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The rating of best car vacuum cleaners 2017-2018


The interior of the car regularly needs cleaning, as it is often exposed to dirt and dust buildup. To maintain cleanliness inside the machine used is a wonderful invention as cleaners. Modern market is saturated with equipment of this type, but not all devices are good at their task. That's why we decided to identify the most powerful and reliable car vacuum cleaner, best rating 2017-2018. These models received the most positive feedback from motorists, becoming the most popular. The list includes, both budget and more expensive devices for automotive cleaning.

10. Airline Cyclone-2

Airline Cyclone-2 opens a rating of the best devices for cleaning the car interior. The features of this vacuum cleaner are its good power, and the possibility of its use for wet cleaning. The model comes with many different attachments that provide convenience and comfort during its operation and is designed for different types of upholstery. The device can easily cope with various kinds of debris. Dust, sand, fly ash will be eliminated in a matter of seconds. This is one of the best options in terms of price and quality.

9. Heyner Cyclonic Power 240000

Heyner Cyclonic Power 240000 is one of the most powerful vacuums. This is a great choice for those who want to get a good device for cleaning the vehicle's interior at an affordable cost. The device is intended for dry cleaning. Among the features of the model can highlight the presence of illumination. Comes with several attachments: upholstery, crevice, and round brush. A nice bonus is the storage bag of the vacuum cleaner. A dust collector device is a cyclone. The model is equipped with a long cord which is three meters.

8. VITEK VT-1840

VITEK VT-1840 included rightly in the list of the best models in 2017-2018. This is quite a powerful vacuum cleaner for car with cyclone filter capacity is 1.5 liters. Device among similar models in the same price category is not only good quality, but also other features. The device provides three-stage filtration, which includes the filter. Included with the device is a brush to collect lint. Storage appliance is a special case that goes with it in the kit. It is compact, very convenient and reliable model that is in demand in the market.

7. Philips MiniVac FC 6141

Philips MiniVac FC 6141 occupies a worthy place in the list of the best autopilothow this year. Lightweight and compact, it makes the cleaning process fast and efficient. Operation of the device is carried out from the cigarette lighter. Included with the device are several heads, and a bag for storage of the vacuum cleaner and its accessories. Optimum power device provides cyclonic filtration system. A two-tier system provides reliable protection against the penetration of dirt and dust trapped in the dust bag back into the environment. The primary filter blocks particles of impurities, and the secondary is designed to capture smaller particles. The device is supplied complete with four nozzles.

6. The aggressor AGR-150 Smerch

The aggressor AGR-150 Smerch is one of the most powerful and reliable. Cyclone device ensures perfect cleaning dry in the car. This vacuum cleaner is very popular among car enthusiasts due to its excellent quality, reliability and impeccable cleaning. The device itself is quite compact and lightweight, which further simplifies its operation. It is provided specifically filtering technology Smerch, thanks to which the device is not clogged after each use. The cleaner has a fine filter. It comes with various attachments and a carrying case for easy storage.


BERKUT SVC-800 is located in the middle of the ranking of the most reliable and powerful models in 2017. The device from the domestic producer has managed to establish itself as one of the best, evidenced by the numerous positive reviews from car enthusiasts. Included with the device is a special flashlight for better cleaning in hard to reach places. Cord length is not very large, only 2 meters, but this is in principle enough to say users. This model cannot be attributed to the budget, but this vacuum is worth the money because of the high reliability and capacity.

4. Nilfisk HANDY 2-IN-1 18V LI-ION

Nilfisk HANDY 2-IN-1 18V LIION ─ cleaners 2017, which offers unrivalled build quality, versatility and excellent capacity. The device can be used not only for cleaning the car interior, but also it can be operated at home. A universal model perfectly removes dust particles and debris, without giving them the slightest chance to escape back outside. The possibility of using the device at home provides a removable battery. Among other advantages of this model is its compactness, thanks to the integrated folding mechanism.

3. Pininfarina PNF/VC-100B Turbo

Pininfarina PNF/VC-100B Turbo opens the three honoured leaders of 2017. This model is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery which ensures a perfect cleaning of the car interior. Excellent choice dust bag allows you clean it from debris. The device is equipped with multiple nozzles to ensure complete cleaning dry. Also included with the device is the built-in flashlight and a bag to store the vacuum cleaner. The device has the best ratio of price and quality.


SAMSUNG VCH 136 very compact, lightweight and easy to use. The device is provided through an automobile cigarette lighter. Duplex filter system enables you to restore perfect order and cleanliness in the vehicle. The capacity of the bag is 1.3 liters, which is more than enough. The set includes all required attachments and a storage pouch. This is probably the best option with excellent characteristics at an affordable price.

1. Phantom PH-2001

Phantom PH-2001 has headed a rating of the best in 2017. The device has the perfect balance of price and quality. A budget model has a good capacity, which provides a quality service of vehicle. The device is designed for both dry and wet cleaning, making it universal in application. Included are all the necessary attachments and a cover to store the vacuum cleaner and its accessories. Most car enthusiasts note that this price is the best option is simply not to find.

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