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Rating best headphones for the smartphone


In the ranking of the best headphones for smartphone has got some of the best quality models that are on the market today. Among them are such as simplified device at a reasonable price, and models with many additional functions, professional sound quality and corresponding price.

10. Philips SHE3590Price of 500 rubles

Opens the top ten models for smartphones headphones Philips SHE3590. This is one of the best budget options, which pleases not only the price but also quality. Great sound, the presence of bass, perfect noise isolation – the main advantages of the device. The disadvantages of Philips SHE3590 is the absence of the control unit and the microphone for talking. The price of the product to date is about 500 rubles.

9. Sony MDR-ZX100Price of 1000 rubles

The ninth place among the best headphones for mobile devices is a compact and attractive model Sony MDR-ZX100. They are very light and hardly felt when worn. Despite the seeming external fragility, the device is quite durable and reliable. The main advantages are excellent, clear sound and reasonable price. Among the disadvantages noted not long enough cable. The cost of Sony MDR-ZX100 is in the range of 1000 rubles.

8. Sony MDR-ZX300Price of 1200 rubles

On eighth place is the headphones Sony MDR-ZX300, which can be used for mobile devices. In addition, the model boasts an attractive appearance, it still has a compact size. High build quality ensures reliability of the device and great sound, devoid of background noise. Headphones are ideal for listening to music on the device, but cannot be used as a headset for talking. Also here is not provided and the control unit. The average cost of a technical product – 1200 rubles.

7. Sony STH-30Price 1300 rubles

In seventh place among the best headphones for smartphones is a stylish and attractive model of Sony STH-30. High-quality and clean sound has plenty of bass and high frequencies do not create rattles and other stimuli. On the headset cable is a control unit with buttons and a MIC for conversations. In addition, the device has a fairly rugged construction. The average price of Sony STH-30 is 1300 rubles.

6. Apple EarPods MD827ZM/APrice of 2100 rubles

Apple EarPods MD827ZM/A is the sixth among the best headphones for mobile phones. They are ideal for use in iPad and iPhone, but can work with Android. Sound quality and built-in microphone is not all that can please stereo. With unusual design makers managed to achieve proper soundproofing which protects from external sounds. On a wired system is a small control unit with microphone for talking and a small number of buttons. Pretty robust design has a corresponding price. Buy Apple EarPods MD827ZM/A in average for 2100 rubles.

5. Sony SBH20Price of 2500 rubles

Fifth place is one of the most inexpensive models of wireless headphones Sony SBH20. The headset provides decent sound quality, but endowed with enough capacity battery, which reduces battery life. The device includes a wireless control unit can be used with any other headphones. This is a pretty good approach to the invention is its main advantage. In addition, tekhprodukt very compact, attractive design and quite reliable. Average cost of Sony SBH20 – 2500 rubles.

4. Pioneer SE-MJ751Price of 3000 rubles

On the fourth place among the best wireless stereo for smartphone located over-ear Pioneer SE-MJ751. It's a pretty reliable design that will be difficult to damage. Light and practical headphones provide quality sound with good sound insulation from external stimuli. It has a bass control that lets music lovers who prefer a distinct sound of percussion instruments, enjoy the music in full. The cost model is on average 3,000 rubles.

3. Samsung Gear CirclePrice 4000 rubles

The top three open wireless headphones Samsung Gear Circle. The first thing that attracts in this model – a kind design. The control device in use is at the user's neck. The device is stuffed with diverse smart functions. The headset can maintain a connection with up to 8 devices that are running Android or iOS. Can work with Samsung smartphones and other gadgets. Only when combining the Samsung Gear Circle with another firm device may not be available some additional features. Therefore, headphones are recommended with the native smartphones. The battery provides Autonomous operation for quite a long time. But the manufacturer did not foresee one thing – the indicator allows to monitor the charge of the device. The average price for the Gear Circle is 4000 rubles.

2. Sony SBH52Price of 4300 rubles

The second position among the best headphones for smartphones gets models: Sony SBH52. The wireless device receives a signal from the media device using the technology Bluetooth. There is a fairly powerful and capacious battery, which the control unit was a great and multifunctional. In addition to various control buttons provides a display that shows the name of the current musical composition. Accelerates the process of connecting a supported feature NFC. In addition, the headset has a built - in FMradio. The only flaw of the product – lack of protection from the wind. Average cost of Sony SBH52 is in the range of 4 300 rubles.

1. Parrot ZikPrice 15 000 rubles

Topping the list is one of the most expensive models of the rating Parrot Zik. Wireless system Bluetooth allows you to use headphones with maximum convenience. To speed up the connection process of the device will support NFC. Conventional control buttons replaced with touch. Parrot Zik is equipped with an innovative system of noise reduction: with the built-in microphones, external sound is analyzed and converted to the desired frequency. Thus, human hearing does not perceive external stimuli. The customer receives absolutely high-quality and clear sound without ambient noise. The fifth built-in microphone is provided for telephone conversations. The headphone enables connection of a cable. Among the minuses is possible to allocate the inflated price of tekhprodukt – an average of 15 000 rubles. Also, users complain about the short operating time in Autonomous mode. Otherwise, the Parrot Zik has no equal in its segment.

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