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The rating of leasing companies in Russia 2016-2017


Leasing is a financial instrument that along with the credit helps many entrepreneurs of Russia. The ability to obtain expensive equipment long-term lease at Nike, the current price allows them to save huge working capital. Especially attractive is the opportunity to small enterprises and beginners businessmen. But before you get this service from any company is better to know the rating of leasing companies in Russia 2016-2017 This will allow you to choose the right partner for many years.

10. National

Opens the national rating of Russian leasing companies 2016-2017. She's been active since the beginning of 2000-ies. The main activity is leasing of cars, trucks and agricultural vehicles. Also occupies a leading position in the provision of leasing services to enterprises of agricultural production in the field of rent a wide range of equipment and real estate.

9. Siberian

Siberian — one of the first companies in the leasing services market on the territory of the former USSR. It is based in the year 1996. Supplies brand any property. Depending on cost, the customer can pick almost any property, both new and used. Basically a form of property provided by the lessor, is a transportation and real estate. Also frequently engaged in providing a long-term lease of special equipment for certain industries.

8. The trick

The business — this organization is the leader among small companies for the lease of new and used transportation equipment in 2016-2017 besides provides its customers with advantageous conditions of lifting equipment, and towing equipment for trucks. Mainly localizes its activities in major cities of the country. For this reason, though the leader in the volume of deals in this sector, but can boast of big profits. However, the number of leased transport exceeds even some of the large enterprises of Russia.


URALSIB operates here for almost 28 years. Mostly leases vehicles, both passenger cars and heavy-duty. While not confined to this sector. Engaged in providing rental sports, technical, warehouse, woodworking and other equipment. The terms of the lease the lessor's pretty liberal, and therefore available to almost every citizen of Russia.

6. Evroplan

Evroplan — this leasing company for quite a long time operates on the territory of the European part of Russia. Specializiruetsya on the rent provision in the field of road transport. Has at its disposal more than 40 varieties of passenger transport and works mainly with individuals. Despite the small share capital, the company today has client base in 52 of the thousands of clients who work not only in the business sphere.

5. Gazprombank Leasing

Gazprombank Leasing — this organization was formed quite a long time, but gained popularity only after 2010. Largely due to the fact that originally its owning company Gazprom, little attention has been paid to the development of its subsidiaries. However, after the deterioration of relations with the Western world and the fall in oil prices has occurred large cash infusion to the organization. A feature of this financial institution is that it provides leasing for virtually any purpose, to any companies and also individuals. Due to this, over the last couple of years gained popularity in the country, especially among small businesses.


STLC — the lessor is a leader in one sector of business activity: the transport sector. Initially, the company was created as a support for this sector of the economy. More had a national, strategic importance, rather than to profit. However, after the economic recovery in the middle of the last decade, she continued her activity as a private company. The main shareholder of this financial institution is a savings Bank. To date, the organization takes an active part in implementation of state programs on development of transport sector and provides services to the initiation of international economic relations in the industry.

3. Sberbank Leasing

Sberbank Leasing — this company offers outstanding favorable terms for their clients, however, due to the sole shareholder, Sberbank, the company most famous for 2017 in Russia engaged in the provision of services rent of equipment and machinery. Among the domestic companies of this lender possesses the largest client base. However, profitability may not vary. Mainly engaged in the leasing of a natural person, but is involved in some large, forming separate branches of the economy enterprises. Representative offices are concentrated in Russia and the CIS countries.

2. OJSC VTB Leasing

OJSC VTB Leasing — despite the fact that a subsidiary of Vneshtorgbank have never been of much success in the sphere of provision of leasing businesses, it is quite famous among lessees for its favorable conditions. Basically such service this organization has served a large share capital to the amount of 15 billion rubles. This allows it to be in the ranking of leasing companies in 2016-2017 Main customers of this the lessor are companies engaged in international ship transportation, international transport company. For this reason, the bulk of representative offices located abroad.

1. VEB leasing

VEB leasing closes the top ten Russian leaders in 2016-2017 for the First time top companies, providing a long-term lease, the company took in 2009. However, the lead is maintained it continuously to this day. The scope of activities of customers of this company is very diverse: from small transport companies to the national mining companies. The lessor provides assistance mostly to small and medium enterprises. Due to the lack of assessment of the solvency of the entrepreneurs who applied to the company, VEB leasing can serve almost any business entity. This in turn provides the financial institution a huge flow of customers.

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