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The rating of the multifunction printer for home 2016-2017


Multifunction printer (MFP) combines several required options. Scanner, printer, copy module and Fax integrated into one unit to save space and money. When you select the MFP you need to pay attention to the type of printing: inkjet ideal for the purpose of domestic use, MFP jet type are not large and have the function print color pictures; laser provides high-speed, low cost printing, an essential for frequent and mass work. In and multifunction printer for home 2016-2017 includes the best devices of this type.

10. HP DeskJet 2130

HP DeskJet 2130 — the budget device that combines a printer, scanner and copier rightfully opens the rating of MFP for home in 2016-2017, as, first, in a relatively high price, the buyer gets a good print quality, low noise, and secondly, not large size and small weight allow you to place the printer where it is convenient. Also pleasing is a simple and automatic configuration. Among the downsides are not a large amount of cartridges, the inability to print borderless and decrease speed with increased resolution.

9. Canon Pixma MG3540

Canon Pixma MG3540 is a worthy inkjet 3 in 1 device which occupies the 9th place in the ranking of the best MFP for a house in 2016-2017, will help you with daily printing, scanning and copying documents. The wi-fi module will facilitate the work with this gadget, making it virtually independent of wires, however, the complex configuration of this function can be a barrier for a novice user. This multifunction printer features an auto duplex printing, which is very pleasing to the budget device. The obvious drawback in this instance is a low print speed color (up to seven pages per sixty seconds) and monochrome (ten per minute) images. Low cost and good quality makes this MFP a good choice for students.

8. Ricoh SP 111SU

Ricoh SP 111SU 8 rating, the best multifunction printer for home in 2016-2017 located the Japanese unit, to work in a small office or home use. Ricoh SP 111SU is characterized by high productivity, a short delay of the first sheet and good quality. Also worth noting is the availability of refillable ink cartridge, color scanning and duplex printing. An important aspect for home MFP is quiet operation, this machine copes. The main disadvantage of this device is limited support operating systems this MFP works only with Windows.

7. Epson Expression Home XP-423

Epson Expression Home XP-423 — aesthetic MFP with a LCD display with a diagonal of more than six inches, touch-sensitive buttons, the option to connect using Wi-Fi Direct Multi-NIC, and a slot for a memory card reader occupies the 7th place in the ranking of best multifunction printer for home 2016-2017. Despite the great functionality of the device has compact dimensions and will fit perfectly into any interior without taking up much space. This device works with four colors, which allows to give very high quality images without loss of color. Thanks to the individual cartridges, when to replace you can replace only the cartridge which has run out of ink.
Relative disadvantages of this apparatus are expensive consumables and a lack of automatic duplex printing.

6. Canon PIXMA MG5740

Canon PIXMA MG5740 in this gadget, which took 6th place in the rating of top-end MFP for home 2016-2017, able to print photos and documents from cloud storage. It is not necessary to turn on the computer, you can use the color screen MFP or smartphone with iOS or Android with the free app Canon PRINT. The device is compatible with many services, such as Flickr, Picasa and Instagram for photos and Microsoft Office documents. To improve print quality, Canon uses the model 2 black cartridge. The first contains the ink to the paper, the second ink is optimized for printing documents on office paper.
MG5750-the cheapest model Epson with support for cloud services. Among the minuses is possible to allocate a low print speed.

5. Canon G2400

Canon G2400 — fifth place in the ranking of the best MFP for a house in 2016-2017 for the most demanding and economical device suitable for home use. Reserve color cartridge is as much as 7,000 pages, black and white, a little less than 6,000 pages, while the camera remains compact and easy to move.
Among the main advantages should be allocated to high-productivity printing, easy refill cartridges, quality of photo print and an affordable price. The main disadvantage of this MFP is a high enough volume of work. To the remaining shortcomings should be attributed quality plastic and expensive.

4. HP Deskjet ink Advantage 5575

HP Deskjet ink Advantage 5575 — four-color MFP ink jet type which is best suited for home and small office with excellent print quality of photographs, ability to control via smartphone and simple settings. The machine has the function of duplex printing. The ability to connect to wireless networks wi-fi allows you to get rid of extra wires, and the compact design of this device will not crowd the workspace.
From the obvious drawbacks that you should consider when choosing MFP - a small resource color cartridge(300 pages) and a longer release of the first list (19 seconds).

3. Samsung Xpress M2870FD

Samsung Xpress M2870FD opens the top three of a ranking of the best MFP for a house in 2016-2017 the real workhorse from Samsung, which is ideal for creating your own home office. This laser MFPs high-speed print the first page, a high ratio of volume printing (9 800 pages per month) support wi-fi and remote control via app on your smartphone. Detailed control panel and the availability of duplex printing and scanning makes the camera. A relative drawback of this option is the high price and costly dressing.

2. Canon Maxify MB2340

Canon Maxify MB2340 — silver rating, the best multifunction printer for home in 2016-2017 device goes to the office of destination, which is perfect for working at home. Among the other MFPs in this price interval, this device shows higher print speed, decent depth, and a significant amount of color(750 pages) and monochrome(1100 pages) cartridges. Also Canon Maxify MB2340 contains a wifi module that allows you to print documents and photos from any device on your network. A possible weak point of the inability to print borderless and high average price.

1. Canon Pixma MG6840

Canon Pixma MG6840 — this unit is rightly holds the highest place in the ranking of the best multifunction printer for home use in 2016-2017. Canon Pixma MG6840 can boast of low cost and reliability, the main emphasis was made not on functionality but on quality. Five-color inkjet printing transfers the whole depth of the shades. Print speed is also high. In General, the device copes with the tasks. The only downside we can note a small set of features, but for home use it is not a serious role.

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