

VEB-Leasing took first place in the ranking of leasing companies in Russia. The leader in volume of new business also occupies the top position on the leasing portfolio, the total amount of which is 771 411.4 million rubles. VEB-Leasing was founded in 2003 and is a community of Vnesheconombank. All activities aimed at leasing high-tech equipment, rolling stock, aircraft, ships, cars and other special equipment. The company provides its services to the largest private and public organizations of the Russian Federation. VEB-Leasing has extensive experience in conducting large transactions and transactions international leasing. The company uses a wide range of debt instruments. Financing of leasing projects occurs at the expense of Vnesheconombank and attract financing from the leading Russian and international financial institutions.

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