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The rating of the biggest cats in the world


To the family cat refers to several hundred species of wild and domestic cats. They differ from each other in habits, character, chosen by habitat, color, as well as the size and weight.

In the ranking of the biggest cats in the world, not only were the representatives of domestic breeds and their wild relatives.

10. British catbody Length 70 cm

Opens the list of ten largest specimens of the cat's most ancient and popular breed in the UK – British cat. The largest Pets grow to 70 centimetres in length, and the withers – up to 33 inches. Normal weight ranges from 5-8 kg But some specimens can reach 12 kg. the British are very greedy and prone to obesity. So if your pet is not claims to be the fattest cat in the Guinness Book of records, you should carefully monitor his diet and not to overfeed. Externally, the British resemble the massive Teddy bears with powerful claws.

9. Siberian catbody Length 70 cm

One of the most beautiful and long-haired representatives of the family meowing Siberian cat is also ready to compete for the title of biggest among their own. The weight of an adult male can reach in some cases 12 kg and the average body length is 70 inches. Ancestor of domestic pet cats are considered to be steppe. They create the impression of upatissa with thick and powerful legs. Externally the animal is similar to the Persian breed because of its fur, which, incidentally, is considered to be hypoallergenic. The whiskers out there have a rather capricious character and demand of home of respect for the cat's person.

8. Wild catbody Length of 75 cm

Wild cat (spotted cat) is the wild representative of the breed of the cat and the relative of the wild cat. The largest predators of this species reach 75 inches in length, and the maximum weight is 7 kg. habitat an animal chooses semi-arid, almost free from vegetation areas. Wild cat feeds on jerboas, gophers, rabbits and other rodents. Can also hunt pheasants and chukar partridges. Predators love to eat and pet chickens: in the winter they can get close to human habitation and get into the coop.

7. Norwegian forest catbody Length of 70-80 cm

One of the oldest European breeds Norwegian forest cat is also ready to compete for the title of biggest domestic cat. Externally, the pet is similar, with species such major representatives of the Siberian cat, Maine Coon and a lynx. The growth of the animal continues until 4-5 years of age. By this time, most large animals are able to gain in weight up to 10 kg, and in length to reach 70-80 centimeters. Their strong athletic body is quite powerful with the legs of the impressive massiveness.

6. European wildcatbody Length of 80-85 cm

European wildcat, is a subspecies of the wild cat, is among the ten largest of its family. Its average body length is about 80-85 centimeters, and in weight she may gain 10-12 kg. Is a wild species, habitats which are forests of Western and Central Europe. Norwegian cats are considered to be individualists who prefer to lead a solitary lifestyle. They are combined only at the time of mating. This is a pretty serious predator, attacking young deer as well as wild and domestic goats. Norwegians are very voracious: so the little kitten is able to eat a dozen rodents a day, and adult specimens of up to 1 kg of meat at one time.

5. Pixibobbody Length 80 cm

The following interesting specimen cat pixiebob (short-tailed elf) also claims to be one of the largest cats in the world. It is a hybrid of wild cat and lynx, which was launched recently. Home lynx can dial in weight to 10 kg, and body length to be 80 inches. It is quite large Pets with muscular body and strong legs. Their habits they are somewhat similar to dogs and are very devoted to their owner. They are easy to train to walking on a leash. They need close human contact, especially in the first year of life. The lack of human attention can cause the cat wildly.

4. Causebody Length 90 cm

A relatively young breed of cat cause (house) having the genes of jungle cat and the Abyssinian breed, one of the ten largest cats in the world. A length of the body along with tail house can reach 90 cm and in weight she is gaining up to 12 lbs. Until recently, these cats are considered wild. Now they are gaining popularity among lovers of Pets and actively participate at exhibitions. These Pets are especially in need of affection and attention of the owner. They are very smart. Their content is not suitable for tight city apartment as they do love the spaciousness. In Russia this breed do not breed because of the high cost and its rarity.

3. Maine Coonbody Length of 1 meter

Opens the top three of USA Maine state cat Maine Coon. In translation the name of the breed is Maine Coon. Indeed, the color of this animal is similar to the coloring of a raccoon. The biggest cats the Maine Coon can reach a weight of 12 kg, length – 1 meter from nose to tip of tail, height at withers can reach 41 cm tail Length is directly proportional to the body size. This is one of the cutest and intelligent breed of cat. Their growth ceases by the age of 5 years. In 2010, the Guinness Book of records was listed on Maine Coon Stewie is the longest representative of the breed. Its total length was 123,2 cm.

2. Usherbody Length of 1 meter

Asher (Savannah) is the largest subspecies of the domestic cat. It received its name in honor of the goddess Asherah. The size of this pussy's not as impressive as the next representative of the rating, but deserve due attention. The length of the cat's body can reach 1 meter, and in the weight it is able to recruit up to 14 kg there was a breed by crossing a Bengal and a domestic cat with the African Serval (Bush cat). It is not only the largest pet among cats, but also the most expensive due to its rarity and size.

1. Ligrbody Length of 4 meters

The rating is headed by one of the largest members of the cat hybrid a liger. His parents are a male tiger and a female lion. The breed was developed relatively recently and is currently the largest among the species of the family cats. The cat can reach 4 meters in length and weights over 320 kg Growth ligra is not terminated up to 6 years. This animal is not adapted to the wild habitat lives only in zoos and nurseries. In the Guinness Book of records was listed as one of the largest representatives of the breed liger Hercules. The weight of the giant animal is 400 kg and the height at the withers – 1.2 meters. The daily diet of Hercules consists of 45 kg of meat products. The record was executed this year for 14 years.

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