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The best sanatoriums of Russia with treatment. Rating 2016


Present to the readers of the independent rating of the best health resorts of Russia with the treatment, is compiled by feedback from visitors about a particular health-resort establishment.

10. Pine forest

Sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor" is one of the best sanatoriums in Russia 2016. It is located in the small town of Alturas on the banks of the Iset river among pine forest. The sanatorium conducts treatment-and-prophylactic measures in the following areas: treatment of the musculoskeletal device, cardiovascular system, obesity, and diseases of the respiratory system. Here are healing the soul of the following types: Charcot, circular, upward, underwater shower-massage. Also the medical base is presented by the device of the dosed traction of the spine and vibrating massage "Ormed", physiotherapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, inhalation, etc. Live visitors in the double room with all facilities (WC, shower and TV) or in a comfortable cottage.

9. White keys

Treatment-and-prophylactic institution of the Republic of Karelia "White keys" is a ranking of the best sanatoriums of Russia. Therapeutic institution specializiruetsya for the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, kidneys, gynecology, diabetes mellitus 1 and 2 types. Medical treatment consists of spas, mud baths, physiotherapy, therapeutic physical exercise, a massage room, diet, etc. the Main treatment is balneotherapy which consists of therapeutic baths and various types of showers. Mud therapy uses mud lake Gabozero that belong to the group of sulfide-silt mud, not desiccate and is not skin irritating. For guests of the resort can choose from the following apartments: one and two bedroom Suite rooms, double rooms with private facilities and rooms with private facilities on the block.

8. Sol-Iletsk

In the ranking of the best sanatoria of the country included medical and Spa by "Sol-Iletsk", located in the Orenburg region. Therapy health resorts aimed at treating chronic diseases, infertility, musculoskeletal system, gynecological diseases, dermatitis, respiratory diseases, etc. Medical facilities specializiruetsya on the mud therapy and hydrotherapy. The mud extracted from the lake Tuzluca, and mineral water from the lake Collapse. In the sanatorium provides the following methods of treatment: treatment with electric current, magnet, cold, fitoprogram, physical therapy, shock wave therapy and other ways.

7. Mashuk Aqua-Therm

In the ranking of the best sanatoriums in Russia include "Mashuk Aqua-Therm", set among the Caucasus mountains in Sochi. The main areas in the medical activities of the health resort is the treatment of the digestive tract and metabolic processes, diseases of the genitourinary system, respiratory system and musculoskeletal apparatus. Therapy used therapeutic baths and climatotherapy. For visitors to the hospital are offered a variety of Wellness programs. "Mashuk Aqua-Therm" has twice been awarded "the Best resort of the Russian Federation".

6. Spring

Diversified resort-and-prophylactic institution "Spring", located in Pyatigorsk, at the foot of Mashuk mountain, belongs to the resorts of the highest category. The health center carries out health activities in the following areas: metabolic disorders, ENT diseases, gynaecology, diseases of the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, dermatological diseases, etc. For quality service "Spring" was awarded the Golden quality mark "XXI Vek" Ruby and Pearl cross and recognized as the best health resort of Russia in 2016.

5. Kazakhstan

Sanatorium "Kazakhstan" is located in Esentuki, is one of the best sanatorium-and-Spa institutions. Medical activities of the health resort specializiruetsya on the treatment of the digestive tract, metabolism, nervous system, ENT-organs, diseases of the of urology and gynecology. In medical therapy is actively used mud and mineral water tambukansky lake. In addition to the medicinal bath used physiotherapy, inhalation, physical therapy, aerobics, massage and more. The sanatorium conducts laboratory investigations, ultrasound diagnosis, diagnosis, and endoscopy.

4. Dawn

In the ranking of the best sanatoria of the country includes health-and-Spa institution "dawn" of the city of Kislovodsk. The sanatorium conducts medical and preventive services since 1987. The main therapeutic base of mineral water and therapeutic mud, as well as oxygen therapy, aerophytotherapy, therapy, all kinds of massage, inhalation therapy, laser therapy, reflexology, etc. Sanatorium conducts all kinds of diagnostic tests and specializiruetsya for the treatment of genitourinary, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and nervous system. The facility is located on-site juniper grove, which is located at a height of 1 km above sea level. Mountain air and a tangy resinous substances make the surrounding oxygen healing.

3. Green valley

The sanatorium "Green valley" Krasnodar region is one of the best resorts of the Russian Federation, located 500 metres from the Black sea. Profiles of leading medical institutions are diseases of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, circulatory system. The main curative factors are sea water. In addition guests are available the following treatments: balneotherapy, physiotherapy, inhalation therapy, halotherapy, diet, reflexology, etc.

2. Kivach

Sanatorium "Kivach", located in the Republic of Karelia included in the ranking of the best health resorts of Russia. It is located 50 km from Petrozavodsk city, on the territory of Sosnovy Bor. Nearby is the lake Peter and the famous Kivach waterfall. A Spa treatment facility offers the best conditions for rest and treatment to its guests. "Kivach" specializiruetsya on the treatment of the digestive system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, etc. to Improve their health here may also people suffering from chronic fatigue or emotional exhaustion.

1. Assy

Sanatorium "assy" of the Republic of Bashkortostan in 2016 tops the ranking of the resorts of Russia. Is situated the sanatorium-resort establishment in the valley of the mountain river Inzer, among the wooded slopes of the Ural mountains. The health resort was awarded a gold medal, won in the category "Best project of the sanatorium". "Assy" provides multidisciplinary medical services and deals with the treatment of the musculoskeletal, nervous, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal diseases, etc. In the sanatorium employs only highly qualified doctors with rich experience in the treatment. Basic medical facilities are climatotherapy, balneotherapy, physiotherapy, a monitor cleaning the intestines, hydrotherapy, massage, etc. In the sanatorium organized excursions: it is possible to implement Hiking and horseback riding, visiting the ski resort "Abzakovo" and more.

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