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A rating of the best vitamins for men


It is believed that adequate nutrition to fully compensate the need of the human body in all necessary vitamins. But there are times when to fill in the body of valuable elements can not do without vitamin preparations. The best vitamins for men – rating-2016, compiled for our readers, will help men to choose the optimal set of valuable elements.

Remember that info offered to readers in the article is exploratory in nature. On the market there are many vitamins. To correctly select a vitamin complex, need to consult a doctor.

10. Lamin visionis the Price of 3500 rubles

Opens our ranking of the best vitamins for men "Lamin vision" from the company Vision. The drug is marketed as a remedy for fatigue, helps to increase vitality. The basis of the complex contains L-carnitine.

"Lamin vision" consists of natural components. The structure of this vitamin complex includes L-carnitine, Paraguayan tea leaves, Siberian ginseng root, pollen and vitamin C.

This is one of the best complexes of vitamins designed for the stronger sex. It stimulates physical and mental abilities and helps to resist stress situations.

Drawback – high price.

The average price of the complex (60 softgels) – 3500 rubles.

9. Orange Triad Controlled LabsPrice 2300 rubles

Orange Triad Controlled Labs – 9 in the list of best vitamins for men. The drug is aimed at strengthening the immune system, improve digestion, increase of a tone and joint support.

The b complex includes all the necessary vitamins and trace elements in optimum proportions.

The average cost of the drug (270 tablets) – 2300 rubles.

8. Wellman capsulesPrice 550-600 rubles

Vitamins Wellman pods – 8 in the ranking of the best vitamins for men in 2016. "Wellman" contains 9 vitamins and 10 minerals. The complex stimulates mental and physical activity, improves metabolism, boosts body energy and resistance to colds.

The average price of the drug (30 capsules) – 550-600 rubles.

7. OligovitPrice of 270-350 rubles

7 in the ranking of the best vitamins for men is "Oligovit". The daily rate of the drug General body of vitamins and minerals. "Oligovit" is used for strengthening and maintaining the immune system in a period of great physical and mental stress with regular exercise. Special "men's" version of the vitamin b complex "Oligovit" does not exist.

The average price of the drug (30 pills) – 270-350 roubles.

6. Veteran Suckupsthe Price of 1500 rubles

In 6th place in the ranking of the best vitamins for men 2016 is "Veteran Suckups". The formula includes 11 vitamins, 10 minerals and even trace elements 3. A feature of this complex of vitamins – high digestibility of its components.

"Veteran Suckups" shown under severe stress, vitamin deficiency, increased physical activity, decreased performance, during recovery and after treatment with antibiotics. B complex improves skin tone, helps to resist colds.

"Veteran Suckups" is available in pack containing 30 capsules.

Drug cost – 1500 rubles.

5. CentrumPrice 570 rubles

Occupying 5 place in the ranking of the "Centrum" refers to the most popular vitamin complexes for men. It contains 24 vitamins and minerals. The drug improves the nervous and cardiovascular systems, strengthens the immune system and contributes to the normalization of view.

The average price of the drug(30 capsules) – 570 rubles.

4. VitrumPrice 450 rubles

"Vitrum" is one of the popular vitamin complexes. Especially for men, it is no longer available, but among the variety of multivitamin complexes manufacturer, you can choose the product that brings maximum effect. So, "I Superstress" will help to protect the body by eliminating psycho-emotional stress, "Vitrum life" provides the daily requirement of nutrients for young men actively involved in sports and very good at first aimed at improving memory and stimulating brain activity in older men.

The average price of the drug (30 pills) – 450 rubles.

3. I thinkthe Price of 400 rubles

On the 3rd place in the ranking of the best vitamins for men 2016 is a "Duovit". This popular range of useful items that contain the daily requirement of essential minerals and vitamins. "Duovit" reduces the risk of osteoporosis and anemia, maintains healthy hair, nails and skin.

Vitamin complex helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, prevents premature hair loss, protects against stress, infection, and adverse environmental impact.

The average cost of the drug (30 tablets) – 400 rubles.

2. Mans formula More than multivitaminsPrice 420-500 rubles

Mans formula "More than multivitamins" from the company "Farmamed" – the 2nd place in the ranking of the best vitamin complexes for representatives of the stronger sex. It contains 20 vitamins, 11 minerals and 4 extract of medicinal plants.

Mans formula improves health, enhances immunity and improves vitality. The drug is used at high physical and mental stress, reduced efficiency, frequent colds.

The average price of the drug (30 tablets) – 420-500 rubles.

1. AlphabetPrice 350-450 rubles

"Alphabet" – one of the best and popular vitamin complexes for men. The product contains everything necessary for the male body minerals and vitamins. Its membership also includes: taurine, carotenoids , L-carnitine and Siberian ginseng.


  • increase endurance and tone;
  • protects from the adverse effects of the environment;
  • improves efficiency.
  • Part of the "Alphabet" consists of 13 vitamins and minerals.

    Daily dose of vitamin – three tablets. Morning and afternoon doses contain restorative Supplement, and take them in the evening undesirable.

    The average price of the drug (60 tablets) – 350-450 rubles.

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