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Exciting holiday trip for the new year


To prepare for the New year, people begin to advance and different. Someone is the menu for the holiday table, while others prefer to make an appointment the next years of his life, original and memorable. They are working on routes for upcoming trips or are looking for ready Christmas tours in 2018, is able to make a holiday memorable.

Popular destinations

The diversity of the team "Leisure Sports" is able to satisfy the most diverse preferences. For some, requires a good physical shape and special training, others are more like a fascinating walk through uncharted places. The catalogue presents New year tours, varying in type, duration and price. Important factors affecting its value are chosen route, you need a visa and clearance time of the order. Early booking Christmas tours of Moscow will significantly reduce spending on travel. Tourists can explore the Russia (Caucasus, Altai, Khibiny, titur on Northern regions) or visit:

  • South Africa (trekking, Victoria falls);
  • Mexico (San Luis Potosi, canyons, wildlife);
  • Morocco (Marrakech, Paradise valley, mount Toubkal in Morocco);
  • Iran (Tehran, desert Kalut, the ancient city of Persepolis);
  • Tanzania (Safari, climbing to the highest point of Africa), etc.
  • The programmes include different types of activities such as rafting, guided mountain tours, Hiking, climbing mountain peaks, skiing. It can be family friendly, activity, adventure tour or a relaxing sightseeing trip in "Leisure Sports" you can buy cheap new year tours designed for all categories of travelers.

    Advantages of travel "Leisure Sports"

    Take a tour from an experienced and responsible travel company, the customer will receive from travel bright emotions and unforgettable impressions. Cooperation with it has a number of advantages, the main of which are:

  • high level visits at all stages of the;
  • reasoning programs to the smallest nuances;
  • support groups by a qualified and experienced instructor, English speaking guide (if you visit another country).
  • You can choose a trip that is appropriate for the duration and the required level of training. Don't forget to invite a friends, because the more the merrier.

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