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A rating of the best coffee machines for office


Lately in the offices began to enjoy great popularity of such devices as coffee machines. They allow you to start the morning with a delicious, refreshing, and most importantly, natural beverage that can charge with energy, cheerfulness and good mood for the whole day. The list of the best coffee machines for office which is presented below, includes models that received the highest number of positive reviews from users.

10. Bosch TAS Tassimo 4014EE

Opens a rating of the best capsule model Bosch Tassimo TAS 4014EE. The device is capable of making the required strength of the drink. In addition there are also adjust the temperature of fluid supplied. The apparatus has such function as power off. The device can also implement a separate cottage of water. The advantage of this machine is the large water tank. Among the minuses is possible to allocate a small amount of pressure which the coffee is brewed very quickly. Users report that the device makes a very delicious, fragrant and rich drink.

9. Krups KP 1002/1006/1009

Krups KP 1002/1006/1009 located on the ninth line of the rating. This model has an excellent ratio of price and quality. Capsule coffee machine has a failsafe. The low cost of the device was the reason that he has a small water tank 600 ml, so the office, which employs more than 5-6 people, this machine will not be enough. The model is intuitive to operate, but does not have the rich functionality. The rest of the machine users have no complaints, as it is the best choice for small money.

8. Delonghi Nespresso Pixie

Delonghi Nespresso Pixie comes with the normal coffee machines suitable for use in an office environment. The device includes such useful features as auto power off and descale. The last one serves as an automatic remove the scale that makes the device more convenient to care for. In the presence of a specialized tank for waste of the brewed coffee. Encapsulated coffee machine capable of providing from 30 servings of delicious and rich drink. To prepare the drink we recommend that you use Nespresso capsules.

7. Melitta Caffeo Solo

Melitta Caffeo Solo is on the list of best devices for brewing coffee in the office. This model has the perfect balance of price and quality. The machine provides the coffee grinder, and removable drip basin tray. Will not be easy to simultaneously cook a couple of cups of delicious coffee, pre-wetting the coffee powder is obtained. The device has a very compact size. Among other advantages, we should highlight the presence of adjust brew strength and grind adjustment. Among the disadvantages users have reported small-sized liquid tank and the waste container. Other shortcomings of the device no.

6. Saeco HD 8763

Saeco HD 8763 is a great choice for exploitation in the conditions of office. The device has an automatic milk Frother, which is a clear advantage. Also the device has a grinder. This unit can control the strength of the drink, necessary portions, and also has the function "fast steam". Among other advantages it should highlight the excellent build quality and materials. Coffee machine made of materials of high impact resistance that protects it from damage in case of unexpected fall.

5. Delonghi ECAM 22.360

Delonghi ECAM 22.360 is located in the middle of one of the most worthy models. It is recognized as the best in terms of functionality, and is also considered one of the most popular among coffee lovers. The main drawback of the device is its high cost, but because of the great diversity of functions, it would be inappropriate to wait for lower prices on camera. The complete unit includes the coffee grinder, and cappuccino machine. Smart machine is able to adjust the degree of grinding, is able to prepare two cups of delicious drink and serve pairs without any delay. The machine makes very good cappuccino and latte, has a built-in adjustment of the degree of foam.

4. Delonghi EC 155

Delonghi EC 155 is one of the most worthy members of the list. The ratio of the value of built-in functionality in this model there is no real competition. Italian coffee machine brand, is able to prepare a rich full-bodied taste of the drink as espresso and capsules. If cooking is used, the second raw material, the apparatus does not require additional cleaning and care. The device has a compact size, so will not take up much space in the office. The device is also convenient and intuitively easy to use.

3. Philips HD 8848

Philips HD 8848 opens the top three. This coffee machine has a stylish design and great functionality. The tank is designed for the grinding of raw materials is calculated by as much as 250 grams. You can immediately prepare a drink for a couple of cups. The waste container holds 15 servings. Additional advantages should also highlight the presence of energy-saving modes as well as a dispenser with adjustable. The device is in automatic mode, whips cream, and then adds them to the basic drink. The device is equipped with such useful features as automatic wetting of the grains, control over the strength of the beverage and adjust the amount of hot water.

2. Jura Impressa C60

Jura Impressa C60 is located on the second line rating of the best machines for brewing delicious coffee beverage. This unit boasts a large variety of built-in functionality. It has a large water tank, designed almost 2 litres. The device is also built-in six modes of overwork the main raw material for beverage preparation. Descale in automatic mode greatly simplifies the care of the coffee machine, which is especially important in an office environment. There is an automatic adjustment of water hardness, as well as a built-in filter that is responsible for the receipt of only crystal clear liquids to drink. At the same time the machine can produce up to two servings.

1. WMF 1200 S

WMF 1200 S completes a rating of the leading coffee machines which are ideal for the office. The device can be connected to the water supply, which is an advantage. An integrated coffee grinder, which is able to adjust the grind coarseness. Putting mastracci necessary, you can adjust the fortress, as well as temperature of supplied ready-to-drink. The device is able to give immediately to two servings, which is very convenient. There are six built-in modes for speciality drinks. The only drawback of the model is very high cost.

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