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The rating of vacuum cleaners quality and reliability for 2017


Once in the life of a vacuum cleaner, cleaning in the apartment was fast, efficient and as comfortable as possible. Today the market is replete with suggestions of various models for collecting debris and dust. Each user wants to acquire not only quality, but also affordable dust-collecting unit. Taking into account these parameters in the rating of vacuum cleaners quality and reliability of 2017, we have included models that are not only well established among consumers, but also can boast a relatively low cost.

10. Samsung SC5241

Samsung SC5241 opens the list of the most reliable models this year. The unit is quite compact and weighs just over five pounds. This is a very powerful vacuum cleaner that provides suction power 410 ed. Dust collector is a bag designed for a 2.4 liter. That needs to change a bag to timely notify the indicator, which is provided with the device. Will not give out and keep inside up to 95% of dust particles, the HEPA filter 11. The device allows you to quickly, comfortably and efficiently clean the apartment. Compact size, high build quality, ensuring perfect cleaning, and affordable price are the main advantages of SC5241.

9. Zelmer ZVC752ST

Zelmer ZVC752ST included in the list of the most popular vacuum cleaners thanks to its reliability, quality and affordability. The type dust collector model is a dust bag. The suction power of the model is 250 Aut. The device provides good quality of cleaning. The device does not pass back dust particles in the air and moisturizes it. Complete ZVC752ST are additional tips to ensure maximum comfort during cleaning.

8. Bosch BSG 61800

Bosch BSG 61800 another reliable model, which could be ranked in 2017. Capacity for dust collection unit is a bag designed for collection of waste up to four litres. The compact model has a low weight, which is equal to 4.7 kilograms. Using a special controller can deliver the required power level. Maximum power ratings are 30 a bus that is more than enough. "German" also has a number of nozzles supplied, for easy and effective cleaning. This is one of the most affordable models among the devices included in the rating.

7. Philips FC 9071

Philips FC 9071 refers to reliable and low cost vacuum cleaners. The model provided a dust collector in the form of a bag which are able to fit in up to 3 liters of garbage. This is a very powerful device with a capacity of 450 auth. With this device you are guaranteed a perfect house cleaning. That bag is completely filled with debris, be sure to inform your indicator on the housing. To get dust back into the air will not allow the HEPA filter 13 is provided with the unit. It is quite a compact device, which weighs 5.7 kilograms. Another advantage of the model is the relatively low noise level.

6. Karcher DS 6.000

Karcher DS 6.000 is a very reliable cleaner that is in great demand in the market among buyers. He secured a dust bag with a capacity of 1.7 liters, which allows at the same time not only to clean the house, but also purify and humidify the surrounding air. The suction power of the unit is 255аВт that is enough. Weight of the device is only 7.5, which is not so much for a vacuum cleaner with aquafiltering. The noise level of this model is 6dB, so it can be called low noise. DS 6.000 allows you to quickly and efficiently do the cleaning in the house.

5. Thomas AQUA-BOX Compact

Thomas AQUA-BOX Compact — good quality vacuum cleaner that is surely among the top ten most reliable models this year. The capacity of the unit is 320 ed that it provides an effective cleaning. Container for collecting dust is a dust bag with a volume of 1.9 litres. Powerful tool for cleaning home provides a clean and humidified air, thanks to modern dust bag and HEPA filter 13. Vacuum cleaner with Aqua-filter model has a relatively low weight, which is 7.5 kilograms. Comfort and efficiency of cleaning also ensures that multiple nozzles included in the kit.

4. Bosch BGL35MOV14

Bosch BGL35MOV14 is a great model intended for cleaning in the living room. Compact and relatively light unit weight 4.6 pounds has high capacity, is 320 ed. Type of dust collector is presented in the form of a bag whose volume is 4 liters. Thanks to modern filter HEPA 13 device ensures the reliable retention of dust particles inside. BGL35MOV14 provided a full bag indicator, which in time will remind you that it's time to change the container for garbage collection. Cleaning with this unit is straightforward and fast thanks to the multiple attachments that come with the cleaner.

3. LG VK75W01H

LG VK75W01H opens three reliable units for dry cleaning at home. Excellent functionality and specification with a full set of tools makes the vacuum cleaner is one of the best among inexpensive models. The suction power of the unit is equal to 350 ed. Collect all the garbage ends up in a rather capacious container with a capacity of half a liter, which is more than enough for the apartment. The cleaner will ensure cleanliness in the house and reliably removes dust particles inside the filter. It is a compact model, whose mass is 5 kilogram.

2. Philips FC 8474

Philips FC 8474 — reliable model, perfectly cope with their main functions. This vacuum has sufficient suction power, which is 350 ed. The device weighs only four pounds. Included with the unit is a turbo brush designed for cleaning in homes where there are Pets. The model is equipped with a container for dust, designed for a half liter. The quality of cleaning with this device you just do not survive. The vacuum cleaner has an excellent ratio quality/price.

1. Thomas SmartTouch Drive

Thomas SmartTouch Drive — one of the most reliable models rating. This is a fairly compact unit, which weight is less than five pounds. It has Meshkova type of dust. The vacuum cleaner provides the suction power of 425 ed, which guarantees a perfect cleaning, leaving no chance to any mote. The device is equipped with a telescopic suction tube. That it's time to change the dust bag, make misleading indicator available in the housing unit. To prevent accidental damage to furniture, vacuum cleaner housing has rubber bumpers. The model is equipped with supermodernism filter that keeps the dust trapped in the dust collector.

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