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The rating of maternity hospitals of Moscow 2018-2019


Every expectant mother wants to have a healthy baby before the most important moment in her life, be sure to think about selecting the very best maternity hospitals. In the capital of Russia a large amount of this type of institution, both public and commercial. In the rating of maternity hospitals of Moscow 2018-2019, we have included the best institutions in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, with both paid and free services for expectant mothers and children.

10. Maternity hospital No. 25

Maternity hospital No. 25 is one of the oldest in Moscow. Over the last half a century maternity home provides a safe appearance of babies born. Twenty-fifth features a day hospital, is a private women's clinic, the pediatric intensive care unit and other departments. This hospital is one of the lowest mortality rates of children and mothers. Annually in its walls more than 6 thousand healthy babies into the world. The establishment is provided with modern equipment, which enables us to provide ultimate assistance to the mother and child.

9. Maternity hospital №7

Maternity hospital №7 is deservedly in the top ten of the best in Moscow. It is a perinatal center, which includes several offices. The main ones are the maternity ward, the case of pathology of pregnancy, generic operating unit, etc. Also has intensive care unit and intensive care. The seventh provides a wide range of paid and free services. At desire it is possible to conclude a contract for maintenance of individual genera. The school specializiruetsya on delivery in traditional position, and vertically. When the working courses to prepare expectant mothers for the upcoming birth.

8. Hospital No. 17

Hospital No. 17 is located on the eighth place among Moscow obstetric and gynecologic institutions. Functioning in the institution since 1993, and throughout the years of its activity, mainly specializiruetsya on premature birth. Experienced specialists of the highest category to provide maximum security for the baby and mothers in childbirth. The ICU is equipped with modern high-tech equipment that provides ideal conditions for premature babies. If desired, from the seventeenth to sign a contract for paid labor. Many mothers are concerned about the upcoming birth, the health of their own child and their own safety, address it here.

7. Maternity hospital No. 10

The hospital number 10 is one of the best in Moscow, which allowed him to enter the rating of 2019. The institution is the base of Department of obstetrics and gynecology of medical faculty GOU VPO RGMU Roszdrav. This offers a wide range of services, including management of pregnancy with any term, laboratory and instrumental examination of the future moms, infertility treatment and more.

6. Maternity hospital No. 4

Maternity hospital №4 is located on the sixth line of the rating. This is one of the capital's leading maternity hospitals, which annually are born about ten thousand kids. The hospital has 600 health workers, of which about 500 are doctors of the highest category. The school was established in the early 80s of the last century. For all the years the 4th has proven its professionalism and good reputation. Altogether, more than 400 mistook, and 130 of them are for moms with certain pathologies. In addition to the maternity Department of a intensive care unit for infants and pregnant women. Also in the 4th is a day hospital, Department of physiology and preterm infants.

5. Maternity hospital No. 5 clinical hospital№40

Maternity hospital No. 5 clinical hospital№40 is recognized as one of the best in the Russian capital. It employs highly qualified professionals that make childbirth as safe as possible for the life of the newborn and mothers. Institution specializiruetsya primarily on the management of pregnancy in women with cancer. Feature maternity home is also the presence of the separation shock therapy with surgery. Also the fifth has its own diagnostic Department, which provides the possibility of conducting studies of the pelvic organs, mammary glands, etc. in the separation in addition to gynecologist, oncologist, hematologist and a clinical psychologist.

4. Maternity hospital №3

Maternity hospital №3 included into the list of the best maternity facilities in the city of Moscow. About it can be judged impeccable reputation and years of experience for more than forty years. The third one of the first who began the practice of rooming-in hospital mom and baby. In the state institutions employs only highly qualified professionals, who are doing everything possible and even impossible to light a healthy baby. In addition to the maternity Department of the institution has its own intensive care unit, intensive care for infants and mothers, operating unit and other vital departments to ensure the safety of the baby and its mother.

3. Maternity hospital №1

Maternity hospital №1 has years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology. It was opened in the late 80-ies of the last century. In addition to birthing and postnatal facility consists of gynecological, perinatal, diagnostic-consultative and other offices. Also with the establishment of preparatory courses for childbirth. In the walls of the maternity homes if you wish, most mothers can make an epidural.

2. Perinatal Medical Center for Mother and child

Perinatal Medical Centre "Mother and child" includes a network of similar clinics, which has in its composition the maternity ward. The establishment provides a full list of obstetric and gynecological services. He has a female and medico-genetic centre, division of infertility treatment, diagnostic Department and more. Reviews about maternity network of maternity hospitals of this institution are extremely positive. Modern equipment, highly qualified and friendly medical staff will provide full safety and comfort of mom and baby.

1. Hospital EMS

Hospital EMS — paid best maternity hospital of Moscow. The medical staff includes specialists who trained and worked at leading medical centers in the United States, France and California. EMC provides a safe birth for the baby's health and child even in the most difficult births. In addition to the maternity ward, the staff of the school includes intensive care, neonatology and pathology. Childbirth is compulsory, the neonatologist, which helps to assess the condition of a newborn immediately after his birth. In the presence of pathology in the mother, skilled professionals doing everything necessary to maintain pregnancy and prevent premature birth.

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