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The rating of microfinance institutions 2016-2017


The convenience and speed of getting small loans made to micro credit organizations are very popular in Russia. In 2017 their number in the whole country exceeded 3 thousand units. Competition in this field has become very large, for this reason, certain firms provide the most favorable conditions to its customers to attract a large audience and, of course, to get more profit. With such a variety of suggestions you need to know the rating of microfinance institutions 2016-2017. This article presents firms with the most favorable conditions of the loan.

10. Timer

Timer — this organization, perhaps, is the leader today in the market of micro loans. The main difference from other organizations is the low interest rate, with a mere 0.63% in day. For example, the average firm has a rate of 1.50 %. In addition, the universality of the issue is an exclusive feature. In addition to the issuance of money to a well-known Bank cards and e-wallets, Simer transfer money and on such systems as Payeer and other third-party accounts. Among the negative aspects, it is perhaps worth noting the obligation binding the Bank card. Besides, to get loan you have to be over the age of 25 and have a salary of not less than 35 thousand rubles per month.

9. MoneyMan

MoneyMan is the most widespread organization that provides debt small funds. Having started its operations only in 2012, this company today gives debts to residents of Kazakhstan, Georgia, and even distant Spain. However, all the main activity is on the territory of Russia. The interest rate is not universal. Depending on a borrower can vary from 0 to 1.85 %. Its size can affect the credit history of the person, income, and the duration and size of the funds received. Besides the maximum loan amount for a particular person individually depends on the above mentioned data.

8. Instant Loan

The moment the Loan is the first MFI in Russia. Thanks to it has the largest network of branches and representative offices in the country. In addition, you can obtain a loan online. In General, the money from that MFIs can get 5600 points of issue throughout Russia. A mandatory condition of approval of this firm is the presence of the official income is not less than 10 thousand rubles. In addition, the person must not have current loans from other organizations and not have a single delay for the entire history of credit. Loan issued for a period of 3 to 30 days, at an interest rate of up to 1 % depending on the receive of the debt. So, if a person first gets a loan with a bullet maturity, the rate will be 1%. With the gradual repayment over a longer period it drops to 0.5 %.


SMBFINANCE is another liberal in this market. Prepares credit exclusively via the Internet. This requires only a passport. A decision on the application shall be made immediately. To obtain money from the MFIs all the citizens of Russia under age. But unlike Credit 24, SMSFILES different average amount of daily interest rates on their loans. To obtain borrowed funds for a period from 1 day to months at a percentage equal to 0.90 per 24 hours.

A feature of this organization is the possibility of obtaining a debt the clock and even on weekends.


LIME-LOAN (LIME ZAIM) — another company operating 24/7, with the most liberal approach in the issuance of debt. So, apply for a loan here can persons, being citizens of the Russian Federation under 18 years of age. The loan is made online and a decision is made instantly. The term of the loan one of the biggest in this market and ranges from 1 up to 90 days at a rate of 0.8 %. However, the loan amount is limited within 20400 roubles.


PLATIZA — one of the famous companies providing the means for online applications. Working around the clock and seven days a week. The maturity can be up to 45 days. Loans of up to 30 thousand rubles at the rate of 1% per day can any adult citizen of the country. You can get the money within five minutes from the time of application in any convenient way.

4. Ekapusta

Ekapusta is one of the oldest MFIs, from the first day of the Foundation works exclusively online. Feature, perhaps, is the possibility of obtaining funds without proof of income. The decision on issuing money makes not a Manager, and a specially developed program. In connection with these factors for new customers the company provides its first loan in the amount of not more than one thousand rubles. While not having the history of credit and proof of earnings you need to specify the phone number of the employer. Each time the maximum amount will grow. Very useful for creating credit history, so your loans in this firm entered into the system. All persons under the age of 21 years can obtain money up to 30 thousand rubles at an interest rate of 1.7 %. Not the smallest bet, but given the democratic character of the other conditions are quite reasonable.


ONE CLICK MONEY — perhaps one of the anti-heroes of our rating. The terms of the loan online some of the most profitable among the leaders in this market. So, for the edification of the loan you need to have a permanent job. Money size can be no more than 25 thousand rubles at a 1.8% per day. however, the loan is made online and does not require proof of income. Also a plus is the possibility of obtaining a debt of all persons from 18 to 80 years.

2. Credito 24

Credito 24 — this MFO is the most liberal and democratic approach to the potential borrowers. A loan from the organization can be issued online without providing certificates of income. To get a loan can any citizen of Russia aged 18 years. However, the rate is just huge. 1.9% per day compared to other MFIs can be considered almost predatory. However, the availability to almost everyone makes this service very popular. The loan period ranges from weeks to months, while a decision on the application is taken literally in a few minutes.


TURBOSIM differs in that it gives debts, regardless of credit history. So, customers can use the hotfix history, which helps to reduce the percentage of returns and delinquency in history and clear it. But while the conditions of the issuance of money is very conservative. So, the debt can only be obtained with proof of income. In addition, you need to be aged 21 to 65 years. And all this at just a huge rate of 2.1% on the day. This MFI will not be included in the top 10 of this ranking, if not for the program fix credit history which helps people.

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