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A rating of the best books detectives


Detectives is one of the most popular book (and not only) genre. Some readers wrongly believe detective work "light" reading, fit only to pass the time. But fans of the genre know that the detectives not only a fascinating read but also an opportunity to apply your logical and deductive skills. There is nothing more exciting than trying to disclose the main intrigue of a detective novel and guess the name of the offender. We offer our readers the best books-detectives – the ranking of the most captivating works of the detective genre compiled by reader reviews major online resources.

10. The old menCormac McCarthy

Opens a rating of the best books of the detectives, the Cormac McCarthy novel "to Old men here not a place". The book is written in the genre of violent parables. A veteran of the Vietnam war Lewellyn moss, while hunting antelope in the mountains of West Texas is on the site of disassembly of bandits. He finds dead bodies and a suitcase with a huge amount of two million dollars. Yielding to temptation, he takes the money. On moss hunt begins – in its Wake are Mexican bandits and cruel assassin Anton chigur.

Based on the novel by the brothers Coen it was produced the Thriller, which received 4 awards "Oscar".

9. The girl with the dragon tattooStig Larsson

"The girl with the dragon tattoo" Stieg Larson occupies the 9th place in the ranking of the best books of detectives.

Stig Larsson is a Swedish writer and journalist who wrote for their lives just three novels that are very popular. He died of a heart attack at 50 years of age, never seeing his first book published.

In "the Girl with the dragon tattoo" fell into disgrace journalist Mikael Blomkvist makes an offer industrial tycoon to uncover the mystery of the disappearance of his great-niece. She disappeared 40 years ago, and the manufacturer is sure that the girl was murdered by someone from the family. The journalist takes on the case not for money but to escape from problems. He soon realizes that the disappearance of a young Harriet linked to the murders of women that occurred at different times in Sweden.

This is interesting: a mystery novel "the Girl with the dragon tattoo," Stephen king was included in the list of their 10 favorite books.

8. That was notBoileau — Narsezhaka

The novel "The one that was" Boileau — Narsezhaka takes 8 place in the ranking of the best books of detectives. This is the story of a husband who under the influence of his mistress kills wife, but soon begins to experience pangs of conscience.

"That which was not" a psychological novel, a tension which grows with every read page. The authors of this classic detective managed to create the illusion of total immersion of the reader in the events of the book.

7. Kiss the girlsJames Patterson

Seventh place in the ranking of the best detective books is a novel by James Patterson "Kiss the girls".

Books Patterson repeatedly became bestsellers, and he is among the best selling writers in the world. Much love readers enjoy Alex Cross, the protagonist of a series of books Patterson. In the detective Thriller "Kiss the girls" forensic psychologist on the trail of a serial killer nicknamed Casanova, who kidnapped and killed several young women. Cross has his own important reason to find the maniac is in the hands of Casanova is his niece.

6. The Day Of The JackalFrederick Forsyth

In 6th place in the ranking of the best books detectives is a novel by Frederick Forsyth "the day of the Jackal". The first book of the writer made him famous – a political Thriller about the assassination attempt of Charles de Gaulle instantly became a bestseller. The plot of the novel, an extremist organization is hiring for the destruction of the French President's killer under the pseudonym "the Jackal". French authorities receive information that the assassination attempt involved a professional, about which nothing is known except his pseudonym. Starts an operation to search for the Jackal.

Interesting fact: foresight for 20 years was an agent of MI6 (British intelligence service). His manuscript was read in MI6 to the writer inadvertently gave out confidential information.

5. The Maltese FalconHammett Desil

Roman Desila Hammett "the Maltese Falcon", included among the classics of world literature occupies 5 place in the ranking of the best books of detectives.

Private detective Sam spade takes on the investigation at the request of a certain miss Wonderly. She asks to find her sister, ran away from home with her lover. Partner's spade accompanying the client to meet her sister, is found murdered, and suspicion in Commission of crime falls on Sam. It soon becomes clear that the case involved a statue of the Maltese Falcon, which are hunted by many.

4. A study in scarlet Arthur Conan Doyle

"A study in scarlet" by Arthur Conan Doyle – on the 4th place in the ranking of the best detective books. All the novels about the investigations of Sherlock Holmes, read in one breath and the best of them difficult to name. "A study in scarlet" – the first book dedicated to the great British master of the deductive method.

Victorian England. In view of the constrained financial position of a military doctor, retired John Watson shares a flat in London with another gentleman, Sherlock Holmes. The past is full of mysteries, and its class, and strange visitors bring Watson to the idea that his flatmate was a criminal. Soon it turns out that Holmes is a detective often advises the police.

3. AzazelBy Boris Akunin

Third place in the ranking of the best books detectives is the first novel from the novels about Erast Fandorin "Azazel" by Boris Akunin. Twenty-year-old Erast Fandorin serving in the police simple clerk, but dreams of becoming a detective. Strange suicide of a student, the witness of which became the protagonist, gives him a chance to show their abilities in the investigation of this complicated case.

2. The silence of the lambsThomas Harris

"Silence of the lambs" by Thomas Harris ranks second in the ranking of the best detective books. The novel won him huge popularity. This is the second book about Hannibal Lecter, a gorgeous forensic psychiatrist and cannibal.

Clarice Starling, the FBI cadet receives from his superiors a job to involve Hannibal Lecter, a dangerous criminal and a great forensic psychologist.

The novel was filmed in 1991 and has received 5 awards "Oscar" in the most prestigious categories.

1. Ten little IndiansAgatha Christie

Heads a rating of the best books detectives "Ten little Indians" by Agatha Christie.

Each of the novels of the English writer masterpiece, but "Ten little Indians" has a particularly dark atmosphere. A small island, ten guests, invited by a mysterious owner of the mansion and murder, exactly the appropriate nursery rhyme, acquiring with each new victim is a more sinister meaning.

The novel was repeatedly filmed.

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