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The rating of the most reliable insurance companies insurance


The rating of insurance companies for insurance 2015-2016 reliability is designed primarily on the basis of analysis of customer feedback. And only then took into account the rating Agency Expert RA (RAEX) and the share capital of the following insurers. They have established themselves as organizations that can be trusted.

10. Renaissance InsuranceCharter capital of 2.1 billion rubles

Renaissance Insurance reveals the top ten most reliable insurance companies for CTP at the end of last year. This confirms the rating of A (Highest safety) from credit rating Agency Expert RA. The organization was founded in 1997 and for all time of existence has proved itself as a stable and actively developing company. Branch network Renaissance Insurance widespread throughout Russia and Ukraine. The insurer has partnered with leading banks, car dealers, travel agencies, and medical institutions of the Russian Federation. The main thrust of the work is insurance. The authorized capital of Renaissance Insurance is more than 2.1 billion rubles.

9. National insurance groupAuthorised capital of 1 billion rubles

SOAO NSG (national insurance group) with a rating A (High reliability level) is located in ninth place. This is one of the largest insurers, one of the top 50 insurance companies of the Russian Federation. The organization started its activities since 1994 and has established itself with a good hand among customers. On the territory of the Russian Federation located 19 agencies and branches of the insurer. He has a license to carry out operations for 20 types of insurance, including and auto insurance for insurance. National insurance group is accredited in the 10 largest banks and actively cooperates with more than 20 financial institutions. The size of the share capital of NSG is 1 billion.

8. Megaruss-DAuthorised capital of 605 million rubles

Megaruss-D received in 2016 rating from Expert RA at level A (High reliability level). The insurance company ensures timely fulfillment of all financial obligations taken on, so got reputation of a reliable partner. The regional network of the insurer includes 2 branches and 25 agencies, which are located in the European part of Russia. Financial stability and value of collected insurance premiums allows Megaruss-D to be among the stable and leading the UK Russia. Its activities the organization conducts in 1997, and its share capital now stands at 605 million. It has partnership with more than 100 organizations and enterprises of the Russian Federation and accredited in the diplomatic consular service of the MFA of Russia.

7. ERGO RusShare capital 718 million rubles

ERGO Rus with a very high reliability rating And is a steadily growing company. Operates since 1990 and was the first private organization in the territory of the Russian Federation, performing the duties in the insurance industry. ERGO Rus provides services of all types of insurance: mortgage insurance, motor insurance, insurance of deposits of individuals and legal entities and so on. The branch network of the insurer is common in almost all regions of the country. Share capital at the beginning of January 2016 was approximately 718 million.

6. IngosstrakhAuthorized capital of 17.5 billion rubles

Ingosstrakh with the highest reliability rating from Expert RA is one of the insurance companies that is trusted by its customers. The story of one of the oldest organizations in Russia originates since 1947. Is one of the largest insurers of Russia on authorised capital, which is currently of the order of 17.5 billion rubles In the territory of the country are 83 branches and over 200 offices and has branches in other States: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and India. The organization offers clients a full range of services in the field of insurance: car insurance, travel insurance, medical insurance and more.

5. MAXAuthorized capital of 2.8 billion rubles

MAX is one of the largest SC with the highest reliability rating . Was created in 1992 and received a high degree of customer confidence. Its partners are Sberbank of Russia, VTB, ROSBANK, Svyaz-Bank, Alfa-Bank and other financial institutions and organizations. For customers the insurer has provided an attractive system of discounts bonus. Share capital the MAX today is about 2.8 billion.

4. VTB InsuranceCharter capital of 5.5 billion rubles

VTB Insurance entered the market in 2000 and has established itself as a company with a high degree of confidence. The largest IC is developing rapidly and has about 30 branches in the largest Russian cities. Its partners include some of the largest and most famous banks in the country. The insurer provides more than 20 types of insurance services including car insurance CTP. A financially stable entity has share capital, which is estimated at 5.5 billion rubles.

3. AllianceAuthorized capital 5.8 bln.

The Alliance opens the three most reliable insurance companies in the 2015-2016 year with a rating from Expert RA. The organization was founded in 1991 and since then is developing rapidly. The regional network of the insurer includes more than 100 branches and 1000 offices and divisions in all territory of the Russian Federation. The Alliance offers various range of insurance services, the main of which is insurance for insurance. For all time of existence of the SK was awarded numerous awards and prizes. The authorized capital of the largest insurer at the end of 2015 amounted to 5.8 billion roubles.

2. URALSIBShare capital of 3.3 billion rubles

URALSIB is among the three most reliable companies according to insurers and has an a rating from Agency Expert RA. The organization was first founded in 1993 and has steadily evolved. Today it offers 22 types of insurance services and has a regional network of 70 branches, 450 units and 700 offices. Reinsurers SK are such major international organizations such as SCOR Global P C SA and Swiss Re Germany AG. Among the huge number of awards assigned to URALSIB may be noted "the Leader of insurance" and "Increase the efficiency and dynamic development". As of today the authorized capital of the insurer is estimated at more than RUB 3.3 billion.

1. Alfa InsuranceAuthorised capital of 5 billion rubles

Alfa Insurance tops the ranking of insurance companies reliability rating . Since 1992, has more than 100 types of services in the insurance industry to the citizens of the Russian Federation. For all time of existence of the insurer has proven stability and has earned a high degree of trust among its customers. It is also worth noting the presence of numerous prizes and awards from the UK. In 2013 she was awarded as the Best Russian insurance company. The regional network of Alfa Insurance has about 420 branches across the country. Share capital today amounts to 5 billion rubles.

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