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The horrors of 2016 — a list of movies that are already released


This is for fans to tickle your nerves from the blood-curdling view presents the horrors of the 2016 list that have already released. Meet the top ten new products.

10. The room with the puzzles

The room with the puzzles. A horror film by American Director Brian binder tells the terrible story of the girl Emily burns. Quiet carefree life Emily comes to an end. Unsuspecting girl is in a real trap. Once in the old hotel, she becomes a captive of one of the rooms from which there is no chance of getting out. Emily covers real panic and horror. A strange room filled with zuccotti and riddles. To escape from the hellish place the girl will have to show all his wits and unravel the mysteries that hides in itself this room. It's the only chance of success

9. Silence

Silence. The main character of a horror movie Maddie Yang in the childhood has lost the ability to hear. This fact alienated it from the people, and she settles in a remote quiet location, giving herself to creative writing. Once in the house, Maddie sneaks a maniac. He knows about the lack of heroine, and makes a terrible game. Finding the intruder in his territory, the woman falls into the horror, because no one can call for help. The only chance for survival is to cope with the killer. But how to do it, when in the hands of a psychopath all the cards?

8. Zooombi

Zooombi. Action horror movie takes place in the Park wild animal Safari. It is inhabited by some of the rarest animals on the planet. The Park is preparing for opening. Before the discovery of the unexpected situation: sick rare breed of monkeys, the loss of which should not be allowed. The scientists decide to enter the animal serum, which is not yet fully understood. Serum turns a monkey into aggressive zombies. After escaping from the lab she enters the Park, starting to infect the rest of the beasts. Meanwhile in the Park was a group of people or unsuspecting. The heroes find themselves in a real trap, having met one on one with dangerous creatures.

7. Quarry

Quarry. England covers a terrible epidemic. A group of people trying to escape from intrusion, decides to renovate an abandoned plane. They decide that the epidemic cannot spread in the air. Starting the journey in the air, the passengers on Board realize that the virus has penetrated into their ranks. The characters realize they cannot avoid all of the terrible infection. But they're willing to fight desperately to the end of their life.

6. Hardline

Hardline. One of the main characters of the horror film David lives with his beloved girl happy and dreams about the appearance of the firstborn. But soon rainbow dreams and quiet life comes to an end. The city covers a strange epidemic. Father tries to warn David about the serious danger that he faces with his beloved. He sends son a video with terrible content. The hero gives no value, as it believes the parent's turned a little bit because he is fond of conspiracy theories. David continues to lead a normal life. Once at the bar with a friend, he receives a disturbing call from his beloved, which warns that the streets of the city is a nightmare. Monsters roam everywhere in the form of the walking dead. The epidemic covers the entire city, and now, almost all people become zombies. David narrowly escapes, and he is ready to fight for his life.

5. Sharks on the loose

Sharks on the loose. In one of the smaller bodies of water penetrate the shark. The reason for this was the explosion produced by workers around the lake. Due to technical works breaks out the huge shark-killer that sweeps away everything in its path alive. Residents of the town didn't know about it. One of the characters decides to show teammates what you are capable of his SUV. He drives the car into the river. A ferocious monster is rapidly directed to the car, flips it over and eats the driver. After some time the body is eaten strangely find in the woods. Law enforcement agencies are sure that the murdered man was attacked by a crocodile, how else to explain the fact that the body was on land

4. The last girl

The last girl. A group of young people goes to hike. Carefree fun gives way to a nightmare when the guys opens a hunting maniac. The only one who manages to survive and escape from the hands of the killer is a girl Cam. Since it takes five years. During this period, the character changed residence, changed jobs, trying to forget the horror and go back to the usual, normal existence. She leads a solitary life and cannot shake the feelings of guilt and memories of that terrible night. Haunted by her past swiftly on the heels of a sociopath comes back for Cam. Hunting resumed again.

3. The key from hell

The key to the underworld. Five police officers spend on duty at one of the eateries. He receives a disturbing call. They're heading into the deep forest, where find a house, which was no longer live. Police immediately raises suspicion is the fact that it was made the challenge. The main characters have no idea yet what the old shack is not just a strange and eerie place, but also the underworld of hell, inhabited by terrible monsters.

2. The Way Cassidy

The Way Cassidy. In one of the districts regularly to a brutal murder. Despite all attempts of the law enforcement, maniac and cannot be found. The three friends arrive in a town where the brutal murder, to begin his own investigation and to make a documentary about it. They get acquainted with one very strange family who prefer not to communicate with other people. This fact attracts friends to unusual people. The family is invited to take part in the filming, and they agree. Soon the documentary realize that they are in the hands of these psychopaths who commit serial murder in the city over the last few years. Now, the guys should show all the dexterity, and to escape from the hands of maniacs. But will they?

1. On the other side of the door

On the other side of the door . A happy family suddenly collapses. Parents lose a child, who dies under tragic circumstances. Grief-stricken mother, learns about an ancient ritual that will help to return at a time close to this world to say goodbye. A woman visits an old, abandoned Church, the doors of which serve as a portal between the two worlds. During the ritual of the law, it is forbidden to open doors, behind which the deceased is coming. But the heroine ignores the prohibition, thus violating the balance between the world of the dead and the living.

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