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Rating best washing machines 2017


Washing machines have become an integral part of modern life. This type of device can significantly save time and help to look neat. The market represented a huge selection of machines for washing clothes. Among them is the best washing machine 2017 rating in terms of reliability which is below. Included in the list of the machine passed the test of time, and won a good reputation among users.

10. Asko W68843 W

Asko W68843 W opens a list of the most reliable machines for the current year. Company ASKO has established itself as one of the best manufacturers of devices for washing. The model, fell to tenth place, has quite a decent boot, component 8 kg, enough for a large family. Maximum spin is as much as 1,800 revolutions in a minute. When capacity and power pressed, the unit is quite compact, its dimensions are equal 60x59x85 cm, and he weighs about 76 kg Model relates to energy saving, since it takes the minimum amount of energy. Among the additional functionality is to provide protection from leaks and lock away from children. The device provides silent operation, it is made from durable materials and feature fifteen programs.

9. Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD

Electrolux EWW 51696 SWD deservedly included in the list of the best. Appliances company Electrolux has long proven only the good side. Not spared a good reputation and a washing machine. In 2017, the model EWW 51696 SWD was recognized by consumers as one of the most reliable. Running the unit on inverter engine. The model has proved as a great helper, allowing to do without the services of dry cleaners, because she can do almost any pollution, while the manufacturer guarantees a solicitous attitude to things. Silent operation and minimal power consumption — another small nice bonuses during operation of the machine. Additional functions not to mention modes of drying and treatment with steam.

8. Indesit EWSC 51051

Indesit EWSC 51051 model of the Italian manufacturer, which was able to get into the security rating of 2017. First what stands out with this device is its compact dimensions that make up 60x42x85 see the Maximum possible loading of the unit is 5 kilograms, which is sufficient for a small family. The device has a reliable and high-quality Assembly, which provide a long service life. It is easy to use, does not create excessive noise during operation, energy efficient, and has acceptable cost.

7. Asko W8844 XLW

Asko W8844 XLW took seventh place ranking. This model from the company ASKO has a high quality and robust build and is made of high quality material, also extending its lifetime. This is a very roomy unit, which is capable at once to fit up to 11 kg of Laundry that can boast not every washing machine. The device very sparingly uses electricity and water. Functionality W8844 XLW includes 12 programs, and also provides customized settings with their further preservation.

6. GRAUDE WA 90.0

GRAUDE WA 90.0 — reliable washing machine from the German company. This model is not only a high quality build and high-strength materials that were used in its production, but also other characteristics that deserve attention of the consumer. She has a wide range, good capacity tank (9 kg), powerful enough spin and low power consumption. The device is endowed with the function of delay start washing daily. Also the unit has protection from leaks and lock away from children. Number of provided functions for washings here is impressive — there are 16 modes. And all this for affordable price.

5. AEG L 573260 SL

AEG L 573260 SL is one of the best washing machines that deserve attention. It has a high quality build and reliable materials. The drum device is designed for 6-pound load. Power spin is up to 12000 rpm. The unit is equipped with LCD display and electronic control, with which you can choose one of 16 modes are provided washings.

4. Bosh WLK 24261

Bosh WLK 24261 belongs to the best devices designed for washing clothes. "German" has established itself in the Russian market as one of the most reliable. It speaks volumes and build quality, and materials used in production, and a long service life without breakdowns. The unit incorporated 15 programs of washes, which is enough. Additionally, the model has features such as delayed start and the protection of children. WLK 24261 very sparingly uses not only electricity but also water, which is important when frequent washings. The manufacturer is confident in the quality of their product, and provides a two-year warranty.

3. Asko W6444 ALE

Asko W6444 ALE occupies the third position. To speak about quality of Assembly and materials used in excess — all at the highest level. Much more interesting this unit from the position of its functionality. Designed the drum of this model by 8 kg load, which in most cases is enough. It is very economical consumes electricity and water. The device incorporated a total of 10 modes, but, according to users, is more than enough. Is this model of high quality washing and easy controls. Additionally, in the machine there are functions of protection against leaks and blocking of kinder.

2. AEG L 576272 SL

AEG L 576272 SL occupies an honorable position in the ranking of washing machines this year. This model stands out not only a quality build, but high rates of washing possibilities. Consumers claim that the device copes even with persistent pollutants. The drum is only rated for 6.5 kg load, but this is enough for a not very big family. Among the features of the model should highlight the function of controlling the level of foaming. There is also the protection from leakage and the possibility of blocking from children.

1. LG F-12U2HFNA

LG F-12U2HFNA occupies the leading position in the rankings. LG is positioned in the Russian market as one of the most reliable manufacturers. Proof of this is the great popularity of this manufacturer in the Russian market for many years. In addition to quality, high quality and durable materials, the model presented in the ranking, stands out for the versatility, capacity (load 7 kg) and high quality of washing. It is silent in operation, almost does not vibrate during the spin cycle and is fixed on any surface and surface.

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